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THF: And Now For A Presidents Cup Update

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A partial transcript of this week’s Treehouse Fort:

Tuffy: Saturday’s NLDS game in Colorado was called on account of snow and rescheduled for Sunday night. Upon hearing about a baseball game called because of “too much of the white stuff,” Darryl Strawberry and Doc Gooden jumped on the next flight to Denver.

Suss: Turning to teams that should’ve prayed for snow, The Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals were swept in their respective divisional series. While the fans may be from different leagues, different time zones, and perhaps different political affiliations, they were able to stand up this weekend and join in on somehow blaming this all on Julio Lugo.

Tuffy: [presidents cup update] In response, Rush Limbaugh and the Taliban issued a joint statement agreeing that the Presidents Cup has nothing on the Ryder Cup.

Suss: Turning to soccer, the United States Mens National Team clinched a trip to the World Cup with a win over Honduras, 3-2. Chip Caray called the USA team to offer his condolences, saying “well, you’ll get ’em in 2014.”

Tuffy: Limbaugh has also joined a prospective group of owners for the St. Louis Rams. If the sale actually happens, Limbaugh has promised to keep the team in St. Louis but will move the franchise to 1952.

Suss: And finally, for our last story of the day, this just being handed to me as we speak, tragedy today as the President … oh, wait, our producer Phil Cuzzi said we’re all out of time.

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  • Ron Hartzog

    I think the guy that writes this article is a jerk! Do your homework and find out what is going on in people’s lives before you drag their name through old mud.