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This is Hate Speech

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“Fox News should be shut down and Hannitty (SIC), Beck, Savage, O’Reilly and Limbaugh should be indictedas (SIC) accessories to murder…That’s because the Right has all the SCUM and Fox News riles them up by bypassing thinking and discourse for appeal to the above emotions. FOX News ansd ABC Radio are the equivalent of Goebbels and the Ministry of Propaganda-and they will continue unless stopped-period.” – Blogcritics Commenter

If it is hate speech to attack someone on the basis of their race, or their sexual preference or their gender, why is it not hate speech to attack them on the basis of their political associations or affiliation?

At the root of the idea of hate speech is the principle that you are judging someone unfairly and expressing a hatred for them which they do not deserve as individuals. It is the idea that just because some black men are criminals you call the whole race criminals, or that because some gay men are pedophiles you condemn them all as pedophiles, or because some Jews are wealthy you condemn them all as misers. This is bigotry and it can be expressed as hateful speech.

If you accept this premise, then why is it not just as much hate speech if you call all white men racist because some white men are racists, or declare that all members of a political party are homophobes because some are homophobes, or condemn everyone who wants to change government a terrorist because some wish to change government by force? Shouldn’t these people be judged as individuals for their actions rather than for the dubious ideas of other people to whom they have only the most superficial connection?

In a nation where we have guaranteed freedom of speech, how can any kind of speech be a crime at all? Yes, it is a crime if you kill someone or encourage others to kill someone, but it cannot be a crime to criticize the actions or beliefs of others. That makes a crime of opinion and a crime of thought and a crime of dissent. That’s the worst form of oppression.

As demonstrated in the quote above, there are many in this nation who desperately want to silence dissent and to criminalize any ideas with which they do not agree. If there is a hate crime in a nation where we have rights guaranteed in our Constitution, shouldn’t the greatest hate crime be the desire to take those rights away? Free speech is the first of those rights for a reason and attacks on it are inexcusable.

Someone who hates free speech hates liberty and if you hate liberty then you hate every person in this country who wants to be free. You attack everyone who would like to be left alone to live their life in peace. You express a willingness to punish thought and impose your model of the world on others against their will through the coercive force of the state. You place your opinion ahead of the rights of others and that kind of selfishness is inexcusable in a free society — not that you want a free society. You want to be free to do as you please while others also do only as you please—your idea of liberty is pure selfishness.

The person who would shut down a radio station or a television network or a journalist hates the very principles America stands for. Whether the target is Julian Assange or Rush Limbaugh or some guy at a Tea Party with a stupid sign, the principle is the same. If you are willing to take away their rights then you are willing to take away everyone’s rights. You are a bigot, and even worse you become a tyrant when you ask government to enforce your bigotry with the power of the law.

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  • Mark

    Irv, I have a Christian mother and am agnostic (faithless and unable to worship a god of war and vengeance — unfit for conversion) so I don’t qualify. I do take religions seriously, however, as their dogmas are so often matters of life and death.

    Perhaps the problem of Jewish ‘self-hate’ stems in part from (a misunderstanding/misapplication of?) the law become tradition requiring Jews to demand righteous behavior from one another. Leftists are thus caught in the contradiction of the times.

    dunno…for my part, I mourn for the Jordan.

  • roger nowosielski

    Didn’t know, Cindy, you were still under the same regimen. Told you you can call me anytime.

    How was Les’ visit? Did it materialize?

  • roger nowosielski

    Interesting take, Mark. I’d agree if what you said translates into being arrogant and hopelessly opinionated. And it’s not just in area of morals but every subject under the sun.

  • Mark

    lol Rog. You and I must be proof that it’s in the blood, esse.

  • Cindy

    Hiya, Roger. :-)

    We only got outta the hospital for the final (crosses fingers) time two weeks ago. Went back three times after the last stay of a month. We are on the road to recovery now. Soon cardiac rehab again. He is getting quite strong!

