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Things You Never Knew Your Cell Phone Could Do

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There are a few things that can be done in times of grave emergencies. Your mobile phone can actually be a lifesaver or an emergency tool for survival. Check out the things that you can do with it:

1. The emergency number worldwide for mobile networks is 112.

If you find yourself out of coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you, and this number 112 can be dialed even if the keypad is locked.

2. Have you locked your keys in the car? Does your car have remote keys? This may come in handy some day, and it's a good reason to own a cell phone:

If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home, call someone at home on their cell phone from your cell phone. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the person at your home press the unlock button, holding it near the mobile phone on their end. Your car will unlock. Saves someone from having to drive your keys to you. Distance is no object. You could be hundreds of miles away,and if you can reach someone who has the other "remote" for your car, you can unlock the doors (or the trunk). Note: It works fine! I've tried it and it unlocked my car over a cell phone!

3. Hidden battery power

Imagine your cell battery is very low, you are expecting an important call, and you don't have a charger. Nokia phones come with a reserve battery. To activate, press the keys *3370#. Your cell will restart with this reserve and the phone will show a 50% increase in battery. This reserve will get charged when you charge your cell next time.

4. How to disable a STOLEN mobile phone?

To check your mobile phone's serial number, key in the following digits on your phone: *#06#.  A 15-digit code will appear on the screen. Please take note that this procedure works so far only with Nokia phones. But all mobile phones have an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) which is a number unique to every GSM and UMTS mobile phone. It is usually found printed on or underneath the phone's battery.

This number is unique to your handset. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe. If your phone is stolen, you can phone your service provider and give them this code. They will then be able to block your handset so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless. You probably won't get your phone back, but at least you know that whoever stole it can't use/sell it either. If everybody did this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones.

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  • CallmeMaddy

    That is really cool. Great article!

  • aJ

    Point 3 is incorrect. There is no hidden battery power. What it does is enable half rate codec which reduces the voice call quality and hence uses less power.

    Please do check facts before publishing them..

  • @aJ,

    thanks for pointing that out but isn’t it what it do anyway? it may not be your definition of “hidden power” per se, but it actually is. Such power exists and can be very useful.

    The article is not presented in very technical terms so that it will be easily understood.


    thanks for those great compliments! It encourages me to write more.

  • Clavos

    Very cool article!

    I especially liked #2 & #4.

    Fun stuff AND useful.

  • Mickey

    Anybody try #2? Doesn’t work for me!

  • Clavos


    Worked perfectly. Sony phone, Ford car, Cingular. Unlocked it, then re-locked it through the phone. Really cool!

  • schmuck

    yeah right clavos, try unlocking it withouth the phone. the same distance away.

    and poof! its still freaking opens. do you know why??
    cause your car is still in range for the remote keys. that’s why!

    this functionality is a hoax as well. the signal type of cellphones and the remote are COMPLETELY different

  • bob

    this article is unbelievable idiocy

  • Looking at a few articles on the net, it would seem impossible for a regular remote key to operate over a cell phone frequency. One article points out cells usually operate in the 800MHz range, while the weak radio transmission from a remote key would be in the 300 to 500MHz range. As such, it would be incompatible with the cell phone.

    Urban Legends has a write-up on it.

  • Come on guys, use your brains. Sure it sounds cool, but all this if just idiocy. You really think that cell phone companies would deliberately cut their battery life in half and not tell anybody??? And unlocking your doors… it hurts my brain thinking about it. this article was probably written by 2 snickering 19-year-olds and it’s been circulating the web and E-mail inboxes since. GSM, CDMA, TDMA, or IDEN networks are NOT interoperable. PERIOD. I’m sure they would use this option for roaming (And Sprint for their Nextel clients) and not just for people who happen to know the “Secret code”!

    Check out snopes.

  • Paul Crew

    How do you remotely activate another cell phone?

  • Bob Dennis

    #4 does not work. I have a new Samsung phone and it does not work. BS.


  • Honkanen

    “Please take note that this procedure works so far only with Nokia phones”

    so yeah Bob Dennis, not suprising it doesnt work with your samsung. I have a Nokia and it works fine. Pure Finnish phone genius =D

  • That is crazy! You can remotely access another phone?

  • The Tradergar

    #1 IS TRUE

    # 2 is FICTION

    Summary of the eRumor
    A suggestion that if you are locked out of your car and don’t have an “Onstar” type system in your car, just call home and have someone use the wireless remote over the phone to your cell phone, and it’ll work.

    The Truth
    Onstar says no way.
    (One version of the eRumor says this only works on Onstar systems.)
    Onstar users, of course, can have their door locks opened remotely by calling Onstar.
    But that’s because of the cell phone connection that Onstar has with the system in the car.
    The wireless remotes that you use to open your doors are radio transmitters and will only work if you’re using the transmitter in the vicinity of the car itself.

  • The Tradergar

    Sorry, That;s #2 if FICTION; Don’t know about 3&4

  • vitriol

    1) Hardly genius, it’s the equivalent of phoning 999 or 911.

    2) A load of crap. How do you suppose a microphone picks up radio waves? It doesn’t. For those who found it worked, you were still within the range of the car – it would have worked if you pressed the key next to a banana, the phone had nothing to do with it.

    3) A load of crap. Someone else already explained, but it just reduces voice quality of calls, and only on some models.

    4) True, but not very effective. Service providers, in theory, pass the information on to a blacklist, which other service providers are meant to check. But that rarely happens, and even if it does, it is possible to change and IMEI. As for it only working on Nokias, that’s a load of crap. *#06# works on most makes, and if it doesn’t, there is some alternative code. The IMEI is also written on the back of the phone, often under the battery.

