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The Zen of CSS Design

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The Zen of CSS Design, subtitled Visual Enlightenment for the Web will give you just that. The book was published by New Riders Press and written by Dave Shea and Molly E. Holzschlag. In this book, you will view and learn how much capability really resides with CSS&#8212cascading style sheets.

The book is not written with the novice in mind, so if you’re just starting out with web pages and web design, and you’re not completely sure what to do with this “internets” thing, start out with something a little simpler.

However, if you’re an experienced designer who understands HTML and tags, who wants to know the power of cascading style sheets (CSS) better, this book may be for you.

The book features 36 different web sites that have been created primarily using style sheets. They start out rather simple, with simple tricks that can be done using graphics, but it quickly proceeds through various advanced categories of css including layout, imagery, special effects, and construction.

Each of the 36 sites is shown in detail in the book and the internet address of the site is included as well so the reader can view the site at the same time. After discussing how the sites were created, the CSS that was used for the site is shown and described. All the sites’ CSS code is openly available to all readers.

The designs go from the plain and simple to outrageous. One of the sites even shows how the exact same page can be interpreted completely differently by two different browsers&#8212one browser shows a boxy frame with browns and a person, while the same exact page, when interpreted by another browser, shows a green page with leafy pictures and a very different, flowing layout.

There’s tons of tricks here for using and creating with CSS instead of relying on Javascript or other variable technologies. CSS is expanding, and if you want to know how to use it in unique and different ways, this book is for you.

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