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They’ve Got It In For AOL!

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During a recent glance through Digg.com I came across an article that read as follows:
Title : Revenge of the AOL cd’s

URL: http://nomoreaolcds.com/

Description: If your sick of seeing all those aol cd’s at walmart or mc’donalds like I am collect as many as you can and send them in to this address. The goal is 1,000,000 and they will drop them in aol’s parking lot. You’ll be doing a good deed by clearing off the cd’s from the counters so no one else must suffer from aol.

Are these efforts really going to change anything? I’m skeptical of how they plan to gain access to the parking lot. I support getting AOL off the streets but I’m not so sure this take on the situation will be the most effective. Ever since AOL has existed it has been resented by just about every knowledgable computer literate person under the sun. Why doesn’t AOL make all of those free cd’s re-writable or something?

So far the site has been able to collect 371,147 AOL cd’s and they have 628,853 cd’s to go. I have one thing to say and that is, I’m not bailing them out of jail.

Tell me what you think. Visit the site at http://nomoreaolcds.com/ and leave some feedback below.

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  • RJ


    AOL is pretty good at one thing: finding local hoochies.

    That’s about it…

  • As much as it is a waste to subject people to looking at the AOL CDs. It is also a huge waste to just dump them in the AOL headquarters’ parking lot. An eye-for-an-eye is fine, but if you’re complaining about waste, it ends up just adding to the problem.

  • For every comment RJ posts disrespecting women that means that a number of women will be turned off from participating here. This isn’t meaningful participation.

  • Nancy

    I was going to ask “what’s a hoochie?”, but I guess I can guess from Cerulean’s response. That doesn’t apply just to AOL: I can’t go anywhere on the net (including this website – see ad above left titled “Pie Fight”) without some scumsite trying to suck me in, or being offended by graphic depictions of underclad, oversized mammaries, etc.

    Actually, I gave my AOL account the heave-ho because I was not going to tolerate the way they used fine print in their Terms of Use contract to squeeze extra money out of me. So – they managed to get an extra $45, but they lost a customer, and a lot more money they would have gotten if they’d treated me honorably and decently instead of trying to scam me…an idea AOL apparently remains impervious to: treating their customers fairly, and not trying to sneak extra fees, etc. in left and right.

  • I think RJ’s comment was adolescent, but not enough to turn anyone off from posing here. It just made him seem silly.

  • AOL really has a bad name but they still do O.K. in the market and this means thousands are still paying for bad services.

    As for collecting the CD’s, they may collect a million of them but I doubt they will ever make it to the parking lot and I seriously doubt AOL cares about their protest.

  • I don’t think anyone would be deterred from joining because of RJ…they would just find him silly.

    I just cancelled my AOL. They tried to get me to stay, but at no point did they say, “We’d hate to lose such a longterm AOL Hoochie — such as yourself — please reconsider?”

    It might have made a difference.

  • I think RJ was disparaging AOL and people dumb enough to use their service, not the ‘hoochies’ in question.

    Based on my experiences with AOL I can’t see how anyone who subscribed for any length of time wouldn’t be out for revenge for any of a number of reasons – kind of like former MCI customers.


  • I’m pretty sure RJ was referring to finding trim. I mean, why would the “local” part come into play unless it was about hookin’ up?

    Here’s where AOL gets you. If you start with them, they train you to their ways, making anything else *appear* to be complicated because it’s different.

    I hurt the feelings of the tech guy who cancelled me. Yeah, he was asking me tons of questions about why I was leaving, and what I was using, and did I want a free month, and was I sure I had everything, and what was I doing for anti-virus…Suddenly I channelled the 60 year old school marm I never knew I had in me. “How, may I ask, is any of this pertinent?”

    I think I made him want to cry.

  • Nancy

    Which gets us back to the question: why is AOL so clueless? They’re losing a million customers a year, they’re stuggling, and yet a quick skim of the net – or even asking customers who’re leaving why they’re leaving – would tell them they’ve got some serious customer service issues. But they don’t. How can they care about losing customers, but not care about the problems their own stupidity and cupidity engender? Seems counterproductive to me.

  • nicolette, that’s great.

    ick. aol..*shivers* gives me memories of when i used to be 12. and get busy signals and i wanted to throw my computer out the window. aol just seems redundant as people get more and more used to traversing the web on their own.

  • I think they really do focus on the newbie market and getting the free trials on new computers. What can be easier than having someone with no internet preferences “CLICK HERE!”? By the time the trial is up, the people have had fun and attribute it to AOL, rather than the internet in general.

    That’s how they got me when I was a young,and still-wet-behind-my-ears lass.
    I still don’t have an issue with AOL other than the price and the restrictive TOS.

  • rohin,
    I think you hit the nail on the head: AOL quickly becomes unnecessary as soon as people take the time to venture away from it.

    What is it that Dennis Miller does commercials for? NetZero. Where he asks why so many people are paying more for the same exact internet? (Remember when AOL charged you hourly?)

    I remember the busy signals too — they really did clear up that issue long ago. At the time, it was so infuriating.

  • I was again perusing through digg.com again and found this recent article:

    Title: Free Internet Site: A Portal to AOL’s Future?


    Description: Last month, America Online convened a meeting broadcast on the Web to its 14,000 employees. The purpose was to show off the free Internet portal that it is about to introduce at AOL.com, the third attempt in three years to offset AOL’s steady loss of subscribers.

  • AOL CDs are flammable – we dump them in the fireplace on cold winter nights.

    AOL CDs frighten birds – we tie them to the fruit trees to reduce the loss of pears and apples to hungry flocks.

    AOL CDs make great drink coasters – we also take them along on picnics to make a flat place in the grass or sand.

    AOL CDs are just as much fun as Frisbees – and harder to lose in the tall grass.

    AOL CDs are useful as shims – I have balanced three machines in our house with these freebies.

    Why would I send such a useful item off to be dumped in the AOL parking lot?

  • AOL CDs are flammable, but I’d doubt they’d smell thing as good as fresh logs. But if you like the smell of burning plastic, then by all means.

  • RJ

    Geez. You post one inane light-hearted comment, and out comes the PC Police…

    To explain my comment: Back several years ago, when my roomie (at the time) had AOL, we would sometimes use MEMBER SEARCH to look for girls who lived locally. You know, you chat a little, exchange pics, and maybe meet. And maybe have intercourse, or even a relationship. Whatever.

    And I know of one couple who met via AOL and got married. I know, because I attended the wedding.

    But most of the time, it was just to get laid. And it worked pretty well.

    So, hopefully that explains my previous comment well enough to get my name removed from the NOW’s top ten list of cyber-cretins…

    Or maybe not… :-/

  • I think you just moved up from #9 on the list to #1.


  • RJ –
    I’ve had AOL for a decade — I’m well aware of it’s uses. It’s okay! I was both laughing at you and with you — I’m a Gemini, and by necessity two-faced.

  • I’m a Leo but I’m not hairy-faced. LOL

    >>aol just seems redundant as people get more and more used to traversing the web on their own.

    Ding. Ding. Ding. That’s why I never bothered. And what always kept me away was their preditory marketing. That and they didn’t do Macs for awhile and by that time, well, I was in like Flynn and enjoying what I’d already discovered. Started roaming in college in 1996.

  • Just Passing By

    Looks like AOL gets the last laugh, it doesn’t make CDs anymore and people are now COLLECTING them! Look