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Therion storm into London

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w/Tristania & Trail of Tears
The Garage, Islington
16 November 2004

If you like your music heavy, symphonic, gothic, pagan, and Norwegian, there was no other place to be that night than the Garage. The Garage’s dinky stage probably has never seen so many people on its stage and probably never will again. (The gig was ended 30 minutes early out of their 2 hour-set as the entire electrical system died.) This, of course, was a bit of a pity as like most bands, Therion saved their best stuff for last. We were treated to an acapella Norwegian folk by the female lead, who looked rather like she just came from a performance of Wagner’s Ring Cycle. She and her compatriot backing singers were not only obviously classically trained opera singers but were also prone to creative hand movements while singing. Considering the sheer number of people on the stage during Therion’s set: 6 singers (3 male, 3 female, one of each sang lead), a full contingent of 2 guitarists, 1 bassist, a drummer, and a violinist, it was not a wonder the electrics gave out. I would like to note that there was no unpleasantness when the hordes of leather clad metal-heads were asked to leave the venue. Therion played a selection of music from their past including material from their pre-symphonic days(allowing the singers a rest); we were even treated to an acoustic number before the power went out. The band, who had not been in the UK for 6 years, played an astonishingly good gig to a sold-out and rather appreciative audience. There were some who left after Tristania’s set; this was probably a reflection of the fact that the line-up for the gig, while all being Norwegian, was a bit diverse. Tristania treated the audience to a tight set of their brand of female operatic-led death metal. The set featured several songs from their forthcoming CD “Ashes” (rather good: full review soon) as well as songs from their past. It was competent enough death metal, but it had little chance to impress considering who was following. Due to travel problems I was unable to see ToT and hope to catch them on their next swing through London. Several punters told me that they delivered a decent performance, with their brand of symphonic death/black metal to open the show. Despite the disappointment of the early exit, all of us were treated to one of the best metal gigs for a long time. Therion delivered their consistently high level of performance. My Norwegian companion and I both wondered aloud what one of their “full” fesitval performances would be like. If the band could deliver such an amazing show on such a small stage, just imagine what they could do with their full contingent of singers and musicians.

Rating: 5/5

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