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They’re Feeling Haggard Over Bush Evangelical Advisor’s Gay Drug Scandal

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I had this strange dream last night about President George Bush rushing out of the front door of the White House at about two in the morning. He was wearing a wedding dress, complete with veil and train. With fists balled up in frustration, he screamed for all he was worth, “Is EVERYBODY gay?”

If anything will jolt you awake, that will, and after a moment’s thought, I realized it was a hilarious scene from the movie In and Out. In it, Joan Cusack, still in her wedding dress, hits a small town bar to get drunk after being jilted at the alter by a gay Kevin Klein. In frustration, she tries to pick up handsome and macho Tom Selleck only to be turned down because he’s gay, too, at which point, she runs out of the bar and screams her famous line.

President George Bush has got to be feeling like that poor woman about now, what with the gay Mark Foley page scandal and other GOPs being outed almost daily. Now, Friday’s news services are full of the reports that Ted Haggard, President of the 30 million member strong, 45,000 church National Association of Evangelicals since March of 2003, has been accused of buying drugs and having a three-year homosexual affair with a male escort from Denver!

To make matters worse, rather than fighting the allegations, he resigned Thursday from his post at the NAE, and stepped down as senior pastor of his church while they investigate the accusations. The church’s board is said to be looking into disciplining him at best, or removing him from his post as its spiritual guide at worst.

Christian Evangelist Ted Haggard is the head of a 14,000-member mega-house of worship known as the New Life Church. Rev. Haggard has even been interviewed by Barbara Walters for her television program. He speaks to, or counsels President Bush or one of his advisors, participating nearly every Monday in mass conference calls along with other Christian leaders. The White House maintains, though, that he’s only been there once or twice.

Time Magazine named Rev. Ted Haggard as one of the “Twenty-five Most Influential Evangelicals in America.” Taking advantage of his status as a prominent religious figure, Ted Haggard began nationally mobilizing followers against the gay marriage movement. Being in charge of one of the largest churches in the U.S., he wanted to further his cause after the state of Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage in 2004. He also joined forces with Focus on the Family to bring a state constitutional ban on homosexual marriage to the Colorado ballot this year.

Haggard maintains he has been faithful to his wife.

Mike Jones, an attractive and athletic-looking 49-year-old from Denver countered by agreeing to a radio interview. In it, he stated that over a period of three years, Haggard paid him about once a month to engage in homosexual intercourse.  He also stated the Rev. Haggard used only the name “Art” and the last time they had sex was in August of this year. Openly gay Jones voluntarily took a polygraph during the radio interview. The results showed him telling the truth in some parts and “being deceptive” in others. The expert administering the test has requested a second test, saying it could be from stress of the radio interview and lack of sleep.

Haggard, the married father of five, seized on the results to deny even knowing Mike Jones, or ever having an affair with another man. Haggard began painting Jones as a liar and taking advantage of the political environment as well. Jones denied the assertion, saying he had no idea who “Art” actually was until he saw Haggard on TV recently railing against gay marriage.

An expert announced that he analyzed the accumulated messages Haggard left on Jones’ voicemail, and concluded there was a very good chance it was indeed Reverend Ted Haggard. Hearing this, the pastor changed his story and admitted to calling Jones to buy methamphetamines, but claimed he flushed them down the toilet after realizing what he’d done was morally wrong. When pressed on how he knew Jones’ phone number if he hadn’t had a liaison with him, Haggard admitted he’d hired Jones to give him a massage at a Denver hotel. Upon pressure of more damaging revelations, the Rev. Haggard admitted in an interview with KKTV in Colorado Springs that some of Jones’ accusations were accurate.

Jones maintains Haggard used the drugs to heighten his experiences while making homosexual love to him. Jones also produced an envelope Haggard had used to pay him for their clandestine meetings during their ongoing three-year affair. Mike Jones has stated there was never an emotional link between the two men and characterized it as a “business relationship” involving sex only.

As the story has developed, Haggard has gone from denying knowing Jones sexually or personally to admitting indiscretions but not guilt in the matter. He has also gone from denying the drug charges, to admitting calling Jones (whom he’d earlier denied knowing) to purchasing them from him.

Rev. Haggard is said to have gone into counseling for spiritual advice and guidance, following the examples of the likes of former President Bill Clinton, and the Reverends Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart.