    Also, I got hubby a kitten. Turns out she has ring worm. She is a tiny little nightmare who hates me and has scratched me and bitten me fiercely whilst I prevented her escape. She needs to be bathed 3 x week with special shampoo and has required me to substantially stimulate the economy to both vacuum and purify the air with hepa filter technology and to keep her safely confined in a way that is comfortable and visible. My mom, who laughed her head off on the phone about my being scared of a 3.6 lb 9 month old kitten, will straighten this all out when she arrives. (Thanks for moms!)

  • Cindy

    Oh, Les! Yes, Les came by the hospital to see us. It was wonderful. He and I had lunch in the cafe. He is a very nice fellow. :-)

  • roger nowosielski

    She must be a female, competing for your hubby.

  • Cindy

    97 – Clav,

    :-) Thanks Clav. It does get rough, as you know. But, it is so very worth it, as you also know.

  • Cindy

    haha Roger. I can’t let her near him (the ring worm thing). But I got her because his own kitty was a tiny little persian who loved him and hated me at first until she got a taste of my kitty massage skills ;-) used to lie in wait and try to kill me when I walked by. Her last owner had declawed her or I’d’ve been shredded. She definitely was competing.

  • roger nowosielski

    I love cats, but females are too skittish for me.

  • Cindy

    yeah, boys are lovies…I miss our two guys. Though I understand a cat of the Ragdoll breed is very human oriented, even when female. This little snip needs a friend. When she was escaped, I happened to watch Cutest Cats of 2010. It brought her out meowing and trying to climb into the TV and standing up touching the screen. She finally gave up trying to get into the TV and laid down on the carpet and watched the whole show. I will get a Ragdoll sort to be her friend (and then I can have a kitty who is a snuggler, which is what I like).

  • Christopher Rose

    Irv, re your #98: Why don’t you ask your new virtual chum Ruvy about hate?

    In his time with us he has frequently railed against so many different people; Americans, American Jews who aren’t interested in moving to Israel, the British, everywhere else in Europe too, Palestinians, Arabs in general, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Christians, Muslims, liberal Jews, the wrong kinds of Jews – by which I think he means not traditional believers, gay Jews, the city of Tel Aviv (which he has suggested ought to be nuked, along with several other places), and the government of his adopted homeland, who he considers traitors that should be hanged.

    I may have a detail or two wrong here or there but I think that is a broadly accurate summary of his positions, which he is welcome to correct or contextualize as he feels appropriate…

    Having cleared that up, I was wondering what you lot made of Sarah Palin’s use of the words “blood libel” in her recent interview.

    My understanding is that this phrase is more commonly used by Christians against Jews, as the following pasted info from Wikipedia (yes, I know it isn’t the definitive source but it is close enough for our purposes) explains, so to see it used in this way is a little over the top and weird…

    Blood libel (also blood accusation) refers to a false accusation or claim that religious minorities, almost always Jews, murder children to use their blood in certain aspects of their religious rituals and holidays.

    Historically, these claims have, alongside those of well poisoning and host desecration, been a major theme in European persecution of Jews.

    The libels typically allege that Jews require human blood for the baking of matzos for Passover. The accusations often assert that the blood of Christian children is especially coveted, and historically blood libel claims have often been made to account for otherwise unexplained deaths of children.

    In some cases, the alleged victim of human sacrifice has become venerated as a martyr, a holy figure around whom a martyr cult might arise. A few of these have been even canonized as saints.

    In Jewish lore, blood libels were the impetus for the creation in the 16th century of the Golem of Prague by Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel.

    Many popes have either directly or indirectly condemned the blood accusation, and no pope has ever sanctioned it.

    These libels have persisted among some segments of Christians to the present time…

    The origin of the blood libel can be traced back to the Graeco-Egyptian author Apion, who claimed that Jews sacrificed Greek victims in their temple.

    Apion repeated anti-Jewish slurs and “absurd calumnies” first made by Posidonius and Apollonius Molon in the 1st century BCE. This resulted in an attack on Jews in Alexandria in 38 CE in which thousands of Jews died.

    Socrates Scholasticus reported that some Jews in a drunken frolic bound a Christian child on a cross in mockery of the death of Christ and scourged him until he died.

