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This Bloomin’ Pub’s Named James Joyce

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Everyone have a nice St Patrick’s? Not Irish, you say? Well in that case, here’s something that might get your Irish up.

A SunSpot.net article finds a sobering concept in a Baltimore restaurant called James Joyce Irish Pub & Restaurant. Not only is the pub named after the famed Irish author of Ulysses, but “waiters at the restaurant wear shirts with Joyce’s profile stitched on the chest, as if the long-chinned, bespectacled face is as true an Irish emblem as the leprechaun…. Photos of Joyce adorn the walls, including a couple of toddler shots in the men’s room, right next to the poster with photos of Irish toilets. And the menu offers, in addition to the standard pub fare, “Joyce Pizza,” “Joyce Steak,” “Joyce Ice Cream” and “Molly Bloom’s Chicken.” [SunSpot.net]

So what’s next? The Hours Cafe, for modern-day Dalloways? Nabokov’s Lolita Love Hotel? Mario Puzo’s Pizza?

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  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Flea, welcome!

  • we NEED a lolita love hotel…

    Hee hee…With the happy hunter suite…


  • In Haworth in North Yorkshire you used to be able to get a Bronteburger and a old friend of mine insisted he once bought a replica opium bag from the apothecary where Bramwell Bronte used to get his fix….