  • spud4700

    I tried #2 and it worked like a charm

  • who cares

    who cares

  • Derek

    #4 does work i tried it with my Motorola Slvr L7

  • George Bush

    all you who believe this are as dumb and ignorant as I am…..

  • zino

    all pure hogwash

  • Joe Ocho

    I have a Motorola cell phone. I think it has better ring tones than Nokia…

    Also, better games than Nokia.

    I will have to try this and see if it works with my Motorola phone.

  • Yeah, Motorolas really are cool. I especially like the fact that Motorlas can’t ring and vibrate at the same time. They first vibrate a few times, then stop and start playing your ringtone.
    Yeah, Motorola’s are really cool. It’s 2006, and they work like a phone made when my grandmother was young and fresh, and they’re having the same technical specs as the first Apple Lisa. But yeah, the games are way better ofcourse. And we all know, you buy your phone for the games it comes with, not for the options that actually really matter.

  • mojo jojo

    crap crap crap

  • CibaiMan

    Hey.. everything works just fine. My phone are low on battery and i enter the codes and walla.. battery level goes up to 50%!!

    What a freaking good idea to unlock car remotely! I did this with my car’s alarm remote control at home and my car key with me. The distance is like few miles away and it did unlock the the phone!

    Thanks for the great tip!

  • No, you can’t unlock a car through a cell phone. If you believe you can, put the drugs away.

    112 only works in the UK, not the US.

    I’m not going to waste time on the rest.

  • Ross

    hahah i know 4 works for a fact.. pressing those digits give you your phones IMEI number.. this is the number you service uses when activating you phone.. it makes perfect since that they would need this number when deactivating it as well.. but im sure they can look up the IMEI number w/o having your phone.. but having it handy cant hurt. probably would speed up the process of deactivation if you lost your phone.. it would be nifty if 2 worked.. i tried to do it from the other end of the house.. but im pretty sure it was still in range.. i would like to try from about a mile away just to test it further.. number one probably works.. but why use 112 when you can just as easily use 911? (i think they do the same thing)it works even if you dont have a sim card.. you can test by taking your sim card out of your phone and dialing 911

  • Steve

    I tried #2 with three different cars (Volvo, BMW, Infinity) and it did NOT work with any of them. I guess that 19 yr old got his laughs from me. I am actually glad it didn’t work. If it did, I could think of a few ways someone could use that to break into a car. #4 worked with my Motorola Razr V3. I didn’t try #1 or #3 though.
    I did have a question about #3. When you do it, does it use a codec or some “hidden battery power”? If it does use a codec, how do you switch it back to the regular quality codec after you recharge the battery?

    And in response to this quote:
    “Yeah, Motorolas really are cool. I especially like the fact that Motorlas can’t ring and vibrate at the same time. They first vibrate a few times, then stop and start playing your ringtone.”
    -#25 — October 25, 2006 @ 18:46PM — Ceristimo

    You CAN have a Motorola phone vibrate and ring at the same time. Go to menu->settings->Audio->Style->Vibe & Ring.

    It helps to read the owners manual. Anyways, if the author of this article could please test these things he claims for himself and if they are not true, please correct the original post to reflect truth. Thank you.

  • Angie

    ok.. i just tried #2 with my car, and both of my parents cars… and they all worked (it unlocked, locked, and opened the trunk)… i put my cell on speakerphone and i was a lot closer than a foot tho… now, when i lock my keys in my car i can just call my dad.. hahaha… love it

  • ken

    i’ve tried the one about the car about 5 times. worked 3 outta 5.

  • JS

    Number 3 is clearly stated for Nokia phones, so if you are some dumbass with a Samsung or Erricson and are all like “this is a bullshit article and it doesnt work”, well, you’re a complete idiot.

    Secondly, number 4 works. By pressing the code, it doesnt lock the phone for you. You have to write it down and keep it somehwere incase of your phone getting stolen. You then call your SP and tell them the code. I love how people read this stuff and try it and they dont actually know what they are doing.

    PS, I’m not sure about the 112, but I don’t want to try it and accidentaly phone an ERT.

  • Terry

    Opening your doors with a cell phone works, proof is seeing, we are in wichita, ks If you want proof, email me and we can get together.

  • Alex

    I have some swampland down here in Florida. I tried #2 & looked and felt like a damn moron for even thinking this would work.

    If this did work, provide make, model, year of vehicle and celular company, make, model of phone. Otherwise chalk this up as a hoax. By the way, there is a 5th option that is going around:

    FIFTH Subject: Telephone Directory
    Cell phone companies are charging us $1.00 to $1.75 or more for 411 information calls when they don’t have to. Most of us do not carry a telephone directory in our vehicle, which makes this situation even more of a problem. When you need to use the 411 information option, simply dial (800) FREE 411 or (800) 373-3411 without incurring any charge at all. Program this into your cell phone now.

    Does this work on Pre-paid phones!

  • Dustin


  • chell

    I did try to unlock my car and my friends car…and guess what IT WORKED!!!!. THE TRICK IS…don’t put the phone by the key hole, put the phone by the side mirror or close to the hood of the car and it should unlock it. I think that is b/c the sensor is under the hood so being at the keyhole is too far. try it again dustin…it should work

  • Frankie Figgs

    Well, I received an email a few days ago about #2 and how effectively it works and how it is one of the “Best Kept Secrets” out there.
    After reading this email, which was about 4-5 relatively long paragraphs, I sat there at my desk staring at my monitor thinking it all over in my head. I was trying to figure out wether it was something someone thought up while bored at work sitting in their 6X6 cubicle, OR wether it was some sort of Polish joke or something along the lines of that.
    Needless to day, I went to my brother’s house after work that day, and I told him about it. We grabbed our cell phones and headed out the door. I stood right next to my car, my little brother drove off with my keys and clicker. He drove about 3 miles away and parked his truck. (He had to go to the store which was 3 miles away anyway)
    We were on our cells, talking clearly and we both had Excellent signals on the phones. All bars were up!! He clicked it for me, Nothing. Clicked again….nothing. I moved the phone right up against teh car door, he clicked it….nothing. I moved to the other side, he clicked it….nothing. I pretty much put the phone everywhere around the car. He must have clicked the unlock button AS WELL AS the trunk button about 59 different times. Nothing!

