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“Blue canary in the alley by the light switch
Who watches over you!
make a little birdhouse in your soul
Not to put too fine a point on it
I’m the only bee in your bonnet”

I LOVE that song. If I have to say why, we are not on the same page. TMBG’s Flood is a album where I can say, “Set phasers on repeat, Spock!”

But most of the other TMBG albums are like that. I saw them play live at the Warfield in San Francisco. The concert was so much fun! Fun! Fun!

It was interesting to compare notes afterwards with the guys at the record store I worked at during that time…The week before, the boys had gone to see Marilyn Manson at the Warfield. Apparently, the highlight of that concert was when all the people in the balcony began spitting towards the stage. The boys in the pit got a rain of saliva, even though most of it hit the band. Apparently the band just rubbed it in, making it part of their act.

Not my Warfield experience. MY band did not encourage that sort of thing. We were all in the pit bouncing up and down and bobbing our heads to our favorite songs. Everyone there was congratulating each other on their mutual love of nerd rock and by extension, nerds.

Yay for nerds and yay for They Might Be Giants!

I am excited to read the TMBG and David Eggers are on tour together. How interesting would that kind of show be? Pretty darn, I think.

Anybody going to be checking it out?

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  • kevin dewbrow

    you are a nerd

  • I love TMBG shows! I’ve been to around 7 or 8 at this point. I remember I went to one once and some idiot kids starting moshing. John and John STOPPED THE SHOW and told them to knock it off. It was great!