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Therion rise again

Lemuria/Sirius B
(Nuclear Blast)

Anyone who reads my reviews consistently will be well aware that I have a fascination with this lot of mad Norwegians. Lord knows they could have released a rubbish double CD set, but that certainly isn’t the case here. While not every track is up to their normal standard, there are certainly enough tracks that are excellent or good to cover more than one CD. There is a special edition gate-fold which has a cover on each side reversed with that CD therein. Each CD has a full lyric set as well as extensive credits. Therion have continued in their heavy metal operatic style (or is that operatic heavy metal) with their symphonic mix of Iron Maiden (at their hardest) with Wagner. This is highly complicated composed bombast at its best. Whether singing about Dagon in “Song for Dagon” or ‘Quetzalcoatl’ or ancient ‘Lemuria’ this lot continue to create intense audio soundscapes that grab the listener and hold on. It can be very hard to listen to this while doing something else. Therion are truly some of the most innovative heavy metallers goings; one only has to wonder why they will try next.

Rating: 4.7

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  • Tim Hall

    What are the odds of being able to see them live in Britain, I wonder?

  • Andrew Ian Dodge

    Very small I would imagine, too bad though.

  • Tim Hall

    And the chance of a show anywhere outside London would be even smaller.

    Why do bands that are not formulaic indie or manufactured pap manage to find an audience in continental Europe, but not in Britain?

  • ChrisPuzak

    Lemuria/Sirius B is the the bes releases from Therion in years. I do miss the days when they were a death metal band, though.

    Oh, and the band is Swedish.