    I have a 2003 Hyundai Sonata and a Motorolla Nextel Phone. It didn’t work for me. We reversed the process and I drove away about 1 mile away from my little Brother’s truck…..I clicked it about 59 times and he put his cell in about 59 different places around his truck……didn’t work.

    There are people out there, and even on this blog, that say they tried it and it worked very effectively for them. Some of these people were 1/2 mile away, and others were 3,000 miles away and say it worked. I don’t know man……. I was thinking that maybe Myth Busters shoud study this myth and have it on their television show. But after trying it myself, theres nothing to study and nothing to experiment with. It simply does not work. Plain and simple.
    Those of you on here who say it DOES work, and that you have personally tired it.. I just want to ask you one (1) thing…….”Do you take drugs?” and if so….which drugs were you taking when you did this little experiment? I am dying to know…..
    Now those of you who have performed this little experiment, Without any mind altering substances, I will bet that maybe you had a magic cell phone. I am sure they exist out there somewhere. I’ve always wanted one myself. Can you tell me where I can get a magic cell phone? Did you get this magic phone from the same person that Jack bought his magic beans from?

    Alright, I am finished with this whole Cell and car clicker locks BS stuff. It Doesn’t work!!

    Adios Amigos

    Franky Figgs

  • Someone

    #1 Isn’t true if your in North America… 911 is what you would use. 112 is an emergency # in Europe and some other countries

  • wtf

    why the hell would you have to hold your phone next to the door? It’s not like the radio signal (even if it could be transmitted through the phone, which I don’t believe) gets sent to the door lock itself. The signal goes to the control module usually housed under the dash, or the antenna which could be any number of places depending on the model. This article is stupid.

  • and those FACTs explained.. with details..

    +) Calling 112 on your cell phone will (in some parts of the world, primarily Europe) connect you to local emergency services, even if you are outside your provider’s service area (i.e., even if you are not authorized to relay signals through the cell tower that handles your call), and many cell phones allow the user to place 112 calls even if the phone lacks a SIM card or its keypad is locked. However, the 112 number does not have (as is sometimes claimed) special properties that enable callers to use it in areas where all cellular signals are blocked (or otherwise unavailable).

    +) Cars with remote keyless entry (RKE) systems cannot be unlocked by relaying a key fob transmitter signal via a cellular telephone. RKE systems and cell phones utilize different types of signals and transmit them at different frequencies. Relaying remote entry system signals via telephone might work if the signals were sound-based, but they’re not. An RKE system transmits an encrypted data stream to a receiver inside the automobile via an RF (radio frequency) signal, a signal that can’t be effectively relayed via cell phone. (In any event, RKE systems and cell phones typically operate on completely different frequencies; the former in the 300 MHz range and the latter in the 800 MHz range.). It’s possible this method might work with cars that use something different than standard RKE systems, but it might not work with the vast majority of models.

    +) The claim that pressing the sequence *3370# will unleash “hidden battery power” in a cell phone seems to be a misunderstanding of an option available on some brands of cell phone (such as Nokia) for Half Rate Codec, which provides about 30% more talk time on a battery charge at the expense of lower sound quality. However, this option is enabled by pressing the sequence *#4720# — the sequence *3370# actually enables Enhanced Full Rate Codec, which provides better sound quality at the expense of shorter battery life.

    +) Entering the sequence *#06# into a cell phone may display a 15-digit identification string, but that function only works with some types of cell phones, and the efficacy of reporting the ID number to a cellular service provider to head off unauthorized use of a lost or stolen phone is limited.

    Trust this helps…/Yuva

  • Andrea

    #2 does work used it with a lexus. Tried unlocking it at the same distance with out the phone and it did not work. Only catch was had to put the phone up to the keyhole.

  • jim

    I have in the past done something like #2. I recorded the signal with the voice recording feature, and it unlocks my car when I play it.

  • Jason

    jim, your an idiot*

  • i have not tried 1, 2, 4, 5 but number 3 doesn’t work you should really go through and check everything before posting this stuff. when i read this i was like wow this is amazing then i tried 3 cause that is the one that i am most interested in but it didn’t work


  • AJ

    Tried #2 w/ Toyota Sequoia and it did actually work, had to try it about 3-4 times, worked just in front of the passenger side mirror.

  • Bob

    #2 worked for me. Using a Samsung and a Mazda 3.
    I also told the caller to press unlock after I hung up – It didnt work then.

    Very cool feature.

    Sorry that it doesnt work for everyone.

  • bollocks


  • Joe

    Yeah, Cingular says they have no way to blacklist or block an IMEI even on only their network, even only in a local market. Funny because they can disable a SIM network wide, but not a IMEI? Sounds like they want to sell phones!!! Until we make it state and federal law that companies must take action to prevent crime, providers will do what ever is in their best interest. A recent study in the UK said about 28% of crimes involve use of a stolen phone. We have succeeded in wheel locks and car radio codes, but not cell phones? When you sell a car, the VIN has to match and the paperwork must be present. States have worked together years ago to detour crime with the whole title/license process. Insurance companies where involved in helping encourage protection from theft. I think we need to bring this one to congress! We need consumer protection. It’s your right not to become a victim and if providers are activating service on stolen electronic serial numbers or IMEI’s, one’s they did not sell themselves, they should be ashamed of themselves. They have the ability to prevent crime. It’s a choice.