  • zingzing

    she really does have a special ability to shoot and step on her own foot while it’s in her mouth.

  • Mark

    …my take is that I don’t want her near any buttons.

    btw Chris, there’s an old Jewish notion that the atheist does the work of the LORD by denying every (idolizing) concept of Him

    Ruvy is misguided to hold you in contempt.

  • STM

    Mark: “…my take is that I don’t want her near any buttons”.

    It’s OK mate, you have to type in a code before it lets you do anything. It automatically assumes anyone operating it has an IQ over 85.

    Let’s hope it also asks geography/current affairs questions, like:

    “Before I set these things off, is South Africa an actual country or is it simply a geographical location in Africa.”

    “Is Africa a country or a continent made up of many (fractured) countries”.

    “Name the Prime Minister of the UK, your closest ally”.

    “The UK? What’s that, or is it a country that is – and isn’t – part of Europe?”

    “How come Australia celebrates Christmas in the middle of summer. What, Santa comes in August?”

    “How come no one in the world has any freedom except Merrikans?”

    “Our relationship with the Indians? Didn’t we finish that up 150 years back?”

    “Finally, before we shoot these things at them commies in Germany, answer Yes or no, ain’t they still under the Queen over there in England?”

  • Irvin F Cohen

    Damn, a Pop Quizz.

    F..k..g exclusive too – either got tah be ah real super smart dude with a whole IQ of 85 or less – or ah super dumb m…..rf..k..r what only got tah drive around on ah octane of 85…Har, har, har.

    Har, har, har, yah can’t fool me, gotta be ah trick question. I ain’t no dummy, since when has South Africa been in Africa?

    Another dumb ass, trick question,,,Africa ain’t no nation…everybody knows that…geez, how dumb kin yah get…Africa’s ah planet in the galaxy of euphoric downtown Detroit in the black hole of zorgborbistan…geez, everybody knows that

    I know, I know…his name is What’s his face, that’s right…Prime Minister what’s his face also known as PM Whos’it or simply Who dat

    UK…UK…didn’t they used to be ah rock band…sucked so bad had to disband it…I think they’re the second backup group at the intergalactic, interplanetary bar on the planet ougafrougkabup

    Another of them drongo Aussie, dumb as a rock, trick questions…come on everybody knows Xmas starts in June…what a silly question…

    Cause they ah bunch o’ dumb ass, aussie pinko-lefty commie motherfuckers what got their heads up their dumb-er asses…what ah easy question

    We done took care o’ that long time ago…we done westernized them…now they all wear braids, eat conch and smoke lots of ganja…mahnnh

    No manhnn…they under the queen in DC..her name is Barney Frank…long live dee Queen…mahnnh

    Does I done pass? .

  • STM

    Nup. Failed miserably, Irv. But then you ain’t got your finger on the BIG button, so it don’t matter.

  • Irvin F Cohen

    Whaddah fuck yooh meen I done feeled?

    Eyes not only the baddest, meanest misanthropic motherfucker on the block, but eyes allsoh the smartest maternal fornicator as well.

    I got me ah IQ oh 185…used to be a whole 195…lost 10 points jess rightin this comment…

    But 185 ain’t that bad…of course that is a negative 185…that’s right…I have an IQ of minus (-) 185…don’t laugh at that, 185 is a lot better and a lot higher than a negative – 85 which I understand is the average IQ of the average, typical, dumb ass, Aussie, Aussie, maternal fornicator…especially among them commie-lib/simp, commie, pinko-lefty, comm-moon-iss Marxists such as yourself.

    Kant fool me…har, har, har.

    But geez, I gotta wonder if dem fascist comments editors will arbitrarily and capriciously delete, erase and expunge this comment into oblivion. Cause sometimes they will and sometimes they won’t… this exact same sort of comment. Jess never no wit dem g-eyes gonna dew, yah no whatt eye’m sayin’?