On Sunday, November 5, a statement was read to Rev. Haggard's congregation and followers confessing to the homosexual accusations leveled by Mike Jones:

"I am so sorry for the circumstances that have caused shame and embarrassment for all of you," he said, adding that he had confused the situation by giving inconsistent remarks to reporters denying the scandal.

"The fact is I am guilty of sexual immorality. And I take responsibility for the entire problem. I am a deceiver and a liar. There's a part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I have been warring against it for all of my adult life."

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  • God, my Gaydar went off the moment I saw Haggard’s face, and Mike ain’t bad either for a 49-year-Old!


    …but of course that’s only my opinion!


  • Isaac

    Homosexuality is a sin. So is lying and defiling one’s body with drugs.

    I don’t think there is any doubt he did all three, and probably a lot more.

    But the worst thing this man has done is to weaken the faith of those who looked up to him and trusted him.

    He could help those people more now as a sinner that he ever did as a preacher if he would only own up to what he has done and ask for their forgiveness.

    If by chance you happen to meet this guy, tell him for me.

  • You can watch Mike Jones’ CNN interview by Clicking here

    It’s seven minutes long, so it takes a while to load if you have dial up like mee.

  • Let he who is without sin cast the first stone Isaac

  • Wow, could Haggard look more gay?

    It’s about time for the GOP to face up to the fact that we’re riddled with the gay mafia and accept them.


  • Dave, I think I just figured out why the GOP won’t allow the constitution to be changed so foreigners can run for president like Ahnold.

    They’re afraid of Elton John!!!!


  • …the fact that we’re riddled with the gay mafia and accept them… Dave I thought you were a libertarian….

    … or was that a librarian?

  • I heard the audio on cable and with no qualifications as an expert I could tell it was Haggard. I understand outright lying in a moment of panic as you realize that life as you know it will end. But the follow-ups that admit to limited culpabilty are ridiculous. No one buys meth because they are curious only to throw it out.

    What’s sad is to think about all the lives damaged because gays are forced to closet their sexuality. I wish this incident would cause society to open their minds, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Nice write-up, Jet.

  • Thanks EB, unfortunately his loyal and blind followers are already lined up to “forgive” him, and all will return to normal within a few months.

    About all that’ll probably come out of it is that Jones will be brought up on trumped drug charges, even though he wasn’t the one who sold it.

    I didn’t even have to hear the voice. Haggard’s too pretty to be straight.

    Thanks again for contributing your opinion and the praise.


  • JustOneMan

    Is the author ignoring reality and purposely leaving out the real story! Is there a trend developing that is building a much larger and long-term case against homosexuals? Ironically it’s the Gays and those on the Left that may be slowly proving the case that gays, due to the genetics and lifestyles may have serious moral and ethical issues.. NOT related to their sexual preference…here are some disturbing facts

    1. Foley – sexual predator – GAY

    2. McGreevy – appoints his unqualified boyfriend to a homeland security position – resigns in disgrace -writes a book detailing his “gloryhole” adventures. Becomes a star and poster boy for the gay community

    3. Pedophile Catholic Priests – overwhelmingly are 99.9% GAY Pedophiles. Again Gays in positions of power abusing it!

    4. Recent NJ headlines – More than 100 men have been charged with lewdness or sexual activity in South Mountain Reservation as part of a 15-month crackdown on gay trysts in the park, authorities said yesterday – this according to the papers is happening all over the state -ALL GAY MEN having anonymous unprotected sex- In the era of AIDS very responsible behavior. Where are the heterosexual sex parks??? They don’t exist!

    So is the story about a lying Christian minister? NO NOT AT ALL! It’s really part of a disturbing trend of the growing number of morally bankrupt gays in positions of power and their denigration of society. I am not saying that all gays are either morally or ethically challenged. But based upon the numbers and the silence of the gay community one could only assume that these are the accepted norms of the majority.

    This is not about ones sexual preference its about ones ethical and moral behavior to do the right thing. Based upon the current trend it may paint a sorry picture for gays and their efforts to be accepted as equals in society.


  • Yawn

  • Boy I sure called this one, his church is already releasing statements blaming Jones for this and “Tempting Haggard away from Christ” and making it sound like Jones drugged him into becoming a homosexual.

    Shows more of the evangelical’s lack of a grip on reality.


  • Bliffle

    JOM: just suppose that in some parallel universe the Gays were a majority and ruled that hetero sex was perverse and illegal, would you convert and become gay or live a life of rebelious, forbidden, scorned, heterosexuality?

