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Theatre Review (LA): Puppetry of the Penis at the Coast Playhouse

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How does a reviewer go about reviewing a penis or indeed a show that capitalizes on the ability of two men to stretch, pull, and twist their cock and balls into unbelievable shapes? Well, it may be best not even to try, but here goes: Puppetry of the Penis was created Down Under by two friends who thought showing each other tricks they learned involving manipulating their privates could be fun and eventually profitable. In fact, to date, over one million people have paid to witness this in fourteen countries. The show has produced a “how-to” book and even a DVD. It has been translated into three different languages. It may be fair to say that Puppetry of the Penis is an international hit. My favorite quote comes from the Boston Phoenix which said, “You have to admit, these guys have balls.”

I saw this show in New York many years ago and found it funny but not nearly as satisfying as the current show playing at The Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood. In fact the show here is hysterically funny, mainly because of the rapport and personalities of the two “presenters,” Rich Binning and his fellow penis puppeteer Christopher J. Canon. Rich is the taller of the two and has a boy-next-door (a naughty one) air about him. He is circumcised but doesn’t let that stop him from being able to present many an “installation,” as they call each new twist and angle of the show.

His partner in penistry is the uncircumcised Cannon. He performs many of the more outrageous installations and is even naughtier. His foreskin enables him to have a certain versatility that Binning can’t match. As a team they are fantastic, witty, at ease, and thoroughly entertaining. Some of their installations include “The Eye,” “The Pelican,” ”The Eiffel Tower,” “Loch Ness Monster,” and the installation that started it all, “The Hamburger.” The two performers have the ability to put even the most squeamish of audience members at ease. Laughter is a great evener.

Just who comes to see Puppetry of the Penis? Surprisingly it is more women than men. I guess whether showing off their bodies or their penises, male performers have more cachet with the women. But don’t worry, no man will feel threatened by the show; in fact it may leave them wanting to create their own installations. Puppetry of the Penis plays at the Coast Playhouse through March 14th but look for extensions.

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  • Yet another reason not to circumcise!

  • steve

    What a freak show .What is wrong with the world?get a life people dont you have better things to do than see 2 guys play with their penis on stage and you ladies are pigs!