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There Can Be No Forgiveness For The Wicked

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Got to hand it to the Austrians. They sure love their history. Especially World War II history. They appear rather fond of that. It explains why the Austrian government refuses to prosecute a Nazi war criminal living in their nation.

British historian Guy Walters tracked the former female concentration camp guard, Erna Wallisch, down while doing research for his book Hunting Evil. Not only is she living comfortably by the Danube in Vienna, but her surname — Wallisch — is to be found on the push-button for her residence.

“For too long, the Austrians have been unacceptably lenient with these evil men and women in their midst,” Walters explained after his encounter with Wallisch. “I suspect their reluctance to confront these criminals is because it would only highlight the extent of Austrian complicity with Nazism.”

In other words, the Austrians think it’s better to ignore the monsters in their midst than to come clean with their past.

A surviving prisoner in the Polish death camp remembers Erna Wallisch and how she meted out beatings even when she was with child. “The pregnant Nazi monster woman who went crazy and attacked us did not appear among those tried in Duesseldorf after the war,” says Jadwiga Landowska. “The pregnant one hit a young boy lying on the floor with something harder than a whip. Blood was pouring from his head and he gave no sign of life or reaction. The sweating, breathless face of that monster was something I will never forget.”

Erna Wallisch is number seven on the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of Nazi war criminals who are still at large. The Center’s head, Dr Efraim Zuroff, was told by Austria’s Justice Ministry that it could not prosecute Wallisch under its statute of limitations with regard to war criminals. Poland, however, has no such statute of limitations, and Dr Zuroff is encouraging Poland to take action against her, as her crimes took place in Poland and against Polish citizens.

It seems certain that justice won’t be served in Austria. One of Wallisch’s neighbors couldn’t understand why anyone would raise a fuss. “It’s all in the past and should be forgotten. People should learn to forgive.

Forgive someone’s complicit participation in the 20th century’s worst case of genocide? Perhaps someone should spread this message of forgiveness to Pol Pot’s surviving victims or those who went through Stalin’s pogroms. It’s all in the past, right? So let’s just throw the concept of justice in the rubbish bin and be done with it.

Honestly, if I had my way, these Nazi war criminals would be tied up and dragged by their feet to jail cells while awaiting their prosecution. And if this treatment proved too much for their fragile, elderly bodies and they died en route to their sentencing, so be it.

Here’s hoping Poland will do what Austria will not and set the wheels of justice in motion for all the people Wallisch ever beat to death.

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  • JustOneMan

    Why all of the droning on and on about the Nazis and the jews…enough of the cult of victimization…


  • PJ

    Hey Mark:

    There were NO “Polish” death camps during WWII !!!
    They were all GERMAN.


  • JP

    This is a terribly written piece. Did you churn this out in 5 minutes?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Well, Mark, the scum have all come out and had their say, and will continue to spew their filth.

    Let me attempt to help you understand why the good Austrians will do nothing to hurt the retired child killer, Wallisch.

    The energy that became the Nazi movement in Germany arose in Austria. While German nationalism resulted in a united German Empire, it also resulted in an Austrian collection of Crown Lands where the German speakers were a minority; in all of the Crown Lands of the Empire of Austria after it was divided into the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, other than the ones immediately surrounding Wien, the ones which comprise the Austrian Federal Republic now, Germans were a minority and fearful of losing the ruling status that they had held for centuries.

    In this atmosphere of rising Slav nationalism, the racism of the Germans combined with the theosophy of Madame Slavatsky to create a stew of völkisch ideas that crossed the border into Germany after the loss of the Great War, and became the base of the party of the Austrian ex-pat, Adolf Hitler.

    In short, Austria is the home of German racism, the home of the Anti-Semite Party that gave respectability to the feelings of judenhass – Jew-hatred – in a country that was filled with insecure Germans.

    So it falls to the Poles to prosecute a Nazi living in comfortable retirement in Austria.

    Fat chance….

  • Yep, Ruvy, as I expected, the scum are indeed crawling out of the woodwork. And Poland’s a funny case in point because although they suffered under the Nazis, they’re no less anti-Semitic.

  • I don’t know the facts or evidence here, but Adolph Eichmann was untouchable, too–until he wasn’t.

  • Doug Hunter

    What is the general obsession with Nazis? Did the communists not need criminals to carry out their deeds as well? Why no movies or articles about them?

    Eurocentrism? A leftist plot to remind us of the evils of the ‘right’? Jews in control of the media?

    All questions and no answers. Hmmmm.

  • STM

    Despite finding Mark’s breathless and reactionary writing style off-putting, for once I agree (except with the last bit). Wallisch was not only complicit, she took an active part in the killing of women and children.

    She SHOULD be prosecuted in Austria, and of course, she won’t be.

    Kurt Waldheim, once a member of Hitler’s SA, is the classic example. Although he was a Wehrmacht officer and not in the SS during the war, his main area of operations in the latter stages of WWII was against the partisans in Yugoslavia.

    They were routinely shot if captured, while reprisals were taken by German soldiers in the Balkans against innocent people for the actions of the partisans in the hope of deterring them.