  • Bliffle? I didn’t know you used to write for Star Trek? Thanks

  • Bliffle

    Dave: “It’s about time for the GOP to face up to the fact that we’re riddled with the gay mafia and accept them.”

    Stay The Course.

  • Jet, even gay people should be afraid of Elton John. Aren’t gay people supposed to have fashion sense?

    And JoM. Feel free to write as much bigoted, idiotic stuff as you want, but please don’t spam the same post to two threads.


  • Dave, that’s just a stereotype sir. I’m never seen without my sweatshirt and jeans from Wal-mart. In fact I can’t remember the last time my shoes matched the rest of my ensemble.

    dear me.

  • I think it’s pathetic that the more influencial they are the more twisted televangelists are. If Jerry Falwell turns out to be gay, I’m leaving!

  • JustOneMan

    Didnt take long for the left-wing gender confused circle jerk to begin! Gee interesting quote TRUE facts about “some” gay lifestyles and people get all bent out of shape. I guess its ok to bash christians and conservatives.

    Why even Dave “came out of the closet” to expose his liberal bias…


  • Didn’t take long for the left turn signal to blow out, now I’ll have to go to the store and buy a new one.


  • JustOneMan

    oh my head…its all coming back to me now…I was temporarily pushed to the right! Oh its clear now!

    We the left wing loons will out and destroy every Queer that dosent conform to our definition of an open gay lifestles…So you know who you are!

    You the gay guys that refuse to have sex in stalls in adult bookstores, the ones that do not go to the RamRod every friday night and have unprotected sex with dozens of strange men, you who refuse to stop at every rest stop and give oral sex to overweight smelly truck drivers!

    If you do not accept this lifestyle we will out you and destroy you!

    From The Left…JustOneMan

  • Hannity Limbaugh

    You know, Just One, you really should stop mumbling. I can’t understand a word of what you’ve been saying since you first came to BC.

    Maybe you should stop smoking all that meth and take the cock out of your mouth so we can hear what you mean a bit more clearly.

    I’m just saying.

  • Sooooo, ignoring all that Hannity what’d you think of the article?

  • Hannity Limbaugh

    Sorry Jet, we uber facist talking head DNA splicing experiments don’t actually discuss real content , or add to the discussion in any meaningful way.

    It’s all about demonizing and branding the other guys, well, and advertising dollars of course.

  • Oh… well then… nuff said

  • JustOneMan

    hey jet …pretty funny posting to yourself under an alias…

    the truth hurts…doest it…seems like a “bunch of facist” queers have taken over blogritics

  • Hannity Limbaugh

    Wrong again, Just One. The right-thinking people have gathered DNA from the washrooms over at Fox news, and spliced it all together, then force grown me in a tub of oxy-contin just for the sole purpose of exposing wanna-be, intellectually bankrupt prigs for the fakes they are.

    Neocons, theocons and the like are going to go down like an altar boy in a Boston arch-diocese. All of you puffed up bits of brainlessness will be exposed, and real Goldwater conservatism will rise from the ashes into a phoenix of small government, stay the fuck out of the bedroom, fiscally responsible , Constitution loving, truth telling politics that real Americans want.

    The time of loud mouthed, small brained busybodies is drawing to an end.

  • Re: the title.

    How can drugs be ‘gay’?


  • Ahh, now that explains a lot. Thanks Hannity Limbaugh and may your test tube never go cold.

  • I’ll take an athsperin and get back to you on that one Dave.

  • I wonder if it could be a bad fuse?

  • JustOneMan

    Jet thanks for proving my point..

    For some reason you think that child molestation is a laughing matter…”altar boy in a Boston arch-diocese”

    [Personal attack deleted] its not “stay the fuck out of the bedroom” is not the point! Its keep your fuckin hands off little boys..this is something you will not admit is wrong!


  • How can drugs be ‘gay’?

    Dave, try ecstasy. That’s as close as a drug can get.

  • Thanks for making me laugh El Bicho. I’ve been watching this story develop all day. Bush is in Colorado campaigning and seems to be playing down the anti gay marriage ballot innitiavie for some reason.

    Bush also seems to have dissavowed any knowledge of Haggard’s freindship and counseling. A true definition of a fairweather friend if ever I heard one.