  • Mark

    Gotta give you this, Irv — the Golden Eagle is a hell of a place…good work

  • Boeke

    I scanned one of Irvs posts and I still see NO reason to read any one of them. Of course, they contain no information nor even a discernible assertion, so the only incentive is amusement. They are not amusing, either.

    YMMV, of course.

  • Mark

    Boeke, as rep for the Acme Empathy Beanie Co. LLC — the spinner is guaranteed not to get negatively hung-up — I would like to offer you our beta product for a free trial period.

  • Irene Athena

    I was thinking of buying a “Let-It-Beanie” for myself Mark, but your product sounds a lot warmer.

  • Mark

    xxoo…but don’t you have some pre-lenten shyte to see to?

    PS – competing concepts prove the market

  • Irene Athena

    LOL Mark, I guess I do! I am getting increasingly hard of hearing–hence my inclination to keep getting drawn INTO this place. Besides, I miss you all when I’m gone. But lo! a book I was supposed to be reading for work this afternoon beckons. Competing (superior) conversation will make me unmarketable.

  • Irvin F Cohen

    Dear comrade, etc., etc., ad nauseam to the nth power, Jesus even I’m getting tired of this shit; Mark.

    Shee-it man, it’s really getting rather difficult to pin you down, you slimy maternal-fornicator – you are a fornicator, aren’t you? And I don’t like that shit. Predictability goes a very long way in satisfying my suspicions, phobias, prejudices and biases, and especially paranoia. But on that very last attribute of mine, I anchor it on the rather banal cliche that even paranoiacs such as myself actually do have enemies. Witness the hate speech and insults and sniping and censorship of me by the vast majority of Blog-o-critter-land-o-world’s vast army of commie-lib/simp, commie pinko-lefty, Marxist morons, idiots, imbeciles and cretins and of course, legions of lunatics. Of whom, the latter lunatics, I am numbered – but of course from the right, as in philosophically, intellectually and morally right and correct.

    But that’s not the purpose of this commentary on your # 119. First I assume you went and visited my URL site and read my poem “A Night Out at the Golden Eagle, Syringe Hotel and Fleabag Motel” Do I assume right? Well if you did – thank you, thank you, thank you. (If you didn’t, of course as is to be expected of me – fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!)

    I am not a complete computer literate geek/nerd/dweeb/etc., but I am also not completely computer illiterate either. That is to say if I were computer savvy, I’d have to be at least no older than 12 years old. Am slowly getting the drift of it, but am still in the process of building my site. Partly due to ignorance and a lack of computer savvy, but mostly due to my ingrained intellectual sloth and personal, overall laziness.

    However, I suggest, if you read any more of my poetry, that you read my current magnum opus “The Once, Mighty Midway Revisited.” I know it’s long by today’s standards, but in actuality, in more literate and belles-lettered times, it’s actually quite short. Nevertheless it is a quick read.

    I also suggest you read my “Ophelia” entitled “Some Recent Variations Upon an Eternal Theme: An Ode and a Truly Humble Paean to Ophelia.” Don’t let the title intimidate you – it’s pure fun! And it’s just slightly longer than the “Golden Eagle.” So enjoy.

    One last thing, if you do read these, please feel free to comment upon them – as long as you got something good to say about them, of course.

  • Mark

    Irv, I’ve long pondered Pynchon’s koan: what do you call constantly justified paranoia?

  • Irvin F. Cohen

    fucking insanity.

  • Irvin F. Cohen

    RE thread # 120.

    BTW (by the way I looked it up)…will someone PLEASE tell me what YMMV stands for…wait a minute, I know…YMMV is an acronym for “YOU (goddamn big, bad, mean) MISANTHROPIC MOTHERFUCKER VICTIMIZER (who violates vulnerable women and children, especially cutesy-wootsey little, [barf ugly, future, worthless idiot/moron/cretin/imbeile adults] adorable children, especially new born babies of commie-lib/simp, pinko-lefty, comm-mooniss rats and vermin what doan deserve tah live, etc,).

    Is that it? Please advise me, comrade Boeke.

  • Irene Athena

    Irv, YMMV stands for “Your Mileage May Vary,”
    and means the same thing, but is a little less self-effacing than “IMHO,” (In My Humble Opinion.)