  • Joe

    … i meant “deter” crime, not “detour”, as that clearly means something else, but either way works. not in our state. not in our backyard. smiles.

  • Bob

    Ok, I have an update.
    I tried #2 from farther away and it didnt work.
    It turns out I was still in range for the car remote.
    Conclusion: #2 does not work for me.

    One thing I have read in my car’s manual was that if you put your remote close to your head, your head acts as an antenna and the range will increase slightly. Maybe cell phones can do this too?? – This still would only increase the range slightly.

  • Tony

    I knew about hidden battery power after meeting Keri, although in Trieste I couldn’t test my Nokia’s car unlocking capability for some unknown reason. Anybody have the same experience? I don’t mean with Keri. I’ve got a 1.8 liter xSara Citröen, and it’s well broken in.

  • Keri

    What happened in Trieste is simple. Tony wouldn’t buy me the Prada bag I wanted when we were there, so when he misplaced his car keys again, just like he does at least once a day, I didn’t push the button on the back-up set I always keep hidden in my bag, without him knowing. We have the same model Nokia cell phones, but the jerk loved to think that his was somehow better and more poweful than mine. I didn’t replace his tired battery that day with the back-up battery I always carry with me. Girls need to demonstrate their power from time to time. If a guy wants to think he’s someone special because he can get more out of his cell phone than you, let him! Anyway, I’ve moved on. My new guy has a cell phone I can’t afford, but soon he’ll give me one just like his. He’s really crazy about me.


    OK regardless of whether or NOT I have found these to work, some of you DO NOT KNOW HOW TO READ!!! first of all as for #2 it is saying that you are at the store and you locked the keys in the car, you call someone who is at HOME and has the remote, because YOUR remote is locked up and you don’t have it in hand!!! so the person who uses the remote over the cell phone is MILES away NOT the remote that is near your car (TRY READING!!) as for #3 the code is for NOKIA ONLY Jesus Christ people learn how to freaking READ!! it says it in plain ENGLISH and clearly understandable. My nephew in 2nd grade could obviously score higher than most of you on the SAT’s. GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

  • bull crap

    bull crap. You all suck!!


  • George Bush

    Joe Joe Joe.

    Are you serious? You want me to enact more legislation to save the American public from itself? Why with all the other Bills Ive signed, along with all the other secret programs I use to control you people, I will own you people long before my 8 years are up. Thanks for the idea.


  • Tim

    Comforting though it may be to imagine you can unlock your car door in an emergency by receiving a distant signal via your cell phone, it can’t possibly work — not with the technology as it now stands, at any rate.

    Here’s why:

    Your remote car key operates by sending a weak, encrypted radio signal to a receiver inside the automobile, which in turn activates the door locks.

    Since the system works on radio waves, not sound, the only conceivable way a signal from your spare remote could be picked up by one cell phone and relayed to your car’s onboard receiver by another would be if both phones were capable of sending and receiving at exactly the same frequency as the remote itself — which they can’t be, given that all remote entry devices operate at frequencies between 300 and 500 MHz, while all mobile phones, by law, operate at 800 MHz and higher.

    It’s apples vs. oranges, in other words. Your cell phone can no more transmit the type of signal needed to unlock a car door than your remote key is capable of dialing up your Aunt Mary … though no one can predict what miracles the future may bring.

  • bob

    The phone thing don’t work. PERIOD!

  • EVAN

    Its not working on my phone…. does it only work on specific phones?

  • Confused

    Ok number 2;

    I heard about this yesterday at work, came home to my GF and decided to give it a shot. I only have one FOB so I wasn’t about to drive miles away. Car was in the driveway, I went in the basement facing the other side of the house. She went outside.

    Tried to unlock 15-20 times….nothing. Pop the truck, nothing. She put the cell near the truck, I put the FOB near the mic on my 900mghz cordles…voila, she found my naked, ducktaped,midget mistress in the trunk. So it worked for me!

    Based on what I’ve read, I guess it could have simply been the fact that the antenna of my cordless bosted the signal of the FOB. I will see if I can ope the trunk with out the cell near the car just by using the antenna of one phone.

    Now that I sleep in my car, I have time to experiment

  • sam

    hey i liked all the cool stuff

    i hav an N-80 and i hav a merc c 220 cdi if i want 2 try this key thing out where do i place the phone ? i dont no where my car reciver is plz do tell me ..

    thanks again ..

    plz do get bak ..

  • rzr/altima

    Tim, the law is that mobile phones work at ATLEAST 800mhz. Also, it didnt work for me except when i put the phone next to the mirror and put it on speaker phone. i dont know if it had anything to do with it, but it worked like once in the like 10 times we tried it. but it did work. and i was at the car about 2 miles away or so, so im pretty sure it wasnt in range. i have a motorola razor v3 if it helps and an altima. whoever said the record the unlock thing in your phone, it seems like a neat idea if it works, though i havent tried it. maybe you have to have a newer model phone. also, ericson phones suck, lol.

  • Unknown

    After reviewing this list I did some testing at found the following:

    Step 1: Emergency Calling
    This is not needed, for 911 (where available) has its own network and has to work regardless of the provider you have and if its active or not. If you have an old cell phone that has no service provider you are still able to call 911 (where available).

    Step 2: Unlocking a car via wireless remote
    Tested this with multiple phones and found this does not work. If you are able to get it to work take into consideration the distance you are from the car when testing. Your remote has more power and range than you think. The reason this won’t work is because your cell phone and possibly the other phone you are using sends out its own freq and will conflict with the freq of your remote thus messing the signal code being broadcasted. The receiver box in the door or in the radio will not reconize the code being sent. (I thought this was a good thought and did wish it would work but it didn’t)

    Step 3: Hidden Battery
    your phones battery indicator is not accurate to begin with. Your phone does miscalculate this by only 2% of the accual power. This is so if you are needing to call 911 you can do so. On some phones when you call 911 your battery indicator will bust in power alittle bit then drop back when the call is completed. This is only good for about maybe 5 mins of additional talk time. The code specified in the list is incorrect though.

