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This is cold!

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This, from my old hometown newspaperThe Asbury Park Press

Let’s see, we have the old Story of George Jones getting a DUI on his lawn tractor, now we have this:

63 year old Zamboni operator John Peragallo was charged with drunken driving after a fellow employee at the Mennen Sports Arena in Morristown, NJ called police and reported that the machine was speeding and nearly crashed into the boards. Don’t they always almost crash into the boards?

I’ve seen a bunch of these machines over the years and I didn’t know they could speed! Makes me wonder what someone would consider speeding in a Zamboni.

According to the artical, he wasn’t even driving the ice cleaning machine when they arrested him. Sounds like he could claim that he got trashed AFTER he got off the Zamboni, but I’m not a lawyer. I mean, he did manage to get off the machine without breaking his neck…that outta be worth something in court!

Police said Peragallo’s blood-alcohol level was 0.12 percent. Levels of 0.08 percent and above are considered legally drunk in NJ and most other states.

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  • RJ

    Who’s still playing hockey?

  • I believe it was just one of those neighborhood kind of hockey rinks.

    I was trying to find the top speed of a Zamboni today, but they don’t list it on their website.

  • bah…he’s not on the road, he can’t get held for DUI…ya don’t need a liscense ta drive a zamboni..

    most ya could nail him for might be “reckless endangerment” or some such

    hope he gets a decent lawyer

    ahhh..the Asbury Park Press..i miss that rag sometimes..

    but then again, i miss bouncing at Mrs Jay’s..playing at the Stone Pony and the Fast Lane

    hell..i just miss the Shore and the boardwalks sometimes…but times change..and all we have are memories

    at least the miserable pigfuckers can’t take that from me


  • The Pony and the Fast Lane…I rememberthem…not sure about Mrs. Jays…I’ll have to think on it! I’m going up there this weekend to visit the folks…nothing looks the same…

    As far as this poor bastard goes…I’ve heard of people getting DUI’s on horses! So who knows! And like I said at the beginning…George Jones got one a long time ago on a lawn mower! Jersey State Troopers tried to give LT one for sleeping in the back of his car on the turnpike…they can be dicks sometimes!

    Anybody know the top speed of a Zamboni? I went to the website, I guess it’s not one of the main criteria in the search for a godd ice cleaning machine, because they don’t list the speed.

  • Mrs. Jay’s was the biker bar right nest to the Stone Pony…they tore it down in the 80’s

    for about 8 years i was a bouncer there, the Pony and a bunch of the go-go bars on the Shore in AP and Long Branch

    i also spent just over 4 years in Asbury Park as a liscenced class “C” administrator for residential health care facilities …it was after my time in the Navy, which i considered paying my dues as an American…this was running buildings full of SSI recipients…some retired, many outpatients from local mental health care institutions

    burn out for the social workers was 2 years and rotate out…i lived in the buildings 24/7 for a little more than 4 years

    so much for history…


  • RJ


    You were a bouncer at a biker bar? Oh, man, that COMPLETELY changes the mental-image I had of you… 😉

  • And the 4 years in the retirement communities explains his current fractured mental state…


  • Man – I probably ran into you at the Long Branch Saloon or the Blue Dolphin then? I was always in one of those places! Long Branch Saloon…better known as the bottom of the barrel!

    Damn Gonzo…we’ve spent way to many days in the same places…

  • Blue Dolphin and the Tideaway/Muphy’s law

    i was also running “Pinball Steve’s Game Gallery” after the pier burnt down for a few years

    that we were likely in some of the same places is what got me all nostalgic , the only reason i brought it up

    and RJ…glad to freak ya out



  • Hey – I can get along with anybody that can relate to circles and jughandles!

  • heh

    Andy..nobody is going to understand “jughandles”

    i’m still curious as to RJ’s previous mental image of me

    some shy, retiring geekoid perhaps?

    RJ, as i once told Mr Nalle..if you ever saw me, you would cross the street to stay away

    but it’s all good…i do so enjoy smashing erroneous pre-conceived notions


  • but that’s the point gonzo…it’s me and you man!!!

    bhw knows about ’em too.

    I’m heading up there today!


  • reap

    I work ther e. the top speed of a Zamboni is like 8 miles an hour

  • reap

    Also the machine weighs about 5 tons and is driving on a sheet of ice. it is very easy to slide as I do it daily.

  • There are many pieces of equipment that you can be charged with “DIO” on (drunk in operation of). I once worked at a company (in Denver) where one of our operators was arrested for being under the influence while operating a stationary crane.

    He tried to argue that since the machine couldn’t move on the road, he shouldn’t lose his driver’s license. He lost his case; they pulled his license.

  • RJ

    i’m still curious as to RJ’s previous mental image of me

    some shy, retiring geekoid perhaps?

    RJ, as i once told Mr Nalle..if you ever saw me, you would cross the street to stay away

    Yeah, I was thinking some skinny intellectual kinda guy with glasses and a white collar job…not a fucking BOUNCER, at a fucking BIKER BAR!

    Gee-Zus… ;-/