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The Year Ahead

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Your Ultimate Astrology Planner:

I have bought many astrology planners through out the years. One thing I don’t like is that they may be on point a few times through out the year. But not with this one. I have shown this book to my friends and they to were speechless to realize that Susan Miller was so accurate.

I have read the section that relates to me and I was very happy to see that much of what she wrote suited me.
Then I thought well okay being on point with me is good but what about other people.
That is when I had thought about showing it to my friends, and not telling them that I am reviewing it for Blogcritics, just letting them read the part that pertains to them.

It came back the with the same enthusiasm, with questions like. “Where did you get this book?” or ” WOW” I really like that author, most are not accurate like her, I am going to go out and get that book”

After two months of handing it out to people that I know for verification I am now going to tell you. If you would like a book on astrology that is right on and accurate and spells it out like it is, then I would recommend this book.

Go out and get yourself one today, before to much of the year is gone.

Susan writes in clear, understandable english. Even if you have never read a book about astrology before and this was your first one you would have a good understanding about it.

She also has www.astrologyzone.com which is a website devoted to your daily astrology readings.

She goes into depth about what you can expect in the year ahead, in areas such as love, work, health, you will learn to use your intuition to make choices for your life. You will be given the best ways in which to live your life.
Ways in which to deal with the rough spots along the way and you will not feel that you are alone anymore. With her websites, and columns she is with you, to help you create your best life. By knowing and understanding the energies that are at work in your life.

This is the only guide you will need, but you have to experience it first to know.

Janet Wood

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  • This is the only guide you will need, but you have to experience it first to know.

    You sound like all the snake-oil salesmen/kabbalista – what’s the NASDAQ ending at a week from Monday, BTW?

  • It will end the week… with a not insignificant change, Aaman.

    This… I foresee.

  • Eric Olsen

    the Oracle always tells you what you need to know