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Theatre Review (LA): Chico’s Angels: Chicas in Chains

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Chico’s Angels is a parody of the hit series Charles Angels that has been going strong for some six years and is about to have its own webisodes. The story is a creation of Kurt Koehler who also happens to be the director, and Oscar Quintero, a.k.a. Kay Sedia. Koehler (under the name Aunt Cassie Rolle) and Sedia moonlight as the leading Tupperware salespersons in North America. This means they know how to sell, and sell they do. Chico’s Angels: Chicas in Chains is a non-stop celebration of all things drag. In this case the drag queens are, besides the incomparable Sedia: Chita Parol, an experienced stage performer/singer/dancer (think Chita Rivera); and Frieda Laye (Danny Casillas).

The Cavern Club is a smallish (maybe 100 seats) theatre underneath a colorful and popular Mexican restaurant in Silverlake. Silverlake is considered by many to be the more upscale gay area of Los Angeles and is known for its modernist architecture, as well as much alternative and indie music. The area is known for having the most same-sex couples in Los Angeles. The Cavern Club is the hub of much of the gay camp theatre in the LA area.

This silly story revolves around these three ladies as they go about trying to solve a murder at the old high school. Along the way they meet the hunky murderer himself, Ross Willet (a.k.a. Peter). Lots of hysteria follows, with the girls being arrested and thrown in jail. They sure don’t like jail wardrobe. Eventually they are released and perform in the high school talent show. The ladies can sing and even dance (sort of). They are joined by some other folks who play various roles: Alex Patino, Beth Lockbee, Cher Ferreyra, Elena Almas, and Ron Rogge. The show is definitely camp but is also very funny. After six years they’ve sure got it right. Chico’s Angels: Chicas in Chains will play at the Cavern Club Theatre until August 12. Call 800-595-4849 for tickets.

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