    Step 4: Locking your phone
    You headset can be locked with that number. The number using the code in the list does work on Motorola phones and other phones. Note: not all phones use this code and sometimes the code to retrieve it access a variety of options to change or view. Sprint does it this way, the code they give you accesses web proxy configs, unique id of phone, etc. Some service reps may not know about this and may tell you they can’t lock the unit (this is untrue). Government agencys have used the locking option when there phones are stolen or missing. When the phone is locked 911 is the only function that works, you are unable to view anything else.

    Step 5: Free Directory Assistance
    Works fine. Paid for by sponsors. You will not talk to a live person though. The process is completely automated.

    Hope this answers everyones questions.

  • Don’t Worry

    Yeah, Motorolas really are cool. I especially like the fact that Motorlas can’t ring and vibrate at the same time. They first vibrate a few times, then stop and start playing your ringtone.
    Yeah, Motorola’s are really cool. It’s 2006, and they work like a phone made when my grandmother was young and fresh, and they’re having the same technical specs as the first Apple Lisa. But yeah, the games are way better ofcourse. And we all know, you buy your phone for the games it comes with, not for the options that actually really matter.

    I have a reply to that statement. Motorlla’s can vibrate and ring at the same. I know because I have a Razor, and that is what I keep my phone on.. We have the option to Vibrate THEN ring, or Vibrate AND ring; therefore, speak what you know. That is All.

  • Lance

    just 1 word cool

  • Ok, can somebody tell me did #2 work or not?
    I’ll test it later this week.

  • Mike

    None of these are true – do a little researching on google before posting crap like this.

  • Joe
  • Lisa

    Even if none of these are true, why are people getting so uptight? Can’t you just take what you want and laugh the rest off? How many times during the day do you see or read things that you have no interest in?

    Get over your highly intellectual selves. Why don’t you put your anger, arrogance and disgust to good use by solving all the world’s problems and making the world a better place?

  • Rhonda

    So what if someone publishes something that is not true……get over it. Aren’t you intelligent enough to sort through the bogus claims and find out for yourself? Just ignore it if you think it’s not true.

    People lie and distort things all the time. Can’t you deal with that and move on?

  • Frederico

    I tried #2 by locking myself in the car without my keys or my cell phone, and it took me a week to get out. Then I locked my cat in the car with the keys and a cell phone, and he took off and I haven’t seen him since. It doesn’t work at all.

  • doug c

    is it possible to activate youyr cell phone yourself i know there must be codes etc cause how else could they do it if they are sending those waves through my house i want access are they paying me a royality hell noi

  • Coltman75

    I tried #2 with my chevy car. It worked when i pushed the button on a verizon cell phone to a cingular pantec c300. i was at the office and the car was at home. when we closed the phones, it didnt work anymore, but #2 is 100% truthful

  • This is a great list… i added five additional comments which i all think would make great business ideas… check them out here

  • WpgLarry

    #1 Emergency phone service: Do NOT phone them to see if it works – they are busy saving lives and putting out fires instead of having phones lines plugged by people asking them “… can you hear me now…?”
    It’s a good idea to be aware of any emergency numbers in your area and use them only in an emergency.
    IF it IS an emergency and you call on your cell phone – give your name and CELL PHONE NUMBER before you say anything else. If the call drops, Operator #1 WILL spend a half hour triangulating your call EVEN IF you call back and talk to Operator #2 or 4 or whatever.
    If you call them back after a call is dropped, give your name, cell phone number and tell them that you are phoning back so the other operator will quit looking for you.
    Emergency service operators can answer ALOT of calls in 1/2 an hour – giving your number makes it faster to find you.

    #2 Locked car? From 5 miles away – didn’t work.

    #3 If you use a cell phone alot, when you get your new phone, buy 1 or even two spare batteries. Keep 1 in the charger at home, and 1 with you.
    You’ll have way more peace of mind and alot less stress worrying about something this silly – and it’s all on one bill.
    If you want to split the cost, go back to the store and buy the spare battery later when you save the money or have more room on your credit card.
    Also, buying a car charger helps and since most power chargers plug into the phone nowadays, you can talk for HOURS and HOURS from work, car or home while it’s PLUGGED IN and not using up your battery.
    If the battery doesn’t last 1 whole day, either: 1) your battery needs reconditioning, 2) replacement or 3) you’re talking way too much on the phone.

    #4 Stolen Cell? It’s easier to prevent theft in the first place. Treat it like your diary and don’t leave it lying around. If you take it out, keep your hand on it until you put it away. If it still gets stolen, I hope my phone number’s not on it.

    #5 (800)FREE411? I hope it works. Never tried it. Thanks for the tip.

  • redrocket

    Just wanted to let you know that my father did lock his keys in his car and called my mom at home 20km away, she used the spare remote and unlocked the car over the phone. It most definitely DID work for us!

  • Redhead

    None of this works on the Razor phone from Verizon but it was worth trying.

  • The Smart Person

    YoU guys r all on crk if u think this crap is gonna work……..yall must look like a bunch of dumbasses tryin to make it work!!!

  • Timmmah

    You know, someone tries to pass on some useful information to your sorry lives and you go on insulting them, etc.

    Like the battery thing IS useful no matter HOW it’s doing it internally (unless you relish a dead battery, simpleton).

    Thanks for the article.

    I appreciated it.

  • Captain Sensible

    If I ever see someone trying to unlock a car with a mobile phone, I’ll run them over flat. If you yourself ever try it, you are a twat. Remember that!

