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Theatre Review (Las Vegas): Bite by Tim Molyneux at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

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In Vegas and at a loss as to what to see that would be different and not cost a fortune? Go see Bite at the Stratosphere, which is coming up on its sixth birthday.

Bite is one of the most iconic and successful shows in Vegas, because when you mix a strange story line, vampires, beautiful topless dancers, a spectacular aerial adage act, audience participation (yes, guys, you can be mauled by the ladies), magic, and high-energy rock and roll — well, you begin to get an idea what Bite is all about.

Capitalizing on the age-old fascination with vampires (and this is before True Blood and the Twilight Saga), writer Tim Molyneux has come up with a winning combination of elements. One could criticize the show for trying to be too many things to too many people, but diversity and fast action is what Vegas is all about.

The story is the quest of Lord Vampire (Russell Hines) to find his perfect mate, whom he plans to seduce and make Queen of the Night. Surrounding the Lord is a coven of gorgeous dancers and gymnasts who entertain him as he goes about his search. The ladies are wonderful and dance up a storm, all the while gnashing their teeth as they look to take a bite out of a handful of chosen audience members.

Some of the dancers also are accomplished aerialists and at times we find them dangling overhead. Meanwhile Lord Vampire performs some magic and proves he can dance with the best of them.

Despite this sometimes campy presentation (meaning there are plenty of laughs), you, as an audience member, can’t help but be entertained. The production is full of surprises and you too may come away “bitten” as it were by the magic of the show. One side note of appreciation: the topless ladies are not cosmetically altered as far as I could see and it was nice to see the female figure appreciated in its natural state.

Bite is only $49.45 and the show starts at 10:30 Friday through Wednesday. Dark on Thursday (even vampires need their rest). Stratosphere Hotel and Casino is located at 2000 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Call 702-308-7777 or toll free 1-800-99-tower (998-6937) or visit the Stratosphere’s web site.

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  • Lisa

    I wouldn’t even give this trash a rating but it makes me…
    Complete waste of money! Go to a strip bar it’s cheaper or see something with an ACTUAL story line and substance! My husband fell asleep ( We weren’t drinking lol, just thought I’d throw that in). Within minutes of the show beginning the cloaks came off and girls grinding on girls started with absolutely NO reason for it…. ALL credibility for this show was lost at that point! A table of guys were yelling obscenities, hooting and hollering, I felt like I was at a cheesy strip club. We left there and were extremely disappointed. The ONLY good part was the music!