    While Waldheim was most definitely more a soldier and a German officer than a Nazi thug, and surrendered to British troops in Carinthia with his Army unit and not with the SS (a fact documented by Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, who said he had no case to answer), in Austria there was certainly a willingness not to examine any of this stuff – and indeed, Waldheim thought it OK as a politician to lie about his war record so that the unseemly bits would be kept in the dark.

    Many Austrians and Germans knew the truth, but chose not to raise the issues. That Waldheim was generally a decent person, and a great politician, was not the issue. It was the disregard for the truth. That is a familiar story not just in Austria, but throughout Germany as well.

    There is a feeling among that generation that sleeping dogs should be left to lie. In Waldheim’s case, keeping quiet had him winning the Austrian presidency and a term as UN secretary general.

  • #7: “What is the general obsession with Nazis?”

    Surely you’ve heard of WWII.

  • brian

    The new nazis are the israeli jews, who are committing ethnic cleasning in Palestine.Is time they were sent befoer the World court to be tride for their crimes.Tell Manning that!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    “I don’t know the facts or evidence here, but Adolph Eichmann was untouchable, too–until he wasn’t.”


    Basically, what it would take to get this woman Wallisch to trial is an Israeli squad of agents to hustle here to stand trial.. the Poles won’t do it, and neither will the Austrians (see comment #4).

    But she just doesn’t have the draw that Eichmann had over forty years ago, and the witnesses would be nearly as aged as she. Plus the sitting government of traitors just doesn’t have the guts to pull off such an operation.

    There are times I wish I was the PM just to be able to authorize such a mission to teach the damned krauts that their shit can go both ways.


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    “The new Nazis are the Israeli Jews, who are committing ethnic cleansing in Palestine. It’s time they were sent before the World court to be tried for their crimes. Tell Manning that!”

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • STM: “Despite finding Mark’s breathless and reactionary writing style off-putting, for once I agree (except with the last bit).”

    Thanks, Stan. But … “except for the last bit?” About dragging the Nazi elders to their jail cells? Surely the punishment should fit the crime? But, alas, I’m not surprised you feel that way. If British law, which you so revere, had sway here, these Nazis would receive an Anti-Social Behavior Order (ASBO) — a.k.a. a slap on the wrist — and that would be the end of it. And we know it would work because “British justice is good justice.”

  • JP: “This is a terribly written piece. Did you churn this out in 5 minutes?”

    Oh, dear. Another troll accusing me of bad writing, and yet who does no writing of his own.

    To answer your question: No, it did not take me long to write this. One, it’s a short piece; two, I outlined exactly what I wanted to say; and three, I am an experienced writer, used to churning out pieces in relatively short time.

    If you’re such a literate fellow, learned in all aspects of writing, perhaps you’ll delineate what’s so “bad” about the writing in this piece. I’m curious to know.

  • Baronius

    Ruvy, there’s no need to blow a gasket. Anyone who compares Israel to the Third Reich, it’s pretty obvious what they’re doing. It’s not just moral equivalence, it’s goading. Even if you believed that Israel was wrong, you wouldn’t pick the most hurtful analogy by accident.

    I’ve noticed something similar on another blogcritics thread. People have gone from equating Bush and Chavez, to actually mocking people under Chavez’ totalitarian rule. It’s spiteful. Moral equivalence isn’t enough for them; they have to label evil as good and good as evil.

    I can understand moral equivalence. It comes from a lack of a sense of proportion. Bush puts people in prison for terrorism, Castro imprisons people for wanting to vote. An unhealthy or naive mind might not see the difference. When you start mocking the boat people you’ve embraced inhumanity.

  • moonraven

    As I said on another thread: The US has spread tyranny and dictatorships around this planet like peanut butter.

    YOU live in a dictatorship. Duh!

    Folks are free in Venezuela–witness the venezolana who has come on this site to spew hatred against her country and her government [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]. She is writing her hatred in pidgin English and lowbrow Spanish from INSIDE Venezuela. And RCTV is on cable INSIDE Venezuela. And El Universal and El Nacional are spewing anti-Chavez hatred INSIDE Venezuela. And Globovision spews its daily hate from INSIDE Venzuela.

    You take a feather from their cap and try the same caper in the US and we’ll see how fast your ass lands in Guantanamo with an Enemy Combatant sign around your red neck.

    That was just an aside, though.

    1) The reason I am posting is to repeat what I have said on other threads and was glad to see that some non-cement cerebrum posted here:

    Yes, the Israelis are the Nazis of the Moment–and have been since at least 1948.

    The baton was passed at the Nurenburg Trials.

    2) Hitler was Austrian. Duh again!!!!!!!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    “The reason I am posting is to repeat what I have said on other threads and was glad to see that some non-cement cerebrum posted here:

    Yes, the Israelis are the Nazis of the Moment–and have been since at least 1948.

    The baton was passed at the Nurenburg Trials.”

    No, Marthe,

    The genocidal mindset of murder and admiration of völkish racism was passed on to the officers of the Egyptian Army, like Nasser, Sadat, and Mubarak, and to the man who inspired the South Syrian Arabs to violence, Amin Husseini, and the little pedophile prick he trained as his successor, Yassir Arafat. That is who the baton of Nazism was passed on to.