  • Phone guy

    the battery thing is useless…more battery, but poorer quality voice? what about sms? if this is true, then tell me what the code is to double my voice quality and half my battery life. sheesh.

    the car thing does not work. anyone who says it worked is a liar.

  • mike

    2006 Chevy Avalanche, LG 1600 Cingular, 2004 Ford Explorer same phone. distance was from Dallas TO OKC!! and yes everytime it worked just have to be with in 2 feet of the signal reciever not the Lock.

  • Deb

    I just tried #2. I left my keys with a coworker on the 7th floor and walked down to my car and called him and he tried to unlock several times with no luck. It doesn’t work!

  • Renzo

    THis article is mostly a hoax. Some thing are true, some are not. Basicaly is BS with little bits of truth to create another net-traffic-increasing piece of crap.


  • M

    Just wanted to let you guys know about number 3, Nokias do not actually have a reserve or back up battery, all you are doing is reducing battery usage by reducing voice quality, check the user manual

  • dude

    worked 2miles away with my car

  • David Henderson

    #2, the cell phone car lock trick. It CAN work. The remote signal “piggy backs” the cell phone signal. That is how it works. Now for why it does not work most of the time. Not all cell phones will piggy back a second signal. Not all remotes are will to ride even is the phone is. And even when the remote is willing and the phone is will all the filtering in the networks can still stop it. You have to have the right phone-remote-network combo for it to work. Just try it. If it works for you then great but remember it will not work every time. If it does not work for you then that is just the way it is. It is just like playing the Lottery, it works but they are very few winners.

  • Jenn

    So number two does work! I don’t care what any of you say. I tried it with my grandma. We put the remote at the phone and it unlocked it. You could here it unlock. So I was like maybe this is not true. So I tried it away from the phone and the car didn’t unlock. Then we switched places and the same thing happened for the both of us!

  • Hey i tried #2 i think its all bull i tried like 10xs and nothing happened so feel like i was suckered in to this stupid lie. Unless its the alarm that i have which is a autopage with antenna.

    Someone Let me know if it really works with aftermarket alarms or maybe it does with certain alarms but i will keep trying….


  • Megan

    I just had this forwarded to me, and if you type the title into Google, you’ll find that most of these aren’t true.

  • James

    ok, I got to about #64 in the posts, and people are debunking #2. Which I completely agree with, I just think that one point is missing. sound and radio waves are absolutely different, sound is oscillating air pressure, and radio waves are in the electromagnetic spectrum, it’s like trying to send light through your phone. the microphone can and will only pick up sound, and the speaker will only output sound, not any form of electromagnetic waves. Other people have already discussed the difference in frequencies. simply impossible.

  • Joe

    112 DOES WORK I JUST DID IT. The phone was locked and I hit 112 and it asked if I wanted to make an emergency call. I am in Seattle not Europe.

  • 112 does work in the US. I just called it last night and it went directly to my cities local 911 dispatch. I live in Florida so I know that it works here for certain.

    And…I saw a news report on this remote unlocking from a cell phone idea so long ago. They showed how it worked… and they did an interview with a rep from Ford. He too, described how and why it worked. He aslo explained why specific companies (only a few companies’ cars will unlock this way) kept it hidden from the public. It was a secret for so long because of the potential for car theft… according to the report. There are only so many codes for late-model, after-market alarm systems. My alarm, for example, unlocks my friends truck…both are viper alarm systems. If you went around and tried your remote on 100 cars you may unlock one. I’m sure this is rare, but if your walking around a parking lot attempting to steal cars all day long I bet you could randomly unlock at least one. If you did this with someone else at a distance, you were both using the right phones and the other person used the right remote, you could unlock that car without having the remote on your person.

    New cars and new phones wont allow you to use this trick anymore. Unless you have an older model car and an older model phone it wont work. Everyone that is saying it doesnt work, and claiming that you KNOW b/c you tried with your “new” nokia, samsung or whatever…the reason it doesnt work is b/c youre using newer models. Old cell phones used different technology then newer, digital phones. Cellular phones still use local Cells to direct calls to specific areas, but the signals as well as the way the signals are sent, is different then it was in the early 90’s.

  • emily

    Number 2 totally works!!! I tried it without cell phones to see if it worked and it didn’t. SO it had to be the cell phones. THis ROCKS!!!!

  • ben

    it all sounds like a bunch of shit to me…

  • Rocket Scientist

    You don’t need a cell phone for #2. You just have to knock on the windsheild 3 times, kick the front driver side tire 2 times, walk around the car 3 times counter clockwise, let 3 lbs of air out of the rear tires, slap the middle of the hood once with the back of your hand, stick your middle finger as far in the tail pipe as you can and then grab the door handle and say “there is no place like home” The car will sense your anger and will let you in. Some later cars may also require you to do this while being topless if you are a female. Works like a charm on all makes and models.

  • Todd

    #3 didn’t work for me; I have an iPhone, I was wondering if that had anything to do with it?

    It would be much appreciated if someone replied with an answer.


  • Blaze

    Firstly, 112 is a European emergency code if memory serves, THAT’s why it’s not working for you people in the US!!!

    Secondly, I tried the phone-car unlock last night – IT WORKS. Granted, probably only for a limited amount of cars and phones, but it definitely worked for my mum! Nokia 3310 and a 2002 Hyundai Elantra. Got my dad to ring through the code to lock the car and it worked a treat! Unlocking worked too. Guess those of you who it doesn’t work for have different phones/cars 😛

    Thirdly – hidden battery only works on a few models/makes of phone 😉 I’ve got a Motorola V3x and it doesn’t work for me, but the article DOES state that it ONLY WORKS FOR NOKIA. Go figure!

    Finally – the code in #4 is your PUK code, used for activating your phone. This is a VERY IMPORTANT code, and *can* be used to effectively kill your phone in the event of theft.

