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“This Munky’s Gone to Heaven”

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Korn guitarist Munky Shaffer thinks Hitler went to heaven:

    KORN guitarist JAMES ‘MUNKY’ SHAFFER has kicked up a storm of controversy by saying that he thinks HITLER “went to heaven”.

    The statement has been compared in America to the time John Lennon claimed that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, with fans and the media quick to attack him for blasphemy and bad taste.

    “I think this is true Hitler went to Heaven (if there is such a thing as Heaven really exists),” Munky said. “He felt that what he did was right, and I think that if what you feel you’re doing is right, in your heart, then you can’t be wrong!”

Has there ever been a mass murderer who didn’t think he was doing the right thing? That this statement is outrageously stupid goes without saying, but it is so MONUMENTALLY stupid and blind and wrongheaded that it deserves an award of some sort. Can you imagine someone other than a musician saying something this removed from reality? Would anyone but an artist go this far to preserve the sanctity of “doing your own thing”?

I think not. Just play your guitar dumbass.

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  • “Can you imagine someone other than a musician saying something this removed from reality?”

    Yes, of course I can. The world is full of idiots. Some of them make music, but most of them don’t. A lot of musicians are stupid, but I don’t imagine the per capita ratio is higher than that of the population at large.

    And besides… look at the bands this guy, and the other one you mentioned, come from. Korn. For pity’s sake. Call me elitist, call me stuck-up, but I think you can usually hear how mind-bogglingly stupid a musician is in his music. I couldn’t possibly give any less of a flying fuck what Korn says or does. They blow.

  • Eric Olsen

    K, I agree with a lot of what you said, but there are a few things to consider: no one listens to the average idiot, and even the average idiot has to deal with reality on more regular basis than isolated successful rock stars, who literally can live in a world of their own.

    The other irritation is anyone who is a rock star HAS talent in at least one area, so it’s that much more galling when they show themselves to be brainless shitheads in other areas.

  • What’s more is that for better or worse, these bands do have an influence (at least at this point in their lives) over their younger listeners. My nephew, who is 18 was sporting a ‘Not My President’ shirt with Bush’s photo, and when I asked him about it, he went off, saying Bush was using Social Security money to fund the war in Iraq. I asked him where he got this information and he said it was on some band’s website. When I informed him that we weren’t at war with Iraq, he didn’t say anything for a second, before he said, “Oh.”


    I’m with Kenan on the Korn issue. I just don’t see why everybody thinks they are so frigging great.

  • Brian

    Here’s the rub: he’s right, but for the wrong reasons. That means he’s wrong, I guess, so I’m not disagreeing with anybody here, either.

    No loving God would condemn a soul to an eternity of torture. Hitler deserved what he got from Man: an early death, not early enough in my book, and our eternal wrath.

    God’s agenda is different. God loved Hitler just as surely as he loves any of us sinners. If Hitler deserves Hell for his sins, what do we deserve for ours? Munk’s vast ignorance is on display here (I’ve heard the same logic used to justify the 9/11 terrorists’ actions; not to say that they’re in heaven, but to draw moral equivalence between their actions and any other harsh action that’s been taken for the good or ill of mankind.)

    Here’s an interesting link I was just reading on sort of this same subject:

    Pope asks for prayers of forgiveness for attackers.

    I didn’t have it in me to do that this time last year and not for some months afterward. But once I did it I didn’t find myself suddenly wanting to hug a terrorist or stop bombing the living sh*t out of their supporters, but I did feel a weight lifted from my soul.


  • sim

    i want to know th e-mail address of ja rule

  • plataino

    munky is not an idiot. when i heard about his hitler comments i agreed with him. i believe hitler can be in heaven. my reason is different. if you believe that asking for forgiveness of your sins(in your heart) makes you all right with god, then hitler can be in heaven.
    i also thought this issue was funny cuz this issue was discussed with me and some folks years ago.circa 1981.i believed then as i do now hitler can be in heaven. and yes i am an artist and proud of it!!!

  • Mat-E-thereal

    ok, first off. Munky never came out and said Hitler is cool or anything. All he said is that in religion, if you think you’re doing something good for god and the world, you’ll go to heaven. Doesn’t mean Hitler was right, or that he was a good person – He was an evil bastard.

    Munky was just saying that he believes he went to heaven because he thought he was doing the lord’s work. Munky’s not a racist or an anti-semite. Everyone has said something really stupid in life and wish they could take it back. well imagine saying it and the whole world knows.

    Leave the guy alone. I mean he is still entitled to free speech anyways.

  • Eric Olsen

    yes, and I am entitled to say he’s a dumbass

  • SFC Ski

    No, ERIC! Free Speech means you have to agree with someone just because the y have the right to say it.

  • godoggo

    I had a fascinating fascinating comment, but it just vanished.

  • godoggo

    Just to clarify: by “fascinating fascinating” I meant “boring,” and by “vanished” I meant, “vanished before I even clicked submit, because G-d himself was apparently bored beyond tolerance”.

  • Eric Olsen

    often after I go to bed I think of a brilliant treppenwitz, which fades into the ether as quickly as it came

  • Sammie666

    No, Eric, someone, (such as Hitler) cannot be wrong if they believe they are doing no harm. It’s just like a child, they don’t know the difference between right and wrong, I suppose neither did Hitler. God has other things on his agenda besides punishing psychotic people who believe they did no wrong. All he can do is repent his sins. If he believes what he did was right, it was right in his eyes, not ours. Oh! and Munky is not a dumbass, it takes skill to play guitar. On the other hand it takes little skill to come up with a stupid article ranking on one, such as Munky. Think about this.

  • What’s potentially the most disturbing thing about this story is that it was said for affect (a lot of Korn’s music affected after all, isn’t it, nursery songs brought to death core or what have you) or pub…

    Or maybe it’s most disturbing if he actually meant it?

  • It’s fairly disturbing too, Sammie, that you would equate Hitler to an innocent child who “didn’t know what he was doing.”

    Hitler knew exactly he was doing. He was a bright, capable, ruthless, deranged, flawed, brutal, menace and true threat to whatever we want to consider good about humanity and civilization.

    Thinking about him and his era any differently is painfully innocent and potentially dangerous in of itself.

  • Justin arcenia

    Anytime munky speaks, it’s from the heart.Hitler possibly could have been sent to heaven. Doing what you think is the right thing sometimes might be right,and sometimes wrong.Who knows.Maybe you will find out one day.

    P.S. and if anybody knows where i can find an Ibanez K7 that is left handed…PLEASE let me know!!!

  • Ariel

    I think that Hitler CAN go to heaven (even though I don’t exactly believe in god since its just a stupid excuse for people that feel bad about themselves to get their “sins” excused) because he was mentally retarted and that obviously motivated the reasons he had for genocide. I think that if anyone should go to hell concerning germany at that time, it would have to be the nation themselves for voting for a freak like Hitler. And to those of yall that think someone’s an idiot just cause they like rock music or play in a rock band or think that that type of music is not normal or you dont like it, please, go fuck yourselves!

    Besides people should have every right to not be fond of the American president, he is an idiot. Because at least a president should know that Wales is a country not a place in America. Just cause he’s fucking up this would doesnt mean he can think other’s dont matter.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    (Im am not an American I am from Estonia)

  • ok, i think munky is right in what he is saying. if you are doing what you think is right, who is to deny you that? yeah in alot of ways hitler was wrong in my opinion but he was doing what he thought was right for him and his country, if i was him i’d probably do the same thing.

  • Heaven

    Although he can say as he please, he is wrong. (by the way, freddom of speech means that a person can speek therd mind. it does not mean that i have to agree with him/her.