    Haggard’s church seems to be going further and further into denial too, and it’d be funny, but not surprising if they give him a slap on the wrist and reinstate him.

    He admitting to buying drugs, but I wonder if that can be considered a legal confession that the cops can go after.

    true hypocrites that they are, they do seem to be persuing Jones, thinking he’s dealing drugs, even though both parties made clear they were bought from a third party.


  • Glad you got a chuckle, Jet. When the thought police swing by, remember that I was just passing on someone else’s experience (wink).

    I doubt any arrests can be made. If there are no drugs, there is no evidence or else the jails would be filled with artists.

    Since Jones did say he got the drugs, I can see the police investigating him, but I would think if he was going to drop this bombshell, he wouldn’t have any incriminating evidence lying around though I’m sure police stumble across arrests from slips of the tongue all the time.

  • JustOneMan

    Speaking of drugs…is your medication adjusted or our you still having those feelings?


  • I don’t know El Bicho, you’d think they’d haul him in just to hassle him at least.

  • Mr.Ed


  • Why Grandma what a deep voice you have!

  • If haggard wanted an new career, he could always go in for gay modeling… if his wife and boyfriend will let him…

    …but of course that’s only my opinion!


  • Kinda makes you wonder how many pastors are getting sideways looks this morning as their flocks wonder “Is he one too?”

    Well let’s see we’ve infected the Catholics and the Southern Baptists evangelicals, I guess that leaves the druids and the rabbis.

    scary thought

  • Thanks to Lisa McKay Haggard’s confession os gay sex is included in the body of the article.

    Much appreciated

  • Nancy

    Ahhh…bravo, Elmer Gantry & Seth Pecksniff. I do love it when self-righteous religious hypocrites are exposed for the sorry, 2-faced, exploitive shits they really are. It’s just a pity their followers generally don’t have enough brains to be convinced to wash their hands of these frauds & their religious hype once & for all.

    As for Junior denying three times he knew the good Rev, this isn’t the first time he’s done that; after all, he denied being good buddies with the Enron boys as well, his big donors all. Dubya must be a reincarnation of Judas, hey?

  • Nancy, I’d actually found several articles that said that Haggard had visited the white House once or twice a month and that he talked to Bush personally about the same frequency of time, but none of the storys were consistant, so I took the lowest denominator.

    Seeing how we was a MAJOR leader in the evangelical movement, it’s hard to believe that Bush wouldn’t have consulted with him more.

    That bush lied about how often came as no surprise at all. I wonder if his confession self-destructed in 10 seconds as Bush diavowed him?

    Too bad my credit cards are all maxxed out, or I’d try to find Mr. Jones in Denver.

    My god he’s 49.

    Mama mia

  • JustOneMan

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooooooo!

    A Queer in the Whitehouse! Damn that Bush!

    Remember Boys & Boys..”The Dems Tough On Queers Accepting of Pedophiles”


  • Here we go again. Another Christian Fanatical Preacher is outted as a homo. Oh, God, homosexuality is a sin. We must forgive our brother in Christ. Bullshit. This sanctimonious cocksucker is a scourge on all us cocksuckers who lead open, honest lives. Haggard should be stripped of his preachery robes, income tax status and any and all property he accumulated by takling money from poor unsuspecting Jesus freaks ho knew no better than to tithe that 10% to God. Maybe he can open an escort service with Jeff whats-his-name, the gay conservative reporter who was probably having sex with Ari Fleisher in the White House laundry closet.

  • Nice idea Silas, but wrong guys. He’s disgraced already, so why not become an overnight multimillionaire. They’re both famous and both out of the closet now, one out of obscurity one known nationwide.

    Can you just imagine how much Ted Haggard and Mike Jones could make if they did an X rated movie together? Those have to be two of the sexiest looking 50 year olds I’ve ever seen in my life!

    If they’d strike while the “iron is hot” ha ha, like Bobbit did, they’d be rich by Christmas!!!

    Then Ted really would be inspirational!!!

    …but of course that’s only my opinion!


  • Silas, here’s an even scarier one than what I just typed. What if we’re being set up in a grand con, and a month from now Haggard will announce a miracle from God and he’s been “cured”.

    In celebration his church gives him his pulpit back and Bush even calls to congratulate him.

    He’d be the first saint of the evangelist right wing!!!!

    …but of course that’s only my opinion!


  • JustOneMan

    sick and getting sicker….