  • supercool

    I havent tried any but for number 2 it might work if the keys are actually in the car.

  • mad man

    dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont have a nokia phone

  • phoneboy

    The code in #4 is NOT your PUK code, it results in obtaining the serial number for the mobile phone. If you need to use the PUK code to reactivate the mobile (after putting in the wrong PIN 3 times) you put in the number that your service provider gives you.

  • cheryl

    IS IT POSSIBLE???? I’ve had cell service with ATT, Cingular, ATT continuously for 10 or more years. Good long term customer, lot’s of money spent (avg. $700/mo. service + avg. equip replace 4k/yr) Same number entire time. They recently made a mistake on my plan and my bills are averaging $3500 per month and I can’t get anyone to correct it. It’s over everyone’s limit to correct and I’ve spent hours and days, my assistant has spent atleast 40 hours dealing with them, I’ve been into a store site and had another colleage who didn’t believe me go in and he was also not able to get it resolved. I’ve been overcharged at this point by about $10,000 because I couldnt afford to lose the number because of the long term friends and business contacts and just cannot afford not to have it. I finally had to let it go, but I really need the number back. Since I’m in dispute with them, they would not release it to me and it was only held for 45 days. I called the number, it’s not assigned to anyone as of now, fast busy signal. I spoke with VIRGIN and SPRINT and they could not retrieve it without calling for permission, which I know they will not get until I file a law suit to get this situation corrected. THERE’S GOT TO BE A WAY TO GET YOUR OLD NUMBER BACK ………….. IS IT POSSIBLE WITHOUT PAYING ANOTHER $2000?

  • Wowsa

    I am now dumber for having read the majority of the comments posted on here

  • sarah

    the only points that are correct are 1 & 4.
    think about it, 2 & 3 are completely impossible. once you have run out of battery, you are completely out. and your car remote will not even comprehend that you are trying to unlock your car, let alone send the radio wave!

  • kidtek

    I change my phone’s imei every 6 weeks!!!
    Because i can LOL

  • wisdom

    anyone who says non of this is not correct is must be a dump head and he/she needs to be corrected in life. Even though I have not tried 2 but I have the knowledge that it works the protocol is very simple.

  • saltima

    i have phone which dose’nt have connetion when i need it urgently.

  • Blank

    All these are pretty good ideas, but dont really work. If these did really work then why wouldn’t Cell Phone services advertise about them?

  • maneyac71

    LMAO wow the cell phone thing is going on the list with how to raise your child ,religion and politics let all agree to disagree.UNITE PEOPLE OF AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!DON’T PET THE SWEATY STUFF OR SWEATY THE PETTY STUFF SURLEY THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS THAT NEED OUR DIRECT ATTENTION.

  • RT McFadden

    Reading all these I am sad to see just how uncivil some of you brave blogers are. No one is perfect or knows everything. And to point it out with insults and threats is unconscionable.In this world with all the terrible things that are going on for this meaningless trivial subject to bring out such hate it is no wonder thing are as they are with this inhuman race. Please be conscience or at least look up this word.

  • dude where did u get all these codes from i just tryed them all and they all suprized me that they worked

  • RT McFadden

    it my brother birthday today. so please everybody send birthday wises to him. his name is ralph. I know, what a stupid name. Huh? did somebody say something about my brother, why I ought ta. speaking of std’s. i’ve got a raging case of coconuts. But I digress. FTW

  • Gail Ible

    following one user suggestion, I tried unnlocking my car with a banana while my friend pressed the remote holding another banana. worked like a charm! Thanks for the idea. However, I think it only works with chiquita bananas and they need to be pretty ripe. We are going to experiment with other brands of bananas and maybe even other fruit. If we can perfect the technology, we may even offer the higher performing fruit on ebay for some of you to purchase. Stay tuned!

  • tyler

    i did something like #2 once…. i shot a man with a laser threw my phone….

  • shad

    thats the wrong kind of threw dumbass. its through. but the trick does work. i wonder if the bannanna trick works

  • dirtee stank

    you spelled banana wrong!!!!! dumbass. this whole site is a waste of brain power. and you guys need to watch your fucking language…. bitches

  • Art

    Tried the trick about the unlocking doors on a 2006 Lexus SUV and 2 alltell phones. The keys were about 2 miles away from the car and it worked after a few tries. Repeated the experiment and got the same result.

  • ash

    btw 999 or 911 doesn’t work EVERYWHERE do you guys not realise there’s other countries OUTSIDE US borders?

  • Sway

    I must say that I have greatly enjoyed reading all these posts. There are some really funny people on here. Some really ignorant ones as well-particularly those who were able to unlock their doors using their remotes. I bet the person with the remote was standing right inside your house right? hehe Yeah I tried the banana and it really works! LMAO

  • Beccaaa kellyy

    this info is reali good
    and i love this site
    love you lauren

  • J

    First, you can’t unlock your car door this way. It doesn’t work, it’s not like a sound frequency, it’s radio waves which can’t travel through a phone.

    Second, the 15 digit number cannot be traced or anything. It is a number that you can find ON your phone around the battery somewhere. It is just like a serial number, not a homing device.

  • Raymond

    How can i unblaclist my phone that was stolen, i found it and i really dont want to go all the way to a cellphone provider to unblacklist my phone?

  • Whatever

    None of these fucking work. You bunch of fucking dead heads !

  • noman

    of course some of them do work. i tried on my motorola but it didnt show any extra charge. if it works , y dont the companies adverize it?

  • annoyed

    #2 does not work with a nokia…so cut the crap

  • annoyed

    u ppl are so retared F@*K!!! A BANANA for heaven sakes. U all need to go back to pre school and start all over again.. IT DOES NOT WORK, NONE OF IT U FOOLS!!!!!!!

