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The Year that was

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Here in no particular order are the bestthingies we wanted to rub oil on in the past year:

Movies: (I’ll note I’ve not gone to any cinemas in the past year, nor the year before that, and it shan’t be likely to change in the next annum, where I got these audio-visual trinkets is purely mine own business thank-you-very-mush)

28 Days Later (never has Sandy Bullock been so good) But seriously folks, a triumph of lo-tech filmaking, every dollar is on the screen.

Lost In Translation – I spent 4 days in Tokyo, and I can totally relate. Tokyo is a total head-fuck, you think you know what is going on, you think you know where you are going, but you don’t. Again, lo-tech filmaking which tells a story.

American Splendor – A brilliant interpretation of Harvey Pekar’s comic book and life. Put it into a box set with “Crumb” and “Ghost World” as the 78rpm box set.

Everything else: renting DVDs online and getting them delivered to home.

TeeVee: the year they finally gave up broadcasting anything good and just sent it straight to digital sets:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The series ended with a bang-whimper, seasons 4 and 5 came out on DVD which is more important.

Firefly – Fox tried to smother it, but issued what it had on DVD and we got to see the potential they squandered.

Bittorrent: a Wayne and Garth moment, if you please.

Joan of Arcadia – who knew Fat Tony could be such a nice guy?

Rekkids: didn’t buy many because who in their right mind wants to go to a record store?

Books: Quicksilver was great, but I gotta wait like LOTR for the other two, that’s harsh because I’m a quick reader.

And for the upcoming year: YO HOLLYWOOD nobody wants pan and scan movies on DVD, so just stop it, alright?

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