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ThinkTank Photo Shape Shifter BackPack Review

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The Shape Shifter by ThinkTank Photo offers a great way to carry enough gear to complete the most complicated photography job. This backpack compresses to a slim three inches of thickness when empty. However, it can expand to carry two DSLR camera bodies, three detachable lenses along with up to a 17″ laptop computer. The Shape Shifter holds each piece individually inside its own enclosed pocket for protection. Each compartment is securely enclosed with the winched style draw strtings. It does a great job of holding the camera and lens securely in position and protects each item from getting banged up or rubbing against each other while transporting. This backpack is the perfect size for a carry-on but should you choose to check it in, the items inside will be completely protected inside their individual compartments.

As mentioned above, the laptop compartment offers great protection inside a padded compartment which can hold up to a 17-inch laptop. Once the backpack has been packed up with all the necessary equipment, users will be comfortable carrying it with the padded straps and waistband. The waistband helps distribute the weight of the load for optimized carrying.

The Shape Shifter canbe purchased online at www.thinktankphoto.com for $249 and can be used with the power belt accessory. This is one of my favorite backpacks to carry for many reasons. It’s just the right size for carrying on board without taking up much room, and it’s just small enough to sit below the seat while traveling on a plane or bus. This makes using things inside the bag much easier to find and accessible during the trip. It’s really nice having all your most expensive gear at your side all the time and should I want to use anything inside the bag, it’s always just an arm’s reach away.

The pockets on the outside of the backpack are great for storing keys and phone during a trip. I really can’t stress enough just how much I enjoy using this backpack because of how much it holds and how easy it is to find what you need inside the backpack while using it. Check them out. I’m sure you will be just as impressed as I was by ThinkTank Photo Shape Shifter.

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