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There’s That Boson I’ve Been Looking For…sigh.

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OK, the Higgs Boson (A.K.A. “The God Particle”) was found over the July 4th holiday at CERN labs in Geneva, Switzerland, through the CMS & Atlas teams.

I’m not sure if you watched the ENTIRE press conference, and then the two-part seminar [Part One | Part Two], but between painting my deck puke green, then painting it back to sexually frustrated blue, and taking brief catnaps through the War and Peace audio book, I found myself asking (myself), “WHAT the hell are they talking about?” Obviously I didn’t understand ONE DAMN THING…but I digress.

So with all that said I say HOORAY! This is great news, albeit the discovery confirmation is still up in the air (so-to-speak). Now, if we can find the “Miracle Particle” (the particle that causes “Miracles” to happen), debunk it, then figure out how to eradicate the “Stupidity Gene,” we will be WELL on our way to eliminating irrational ideas, and activities, done by ignorant non-critically thinking people, based on fabricated stories. WHAT, too soon?

I hope all the scientists can now have a bo-higgy higgy-tastic week with this news.

One last thing, a special request: please let me know if particle physicists have their own dance similar to the Crip walk. Put it on Youtube please.

DOUBLE “G’s” ya’ll! 😉

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  • gwen mccance

    I’m not sure what you are even talking about.

  • I’m not sure what you’re talking about even, because I missed the announcement on 7/4. However, I do read and watch programming/articles on astro-physics, Through the Wormhole is good, and How The Universe Works, luv em

  • Igor

    Whatever happened to the “mu meson”? Didn’t it do the job? Was that the particle that had a figure-8 orbit in order to stick things together?

    I suppose that once we get accustomed to the boson we’ll have to get ready for the next particle that someone needs to balance his equations.

    Is there no end?

  • Is there no end?

    Probably, but we’re nowhere near finding it. Which is good, because the universe will be a dull place indeed for us humans when there isn’t anything left to discover.

  • “…the universe will be a dull place indeed for us humans when there isn’t anything left to discover.”

    Well, we’ll have to resort to making stuff up then. Dream BIG…or smaller in this case. 😉

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

  • John Lake

    Well we watched global investors spend billions selling parts for a machine to prove the existence of a non-spinning and unique subatomic particle. Ever brilliant, they called the sought for force within single atoms a “God particle”; who could criticize money wasting for such a noble cause?
    Modern Physicists maintain their grants by coming up with absurdities so extreme as to defy rationalization. They suspect they will find “linked particles” (sub-atomic) that will make the speed of light concept laughable. “If we had one such linked particle on earth, and the second member of the link millions of light years away, and we took action to the first (knocked it off a pedestal?), the second member of the link (millions of light years away, duh!) would SIMULTANEOUSLY fall off its pedestal!” This the scientists speculate could lead to travel through the limited universe they are dedicated to at no speed of all. Leave now, arrive now.) If only the planet lasts long enough, we can have all that and more.
    They insist on big bangs in places that don’t exist occurring for NO REASON out of a spot so small as to be non-existent.
    Something new, of late: At the end of the universe, time will slow to an almost stop; right back to no dimensions, no space, time, matter, or energy. Any fool might say, “Then is starts over again, right?” But the scientists aren’t even considering that possibility.
    Praise the scientists who determined the size and shape of the solar system. Their like no longer exists.
    “Penny!” knock knock knock. “Penny…”