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THF: No, YOU’RE A Technical Issue

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We were saddened by BlogTalkRadio technical issues which forced the cancellation of this week’s Treehouse Fort, much to the delight of the world. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop us.

After losing three straight games to the Yankees, and hearing about David Ortiz being on the 2003 list of steroid users, the Red Sox designated John Smoltz for assignment, after learning that not all old guys throw knuckleballs.

While visiting China, Ron Artest gave out his phone number to his fans on Twitter, then took their calls in a video segment. In all, he received 37 prank calls, 12 wrong numbers, and four orders for moo shu pork.

Director John Hughes passed away at the age of 59, who suffered a heart attack while walking in Manhattan. The Treehouse Fort extends their best wishes to the family, and is not yet ruling out Curly Sue as a person of interest.

Charlie Doherty’s “What Were They Thinking” (assuming the segment went forth)

• Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane, for punching a cab driver and then taking money from him after an argument about taxi fare. That’s assault and robbery!

• The New York Giants, for signing Eli Manning for a whopping $97 million over six years ($15 million annually, more than Peyton gets)

Prince Fielder, for his attempt to charge into Dodgers clubhouse after getting plunked by Guillermo Mota, and not remembering it

• Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton, for “falling off the wagon” earlier this year by getting drunk with women other than his wife. The pictures of his escapades surfaced this weekend, and in all fairness, he did own up to them and apologize later that day in a press conference.

• San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie, whose ludicrous comparison of Chargers’ food quality to not making the Super Bowl resulted in a $2,500 fine by the team.

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