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“This drawing’s a piece of shit,” mutters father to wife

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Beth Millton, 5, smiled with glee upon completing her 7-minute masterpiece.

After carefully putting away her paints and other various tools , she grabbed her freshly painted artwork, eager to show it off to mom and dad.

“Jack needs to learn to talk and so the commissioner wants to teach him,” explained Beth, trying to answer growing the concerns from her parents, such as why this person has blood flowing from their head and how come he has yellow drooping ears.

“And what is that on his lip, is he drooling?” complained her father.

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  • after reading this post, i impatiently rushed to the local bookstore and began reading up on how to create my own blog community.


  • Eric Olsen

    David, am digging you hard in “Arrested Development” – that’s one gender-twisted marriage you have there, dude.

  • Eric Olsen

    Crushers, this one’s hilarious – my 4 year-old thought so too, although she doesn’t say “shit.”

  • knifemonkey

    you said it man, some people just do not know how to do anything outside of their own fucked up sense of reality perception i feel sorry for the parents, the kid and pretty much anyone who can’t understand the moral of this little story… good job!

  • this is lame

  • Holy shit. This is work by the Virginia Tech shooter? Click on Cruchkills website and you get f-ed up screenplay. Is this a joke or what is the deal? Anyways its all pretty stupid and lame.