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There’s an elephant in the china shop of science

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We have an elephant in the china shop of science.

That is the warning sounded by Chris Mooney in his upcoming book The Republican War on Science.

I have written a review for a major metropolitan newspaper, and I’ll be posting it on my Science Shelf website as soon as it appears in print or on that newspaper’s website.

Meanwhile, you can read excerpts of my review, discover Chris Mooney’s other writing at his web site, or have a look at the creative website for the book itself, which has a very entertaining opening page.

Then prepare yourself for a lively discussion here on Blogcritics. The book will be hotter than the Sahara after another two decades of global warming, but it won’t be dry.

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  • RedTard

    What is the point? No one wants to believe science that doesn’t agree with their worldview. Despite overwhelming evidence some people will never agree that global warming is taking place or caused by humans. Likewise, studies clearly show that intelligence is linked to genetics but that idea will hardly be explored because it conflicts with basic principles in our society.

  • In politics, the facts — or the scientific consenseus — often have little to do with policy.

    If there’s a person with a Ph.D. whose fringe interpretation supports the policy you advocate, then you cite that person and ignore the others.

    The tactics in this war are redefining and misrepresenting science rather than valuing the consensus.

    I can’t spill the beans on my review before it is published, but I have a few excerpts that may help you see where Mooney is going with this.