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Theology (theos+logos: god-discourse), an integral aspect of any systematic religion, is the study of God or many gods. Theologians are typically engaged in scriptural exegesis, apologetics, and diverse forms of argument and analysis on the doctrine of the religion; Christianity in particular is well-known for this.

Theological disagreements often lead to the formation of schismatic branches holding their distinctive doctrines as a standard measure of orthodoxy. Blog and forum discussions are often a painful testimony to amateur theologians bickering with each other or confronting atheist tactics, even if proper theological debate is also a known online phenomena.

Fundamental interpretations of theology lead to radical clashes with society. A topic much discussed is Islamic fundamentalism and the deployment of terrorism. Medieval witch hunts and Hindu nationalists' sabotage of Valentine's Day share something in common – a foundation in theology.

Theology has also helped many to better understand matters of spirit, coming to terms with life and their chosen God or gods, as an abundance of online testimonies reveals. Theology has played a significant role in upholding culture and societies in the past, even if its continued relevance is debated in the Information Age bent on science and all things verifiable. We're obviously looking at a two-edged sword.

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