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The Zero Gravity Experience

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Have you ever wanted to experience Zero Gravity?

If you’re like me, you grew up reading books that explored the future of space travel, and maybe you were lucky enough to read “The Menace From Earth“. A young teens SciFi book that has teenagers flying with Iccarus type wings in the vast underground air storage chamber of the Lunar Colony.

This, and other stories by Robert Heinlein helped to inspire and motivate an entire generation of engineers, scientists, astrophysicists, and mathematicians. We all dreamed of the day when we too, could fly – without jumping out of an airplane.

Once the exclusive domain of astronauts in training, you now have the opportunity to experience Zero Gravity for yourself.

Zero Gravity Corporation will suit you up in a nice blue jumpsuit, give you a day of training, and a chance to spend time with a real live astronaut. Then you’ll climb into their custom 727 for a series of parabolic flights.

Martian Gravity, Lunar Gravity, and then NO GRAVITY! Fifteen parabolas worth of floating, spinning, somersaulting, laughing, and finding out if you have the right stuff for space travel – for around $3500 US.

They have a decent web site, lots of pictures, and all the information you need to sign up for flights originating in Florida or California. Check it out!

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  • I finally saw the commercial again last night – in the nature of such things, I saw it twelve times on two different channels!

    It is Bailey’s that bounces out of the bottle, first in one large globe, then spinning out into hundreds of smaller globs.

    It boggles the mind how many tries must’ve been required to get the half-minute video of clean-faced zero-gravity bar-goers framed in the shots with the free-floating liquor blobs!

  • Eric Olsen

    very interesting – thanks and welcome Bennett!

  • Bennett Dawson

    Not sure if I’ve seen that commercial, but the website for Zero Gravity says that the scenes from Apollo 13 were shot on their plane.

    I do belive that, there’s no way to fake a real zero gravity effect.

  • I wonder if these are the same folks who provide the “studio” for the beer/booze commercial that has everyone flying around trying to suck in globules of beverage?

    Not really effective as a commercial – I cannot recall the exact drink, let alone the brand, involved. I was too fascinated with the intricate waltz of gravity-less drinkers and their potables to notice!

  • Bennett Dawson


    Thanks for the link to Scaled Composites! These folks are on the cutting edge, and it cheers me up to see the work that they are doing to make tourist jaunts into low earth orbit a reality.

  • The Menace From Earth is still inspiring young science fiction readers – a good friend with a blog of her own found solace in the thought of flying at a time when her young life was being turned upside down.

    Thanks for the pointer to ZGC! For those of us who have dreams of someday flying in a commercial spaceship (like the Tier One ships planned by “Virgin Galactic’s” Sir Richard Branson), this is a good next step in preparation.