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Things Said To Me This Year, Worst and Nicest

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As our words often define us for better or worse, some often define us better than others, but it’s always wise to be careful what you say, because whatever you say is how you will be remembered, plus, you never know when what you say may end up here on Blogcritics.

Here are some of the nicer things said to me during 2003:

“You’re a peach!” -Deborah Branscum

“Awww…you’re cute…” -Mary Carey

“Trying to date a porn star…you weasel!” -Jack Harris

Others who have said wonderfully nice things to me or about me throughout the year include Eric Olsen, Anita Campbell, Natalie Davis, Pete Nelson, Sharon Taylor, Stacey Atiyeh, Peter Roos (Editor, Paradise NEWS), Russell Schoenberger (President, Allied Electrical Systems), Amy Cross, Bill & Pam Malone and many, many more.

By all means, visit their websites, give them business, join their organizations, read their publications and listen to their shows. They are all very wonderful people and are deserving of anything good that you would give them, be it your time or your money.

I have chosen not to list the worst things that have been said to me this year, as I am a strong believer in forgiveness, even when others may choose to hold a grudge. Instead of throwing stones next year, let go of your stones and throw your friend, or your enemy, an ore to help them row with. Let go of whatever pain or judgments that may be hindering you so together we can enter a better, brighter and more beautiful 2004!

-John Mudd

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