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These Days in Egypt Are Not for the Faint of Heart.

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The logistics are overwhelming! We can only imagine, every flight landing in Egypt, every ship docking, men in dark suits and sunglasses, making the effort to enter unnoticed. Is this the crisis that the speculators leading up to the Obama Presidency were predicting? What will become of Egypt, and what will become of the Arab world? We must continue our treaties, and protect our interests.

Do we view Hezbollah “the Party of God”, as a separate organization, a powerful group pursuing the goal of one all-Islamic world? That would be wrong. Hezbollah is a legitimate operating and sustaining force in Lebanon and in the Eastern World. Hezbollah pursues goals of feeding the hungry, housing the homeless. Hezbollah has the support of the people, and the stated purpose of the Islamic Resistance, the annihilation of the non-Islamic occupation of Israel. Hezbollah, since 2008, has had the power of veto in the government of Lebanon. Washington views Hezbollah a terrorist organization, destabilizing Lebanon, but to some Hezbollah is a strong and integral part of Lebanon. Hezbollah has unity with Syria, and is intent on ending what they term,Western interference.

So too, Hamas; Hamas is the largest and most influential Palestinian militant movement. They control the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian general legislative elections. In addition to humanitarian work, in addition to having the support of the people of Palestine, Hamas is known and loved for its non-cooperation with the inevitable corrupters who come with and undermine government. Corruption is not tolerable to Hamas. The Hamas terror wing operates through suicide bombings and attacks with mortars and short-range rockets. Suicide bombings are the Hamas “F-16 of the Palestinian people”. Hamas means “zeal” and is an acronym for The Islamic Resistance Movement. From Its beginning in the late years of the 1960’s, Hamas’ spiritual leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin preached and did charitable work in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Yassin worked to coordinate the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza. Since then, Hamas has actively moved away from the Muslim Brotherhood code of non-violence.

What are America and Great Britain to do? We can’t run the risk of taking a low profile in these days that shape the future history of the world. We don’t have the luxury of giving even the impression that we will let history write itself. We are forced by powerful forces to assert ourselves to our fullest potential, or to lose Israel, then Great Britain, then  all we have fought for.

We have a need to follow, unseen every group, every individual, every cause that comes into play in Egypt and in the surrounding area. We cannot let Egypt fall into the hands of Islamic terrorists, or potential terrorists. We cannot let the Suez Canal go unprotected. So consider the logistics; CIA agents, operatives, teams that will go undercover to provide information, and as in the movies, if times get rough, these agents may need flex their muscle.

The crisis in the East has begun. The outlook is perplexing. May the causes of peace, justice and freedom continue to be in the hands of the Creator.

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