    The violence seen in Arab society as marked by this article, the contempt of women, the murderousness of Arabs fighting Arabs in Lebanon, the murderousness of the Jordanians in killing off 5,000 South Syrian Arabs in 1970, all testify clearly as to which of the Semitic peoples picked up the Nazi baton of murder, massacre and rape.

    You may not like the Israeli government – I probably like it as much as you do – but even the pathetic and traitorous shleps in Jerusalem are not the inheritors of the genocidal mentality of the völkish shits who spread their poisonous hate throughout the German speaking lands for decades before Hitler came to power.

    Amin Husseini ran to Hitler to be his running dog in 1940 or 1941. He christened Hitler “Abu Amar”.
    Yassir Arafat, the kid-fucker, took the same nom de guerre – his sign to the South Syrian Arabs that he would finish what Hitler started…

  • STM

    Mar: “British law has worked for well over 1000 years, and is virtually identical in the criminal jurisdiction to the law of the United States.

    Even those lovely trial by a jury of 12 peers, innocent until proven guilty, the right to silence and the big one: habeus corpus.

    Advocating or hoping for the death of an accused no matter how heinous their crimes prior to a trial and the laying of charges and investigation of the evidence is a direct assault on the rule of law that has kept Britain stable for 1000 years, America stable for 230 and Australia stable for 200 … etc.

    That’s the part of your argument I don’t agree with. It’s an attitude that makes your approach little better than that of the Nazis, under whose machinations my family and millions of others on both sides of the pond suffered so dreadfully.

    So yes, I am proud that the law of that country ensures the civilised approach, rather than the barbaric. One day Mark, you’ll get it …

    I probably shouldn’t hold my breath though.

  • STM

    Manning says: “perhaps you’ll delineate what’s so “bad” about the writing in this piece.”

    There’s nothing wrong with the writing itself, and I know I’m answering for another. But since you think I’m a troll rather than a commentator with a valid point of view (and I do write on the site BTW), I’ll tell you what’s bad – it’s the stuff you advocate and the style – the “fu.k everyone who doesn’t agree with me” approach.

    As a social commentator, I reckon you make a great knee-jerk reactionary. I suppose the saving grace here is that you at least aren’t frightened to offer a POV. But where’s the reasoning, mate??

    BTW, that offer of the one-way ticket back to Boston still stands. A few mates kindly offered to have a whip-round for you at the Punch and Judy 🙂

  • Otis B. Driftwood

    Really? Sounds like they need to recall the Bible and amend a few passages.

  • STM

    Or rewrite the entire thing from start to finish.

    If they do, perhaps Mark could offer to do the hard yards. Shouldn’t have too many problems with concepts like eye for an eye, but the bit about turning the other cheek might need a thorough editing job.

  • moonraven

    Mark is just another Nalle type. The species is easily spotted because it has trouble holding its head vertical.

    Reason: All the grey matter is actually cement.

    That is why ideas, alternative styles of writing and thinking, logic, and the whole process of documentation and evidence just bounces off them like so much piss.

  • JustOneMan

    Like I posted in #1 why all the “droning on and on about the Nazis and the jews”…it is really pathetic that people have to blame others for their situation…simply pathetic


  • mr: “Folks are free in Venezuela …”

    That explains why they can only watch state-run TV because Chavez shut down the only free, independent TV station, which dared to air opposition points of view.

    Yep, long live freedom!

  • STM, #19: “But since you think I’m a troll rather than a commentator with a valid point of view …”

    Stan, you should know better than to speak for another. Speak only for yourself, it’s the only honest way. JP was perfectly capable of explaining what he meant; he chose not to do so. Which means exactly what I said: he’s a troll, unable/unwilling to fight back when I challenge him and press him for answers.

    And, Stan? I know I’m tough on you, but I don’t dislike you. Don’t think otherwise. I mean what I say, but what I say is never intended to be taken as spiteful or personal toward you. Just so you know …

  • moonraven


    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    You know so much about Venezuela that you insist that Channel 8 is it for tv. You apparently have never heard of Globovision and Venevision and Televen (all private channels which oppose the government either overtly–Globovision–or covertly–the other two). And RCTV has been back on cable for several months now, too.

    Ignorance is not bliss, buddy boy: it is just ignorance.

  • Simone

    To Mark —> From your article: “Polish death camp” – learn more history man or do not write stupidities. I recommend you to visit these “Polish death camps” then you understand your big mistake…

  • Me

    Well Raven-it appears RCTV has been off the air as of Nov 07 – how do you like them now?

  • bogdescu

    “Polish Death Camp”??? I thought nobody needs this one explained. Calling Nazi German camps “Polish” is an insult to the hundreds of thousands of Poles who fought Nazi Germany, from the beginning of the war to its end, on all front.
    Polish anti-semitism, while real, has nothing to do with the issue. There’s a difference between being anti-semitical and conceiving, building and operating death camps.
    In short, in case this wasn’t clear enough:
    Those death camps were Nazi German.