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There is no fluoride in the British water supply…

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THE anti-depressant drug Prozac is being taken in such large quantities in Britain that it has entered water supplies.

Why aren’t these people happy? Is it the weather? Or the realization that they are now a second-rate power?

Experts from the Environmental Agency are calling for an immediate investigation after it emerged that quantities of the medication were found in rivers and groundwater used for drinking supplies.

The government’s environmental watchdog has met officials from leading pharmaceutical companies to discover whether traces of the drug could have an impact on the nation’s health or the ecosystem.

A recent report by the Environmental Agency concluded the Prozac, dubbed the “happy pill” in the United States where it is hugely popular for its mood-lifting qualities, could be potentially toxic. It also branded its presence a “potential concern”.

Teens in Britain are now likely to take up “binge drinking” of water in order to get a buzz…

Experts have also voiced concerns that the drug, which they believe has found its way into the water system from treated sewage water, could seriously damage the human reproductive system.

Exact amounts of Prozac detected in British waters have not been specified but the government’s Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) said it was likely that the drug has been found in such diluted concentrations that health risks involved will be minimal.

Despite this, the discovery will raise concerns that GPs are over-prescribing the pill, Britain’s most popular anti-depressant drug.

In the decade up to 2001, prescriptions of Prozac rose from nine million to 24 million a year.

Lots of unhappy Brits, it seems. What could be the cause? Maybe British food?

Dr Andy Crawford, the Environmental Agency policy manager for pesticides said an investigation was needed to find how such traces of the drug impacts health.

“We need to determine the effects of this low-level, almost continuous discharge,” he said.

Norman Baker, environmental spokesman for the Liberal Democrats, said people needed to know what risks were involved.

“This looks like a case of hidden mass medication upon the unsuspecting public,” he said. “It is alarming there is no monitoring of levels of Prozac and other pharmacy residues in our drinking water.”

European studies in the past have raised fears about the build-up of drugs in the environment and highlighted that a negative impact of this upon human health and that of wildlife “cannot be excluded”.

I’m certain there are numerous deer running around right now with a smile on their faces…

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  • funnily enough, our water has been tasting funnier than usual for a few months now. kinda…like chlorine, only not. it’s hard to describe…but hopefully not prozac.

  • Oliver

    How can an American raise an eyebrow at the quality of English food when your contribution to the world of cuisine is “Do you want fries with that?”

  • Willy Wonka

    Great story. Maybe we could could get more than one medication on tap here in the US. Just replace hot and cold with Prozac and Viagra. Do you want to be happy or really happy?

  • I’m from California (once a part of Mexico) and we gave the world Mexican food, chop suey, fortune cookies and the California roll so I think we can sling a few arrows at English food.

    Of course conspiracy theorists might consider this prozac problem a ploy by bottled water companies to take over the world and who knows what’s really in bottled water.

    BTW, what’s really in Starbuck’s coffee?

  • we English invented many stodgy puddings, sunday roast dinners and various pies. Also, i believe, the sausage.
    all your base are belong to us!

  • The way they discovered lithium treats manic depression is that it exists in the water supply naturally in one community in the US and that community had no cases of manic depression.