  • vin

    ha this is a funny blog. Im surprised this hoax goes this deep into actual websites and not just an email anymore. I had found some persons e-advice column where she listed all this nonsense as truths. I guess her fact checker needs to lay off the sauce

  • michael

    this is some fucking shit this shit dosent work this is bull shit!!!

  • derric

    works for some, and doesn’t for others. why get so argumentative about it?

  • Henry

    I tried #2 with an LG Voyager and a 2006 Chevy Silverado at a distance of 16 miles away, and it worked the first time I tried! After I got into my car, I cranked up the bottom-side propellers that came with the car, and flew away at a height of 46 feet from the ground. Then I got nervous for using my flying car in a no-flying-car zone and took it down. You idiots.

  • Doc Brown? Is that you?

  • J

    I was totally skeptical of #2. So, I gave it a try. I was using my iPhone, my son was using his Sony Ericson. I walked to the car, which is a rental 2008 Chrysler Sebring. The car was located in underground parking about 300 feet away. I guesstimated that because it took me about 100 paces and my stride is about 3 feet. This is WAY outside the range of a standard keyless entry system. My son pressed the unlock button on the key fob from my apartment, and after a few tries, to my complete and utter shock, it worked. I used the speakerphone function on my phone, and my son used the speakerphone on his phone as well. I positioned the cell phone about 12 inches away from the upper right side of the driver’s side window. My son placed the keyfob about 5 or 6 inches away from the microphone on his cell phone. Call it whatever you want. It works. Then he locked it. I am completely convinced.

  • Bastion

    If you lost your phone, had it blacklisted, and then found your phone, can that phone be un-blacklisted?

  • Drumlargon

    For all those genius’s out there that think 112 is only europe , think again ITS INTERNATIONAL and it works

  • warren


    Can be demostrated but is not a FACT.

    The fob signal rides (gets a boost) on the cell phone’s carrier wave.

    How much boost depends on many factors but it CAN happen.

    BUT this works only in line-of-sight or near line-of-sight and the range is affected by everything in the demostration enviroment.

  • JG3740

    My phone works on and off times when trying to unlock my car. also it just goes up about 25% of the time on my phone, every time i use it. 🙂

  • jg3740

    Wait i used the wrong sign 🙁 ok there we go

  • pheonix59

    ok just so you all know these are all fiction except #4 ans that one only works on some phones because of the way they are programed so if you try it it may or may not give you the number

  • Jess

    Geeze, their just tips. if you think its a load of rubbish why waste you’re time by going on this site and reading them all. If you tried them im sure you’d see that some of them do work. #3 does state it needs to be a nokia so before mouthing off someone who’s posting something for other peoples advantage why dont you try reading it properly first? Why be so argumentative over it. If you belive them to be fake why dont you grab a nokia and try it out. You’re the fools wasting you’re time thinking of ways to prove these wrong. Get a life will you 😐

  • The Matrix

    that is sick guys

  • garg

    number 1 – didn’t tested, I don’t know how much they will charge for this call.
    number 2 – bullshit, doesn’t work, don’t even think like you have back up to open your car.
    number 3 – bullshit too.
    tests Failed.

  • persil

    you stink!

  • Genghis KRON

    yeah this is fake! i don’t believe this website has any credibility anymore. he just got this information off of some guy on youtube who was using a Nokia from about 1999! some of it is true and if it were all true it would be pretty cool but dont bother listening.

  • Hent_i

    Could you please get you heads out of you a##es and actually try these things??????

  • Malicious1

    remote activating someones cell phone is illegal

  • Garrett bloom

    This is owson

  • Andy

    I tried number 4, and on a palm treo 650 it works.

  • Ria

    It obviously works for some people, so if it doesn’t work for you, too bad and stop saying it’s stupid. Thanks have a nice day (:

  • anti-idiots

    Wow so many idiots calling others idiots here…. rofl…

    #1 works, of course it does, try it before u say it doesn’t. It even works without a SIM card

    #2 don’t know.

    #3 don’t care, always carry a spare battery anyways…

    #4 Yes it does work…. Lost a SE910, had it black-listed, found it a week later, couldn’t use it on my other prepaid cards, even from other networks (my phone was unlocked so it should have worked on other networks had it not been black-listed). And once u black-list it, u can’t undo it.

  • srinik

    point 3 is not working and nobody answered how would we get our own cell number from the cell itself

  • Funny is the new weird

    I have a Nokia phone…. It has way better games then Motorola. Anyways I got my phone for free! I’m not lying! Btw- The tones and rign tones r way better than any other phone! haha i your face!

  • hakeem

    Load of crap. if this be true then all of SA be unlocking cars with blacklisted 50% charged cellfones

  • mojo

    #2 is false. Myth Busters proved that this is not possible. Previously it used to happen, now the remote’s frequency changes every time you use.

  • asdp417

    i did the car remote thing from home to my brother who was at work. 10 mins drive. and it worked… #2 is FACT people

  • Thurman Eversole

    All of these are false or somehow limited. Check out this website where it explains.

  • shubham

    point 3 is wrong
    it is just not good for websites to publish wrong points and thus harm the users

  • gm


  • gm



    2&3 are bogus, 4 works.

  • zed

    the best protection from getting your phone stolen is to have outdated piece of crap. if i left my phone somewhere someout would probably beg me to take it away because it is so damn ugly. but it works – that’s what i use it for and it’s perfect for that.

  • bob marley

    this is not very helpful ibformation :L

  • bob marley


  • Carlton

    #2 totally doesnt work! HOGWASH!

  • ben martin

    mitch is a girl

  • Michelle Johnstone-r

    wow this is so awesome if #2 works i might give up marijuana and cocane if it works

  • tez

    hey keep it up man, and dont let those negitives stop ya from helpin.