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The Xbox 360 Moving Towards an Ugly Launch

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As far as history is concerned, what’s about to happen to the video game industry can only be described as broken. Of course, I’m referring to the Xbox 360 launch, which at this point is nothing short of disastrous, and it’s not even out yet. The majority of the problems lie with Microsoft.

This has nothing to do with the quality of the hardware or the console itself. It’s going to be a fantastic piece of equipment. Microsoft though doesn’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing with this. Nothing seems ready, and they’ve done nothing to calm rumors of heavy shortages, broken demo kiosks, delayed (and major) launch titles, and a complete lack of advertising.

Actually, I’ll take that back. They do have an ad. Two of them actually. You can view one here (look for TV Spot: Jump In). There have been some truly awful video game ads over the years, but these are most baffling, frustrating, and uninformative ads ever. There’s zero indication as to what the 360 is, what it can do, or that it has anything to do with video games.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re a gamer and you know already. That’s great, but what about the mainstream gamer? What about parents? In other words, the people who might play games, but don’t keep up on message boards or read articles, etc.? How is the Xbox 360 going to end up in the hands of 3 million gamers by next year with ads like that?

Then you have the demo kiosks. They’re not perfect either. Actually, they’re as broken as this whole situation. To be fair, most seem to be working. However, a day or so after they started appearing, Wal Mart employees found that the wireless controllers (why wireless in a kiosk anyway?) interfered with their equipment. Most have been/were turned off until the reps from the company head back to fix the problem. Another missed opportunity.

The obvious problem, even without the other things, is the consoles themselves. Most stores had their shipments drastically cut, and even major the EB in this area is only getting 20 (with 150+ pre-orders). That same store is getting a single core console, nearly proving that the non-bundle version is nothing more than a marketing tool.

Could the shortage be a strategy? Of course, it did work for Sony during the PS2 launch, planned or not (we’ll never know). The hype made eBay sellers happy, and that seems to be the logical way this will go for the 360. Who is to blame?


They’re 100% to blame if it’s a true manufacturing problem. Actually, even if it’s planned, it’s still stupid. They’re attempting to have a full launch in three separate countries (all major markets, including Japan where the first Xbox failed miserably) within a matter of weeks, limiting allotments even without manufacturing issues. This is the Christmas season, and holding off the launch until the next year would make far more sense. Rumors have stated there could be more kiosks than consoles in people’s homes, not including the 400,000 used for the Pepsi promotion (now done) at every10minutes.com.

You’ll have more consoles in stores to satisfy everyone (and not just send them home to wait for a PS3), have a head start leading into the next holiday season, and likely still have the jump on Sony. The games might actually be ready then too, especially since as of right now, there is still no official launch title list, and games are on and off it on a daily basis. Some of the ports, especially stuff like Tony Hawk Wasteland, don’t even seem to use the console and come off as cheap upgrades. Certainly nothing worth $400 on a launch day, assuming you can get one.

Are the stores to blame? Partially. Most stores stopped taking pre-orders a few months back (at least for the first shipment). They’re the ones that told people they would have them. Instead of playing it safe, they completely drained their stock long before they knew any allotment numbers. When someone puts $400 down on a console and doesn’t get one as expected, it’s hell on the employees who are (for whatever reason) blamed, and it doesn’t shine well on the console maker either when that same clerk explains whose fault it really is.

Even if the launch fails miserably, there’s no question Microsoft has made some great hardware. It’s going to take a while to really see what the system can do, so maybe it’s all for the best that not many people get their hands on the early stuff. Once the developers have a better grip, then it’s time for a complete launch. Still, all of this makes far more sense for an April-May launch than late November. Someone didn’t think this through.

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  • Microsoft seems to be rushing products out of their packed pipeline sooner than they should – the same happened with Visual Studio 2005, according to some reports of bugs.

    This comes with a packed pipeline, I guess.

    Great report, Matt – deserves to be read and re-read.

    Another reason the 360 may not have a massive uptick in the first few months – the Hi-def revolution is nowhere near as total as it might have been if original plans for the changeover(network television) were in place. With HDTV, the 360 is much less appealing, IMHO

    I’m gonna wait for Halo 3, myself:)

    Maybe, just maybe…

  • Not many people even have an HDTV compatible TV. Plus, no HD media. What’s the point? Congress isn’t mandating HD TV signals until 2009 when Microsoft says that it plans to release a next next gen console.

