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THF: Christmas In July, Everyone Else Converts

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A partial transcript of this week’s Treehouse Fort with guests Josh Hathaway and Andy Hutchins:

Tuffy: It’s been an unfortunate week for reality television and athletes this week. Terrell Owens’ new show on VH1 rammed a train wreck into a plane crash which caused an earthquake of suck while Stephon Marbury broadcasted an impromptu online show for a full 24 hours, showing his inability to extract himself from a virtual box on any number of levels. The worst, however, had to be Tim Tebow’s unfortunate appearance on Loveline with Dr. Drew.

Suss: Mark Buehrle threw the 18th perfect game in baseball history on Thursday as the White Sox beat the Rays 5-0. When asked what the key was to the game, Buehrle just smiled and said “getting rid of Juan Uribe.”

Tuffy: Rickey Henderson will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Henderson, who played for nine teams in his 25-year career, will wear the cap of Lou Brock in the Hall, having stolen it last night.

Suss: A man has gone homeless in protest of the BCS college football championship format. He finds money by panhandling in rough parts of Washington, DC, and even if he doesn’t get enough quarters, the strength of schedule will be enough to feed him for a week.

Tuffy: Toronto Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi has continued to insist on top price for All-Star hurler Roy Halladay as the trade deadline approaches. As of Saturday, Ricciardi is demanding that Poland and Czechoslovakia be thrown in as countries to be named later in any deal.

Suss: And finally, 58 curling rocks have been stolen from a refrigerated truck in Australia, which accounts for more than one third of the rocks in the country. Authorities say that it doesn’t count as stealing, since the robbers hogged them all.

Charlie Doherty’s “What Were They Thinking?”

Steve Spurrier, for not voting Tim Tebow first-team preseason All-SEC

Mets exec Tony Bernazard, for challenging AA-Binghamton Mets to a fight in a tirade

MMA web sites, for incorrectly reporting the death of fighter Kim Leopoldo

David Beckham, for escalating a confrontation with an L.A. Galaxy fan

Terrell Owens, for posing naked in mag for new reality show

Joe Finley, for throwing his kitchen table and lawnmower into the road, lying to police with someone else’s credit card

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