  • JustOneMan

    yawwnnn…this is news? Another morally bankrupt homosexual is disgraced….gee the left has taken homophobia to a new low…oh well…


  • “Halls of Shame” — Contemplating Haggard’s situation from a spiritual perspective.


  • Well… Spiritual, isn’t it interesting how fast the avengelical jackels have turned on their own?

  • Don in Dallas

    JoM, It’s quite amazing that you never hear about the sexual “appetites” of heterosexual people in the news. I know FAR more straight people into S&M, bondage, rape scenes, etc than any gay people that I’ve met. The only pedophiles it’s turned out that I’ve known personally have been straight men and women. And your “statistics” are twisted and without factual base so that you can prove whatever it is that you want to prove. How many congressmen on Capital Hill do you think are playing outside marriage with women? How often do you hear about that and why is that never such a scandal as well?

  • Very True Don, and thanks for contributing to the conversation. From what I understand after his latest confession, he packed his wife and kids and left town.

    It’s going to be tough going from being that famous to trying to be an unknown.

  • “JoM, It’s quite amazing that you never hear about the sexual “appetites” of heterosexual people in the news.”

    Maybe he doesn’t listen to Howard Stern now that he’s moved to Sirius?

  • El Bicho I wish I could afford Sirius, I miss Howard in the morning so much, and I bet he’s even better uncensored.


  • JustOneMan


    Dont let facts, truth and reality get in the way of your lifestyle! The facts and stats speak for themselves. Not sure if your social circuit is a true reflection of society..ususaly scumbags tend to hang out together..


  • Jet

    UPDATE: …These days, Haggard and wife and children are living in Arizona, trying to make a go of it. His post-outing life is chronicled in a documentary due to air in January on HBO, and according to stories in the Colorado Springs Gazette (here and here), the film depicts Haggard as still struggling, still troubled.

    “As cameras follow him on a job interview, golfing, doing his laundry, moving into a house, selling insurance and dining in a restaurant, Haggard is extremely forthcoming.

    He rattles on about his same-sex attraction, bitterness toward New Life, revised view of the Bible (he relates more to the stories of strife and sorrow) and difficulty in his new career as an insurance salesman.

    Throughout the film, he swings from self-loathing to self-aggrandizement to self-pity, yet only once does he seem to express real emotion. That occurs as he drives down a lonely highway to make stops to sell insurance. Close to tearing up, the 52-year-old former pastor says, ”At this stage of my life, I am a loser.””

    The portrait painted of Haggard is not of a man who has “chosen” to be gay, as some still like to describe it. It is not a “lifestyle” for Haggard; it is part of who he is. As a consequence, he has been cast out into the wilderness by those who profess love and community, and he is bitter about it. (It is important to note that in his earlier life, Haggard himself had participated in spreading the homophobia he now finds aimed in his direction.)

    “The church has said go to hell,” Haggard says in the documentary. “The church chose not to forgive me.”

  • OH FOR CHRIST’S SAKE! Ted Haggard And Gary Busey To Swap Wives At Gay Pride Center

    Trust me-you can’t make up this stuff!

    Speaking for myself (sarcastically) I can’t imagine what could possibly go wrong here: Haggard and Busey are about to be featured in a show called Celebrity Wife Swap. That he’s still married amazes me, but wait… there’s more!

    Ultra-conservative Haggard and his wife Gayle will swap with Busey and longtime girlfriend Steffanie Sampson.

    Huh… or should I say WTF?

    You’d think that Ted and Gary would make a better pairing, now that wingnut Busey is a “born-again” Christian affiliated with Promise Keepers, and Haggard has his own “christian” St. James, a new nondenominational church in Colorado Springs.

    If you’ve read this article you know that Haggard admitted getting a handjob (and probably a lot more) and then bought meth from a male prostitute. Since embarrasing President Bush with the scandal, he keeps putting his [foot?] in his mouth by announcing recently, “probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a bisexual”).

    To put the icing on the cake and convince everyone that anti-gay conservatives have no clue as to what they’re doing… the segment of the show will be shot at…

    …wait for it!

    …at the GLBT Pride Center in Colorado Springs. Does the center consider Haggard, who once opposed gay marriage and also declared himself completely straight after therapy (despite his previously mentioned statement), a supporter of gay rights? The website for his new church does say “if you are straight, gay, or bi, I want to walk through the Scriptures with you.”

    Uh huh