    IHTH, Irene

  • Irvin F. Cohen

    Thank you very much Boeke. That was very kind of you, because when I ask others what these acronyms mean I usually get a lot of facetious and sarcastic blather in return. BTW, “blather” in this regard, is utilized here as a euphemism for bullshit – foul, stinky, putrid, malodorous, filthy, disgusting bullshit!.

    PS But in spite of this kindness of yours, you’re still a goddamn commie m….rf..k.r. Nothing personal, it’s just that I am a f..k..g inveterate ingrate. And of course, you are what you are. Sorry, but I can’t compromise my YMMV creds.

  • Irvin F. Cohen

    Dear comrade-ette Athena, looks like I messed up and thanked the wrong person. So I humbly wish to make amends and thank you for your kindness.

    As for that commie-lib/simp little twerp, IMHO, I was somewhat surprised that he would show that sort of civility, especially to me since he has constantly and consistently bad mouthed me – in fact, it’s been my experience, IMHO, that he’s a real f..k..g anal aperture.

    So again, thank you for your kindness.

  • Irene Athena

    I’m not Boeke, but you’re welcome, and you’re also welcome to this:

    In comment 118, you said that, before you had written it, your IQ was negative 195, and that while you were writing it, your IQ had become negative 185, and you concluded that you’d lost ten IQ points. It actually represents a gain of 10 points. You also stated in that comment that a negative 185 IQ was higher than a negative 85 IQ. It’s actually lower by several standard deviations–not that mollusks use IQ very often to determine social standing.

  • Irene Athena

    Looks like we crossed comments. Well I wish you a happy day. :)

  • Irvin F. Cohen

    Waait a f..k..g minute, am I being played here. What the fuck does IHTH mean?

    Could it be “IF (Mr.) HAPPY TAKES (a) HOT-BATH (will he shit his f..k..g brains out?)”

    You don’t have to advise if you doan wanna [personal attack deleted by comments editor]

    So thanks and have a nice f..k..g day too.

  • Irene Athena

    IHTH means “I hope that helps.” IHTH, Irene

  • Irvin F. Cohen

    Again, you just got to show me up and make me look like a real, insensitive cad and a true MMMM, that’s an acronym for MISERABLE, MEAN, MISANTHROPIC MOTHER……R Sheeit, Im so f…k..g clever and witty, I jess kant get enough of myself.

    Well at any rate, again thanks for the info, and might I add that I say that truly reluctantly and begrudgingly, being the true MMMM that I truly am.

  • Irvin F. Cohen

    Dear comrade Athena,

    My, my…aren’t we picky, picky, tedious and petty, and of course, see every damn branch and leaf of every damn tree in the supreme-being, imprecation forest so very quite accurately and precisely but miss the entirety of the supreme-being imprecation, forest itself; today?

    As we were rather fond and wont of saying in the Marine Corps; a pubic hair’s (precisely, the rather vulgar term for a woman’s pudenda which was used to measure entirely miniscule and microscopic tolerances) breath right on, but a f..k..g country mile off.

    I could say that I failed to understand the basic algebraic concepts of plus and minus numbers, of positive and negative, which is also at the basis of the most simple and basic levels of bookkeeping and accounting imaginable; solely based on my f..k..g negative IQ. Or rather, that because I am so f..k..g stupid I never learned those most basic concepts of mathematics when I was in elementary and junior high schools, basically for two reasons: one, because I am a product of the worthless, liberal, governmental, anti-intelletual, dumb-as-a-rock, brainless, moronic, idiotic, imbecilic, cretinous statist, collectivist public schools; and secondly, because I have a negative IQ and therefore I too am also dumb-as-a-rock, or is that dumber than a rock?

    But I don’t see how you didn’t get the joke, unless, of course, you too possess a negative IQ just like me.

    Now if you are somewhat in a quandary as to the meaning of all this, feel free to ask Roger whether it’ll be covered in the final or not. Or better yet ask Cindy if aliens from outer space have spawned with humans just recently or not?