  • I don’t think they HD situation is a problem. The current Xbox supports is pretty heavily, especially basic 480p. It’s not a requirement, just another marketing tool for them to use and beef up the text on the box. Hell, the PS3 has two HDMI ports, at least for now (probably the first feature that will go when the console nears launch time).

    If it was a requirement, then yeah, the problems would be obvious. For now, it’s an easy way to bring in the hi-tech minded.

  • I’ve watched my Xbox fanboy friends go from way stoked over this system to rather ‘meh’ about it, and I’m not surprised. With no heavy-hitting title at launch, what’s the point? Halo sold and carried the first ‘box, and Xbox Live kept it going… but what’s selling this one? It’s… smaller? You can message your friends? Whee. I have a computer, thanks. $400 is a lot of money to drop ($500 if you get a game, with tax and all), and you get… better graphics? Nah. We need something revolutionary to sell this, and it needs to be around where people can play it. Even the husband and I, rabidly anti-MS as we are, have popped into our local EB games looking for a playable console and they still don’t have one. We’re trying to let MS sell us on this if they can, because we’re hardcore gamers, but it’s just not there.

    I’ma be hanging out and waiting for the PS3 and the Revolution for now. Nothing has changed my mind on that.

  • The obvious question is ‘where is the killer software for launch?’

    If Halo 3 was a lunch title, we would not have Perfect Dark Zero for launch, as everyone would buy Halo 3 and no one would pick up Perfect Dark Zero. Still, Halo 3 would have been a good idea to sell the 360.

    Other then Halo 3, the only other ‘killer app’ that comes to mind is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. But that has been pushed back too, some say until February.

    Fumbling the kiosks in Wal*Mart was a huge mistake. I stopped by our Wal*Mart yesterday at about 6 PM. The 360 was not on because “it conflicts with our photo printer. So we cannot turn it on until the photo department closes.” That isn’t until 9 PM! Smooth, really smooth. I forgot to see what the photo printer is, and I wish I had found out. Maybe I will go back and act dumb so I can get that answer.

  • Legendary: You’re calling your friends fanboys? What’s the PS3 going to offer? Oh, better graphics. The Rev is the only one that’s going to offer anything truly different.

    A lot of games carried the Xbox, from Halo obviously to Jade Empire, Fable, Oddworld, etc. It also had the best ports of multi-console releases. I think calling other people fanboys is a bit hypocritical. It has nothing to do with the company releasing the system. It’s about the games, and all three consoles will offer plenty of unique stuff.

  • Never did I say that fanboys or bad, and I did not deny that I’m a Sony fangirl, Matt dear. Don’t go shoving words into my mouth, for I shall spit them out and let them dribble down my chin.

    I wasn’t sure about Fable so I went and looked at old sales records… 375,000 first week! Wow! That’s a lot for a game I hated. Hated the look, the playstyle, everything. In fact, that’s when we decided to sell the Xbox. It’s just not to our tastes. The husband and I prefer the other consoles, historically. *shrug*

  • whoops, I meant “fanboys are bad” not “or bad.” silly inability to edit comments!

  • Rumor control. The latest is that EB says that DOA4 will be delayed until December. I hate to say it, but everything is crumbling around this 360 launch. DOA4 is not only a big launch title, it is one of the few exclusives the 360 has at this point.

    If DOA4 truly does slip past Day 1, what is next to go?

  • Question. How much fault goes to the developer of the games as opposed to Microsoft and the 360 launch when it comes to the delayed release of these games?

  • I put most of the game delays on MS too. They’re the ones that took forever to supply dev kits, and likely the reason why this is taking shape as it is.

    It’s just not to our tastes.

    How is it not? How is any different from the PS2 or the ‘Cube? I’ll never understand that way of thought. All of them are overloaded with FPS and RPGs. Each have their quirky original titles. Sports games are across the board. I fail to see how any of the three don’t offer what you would want.

  • Wouldn’t the developers have to give a promised date to Microsoft for the release of their game? I’m assuming Microsoft went by these promise dates to determine that it was a plausible launch time for the Xbox 360. If, after providing those dates, the developers end up delaying it, is the same amount of blame still on MS?

    Naturally, MS is probably rushing things also to release it before Thanksgiving weekend, but still, I see the game delays as the fault of developers and not MS themselves.

  • Of course they gave MS dates. They probably also anticipated final hardware and dev kits a little earlier than a few months before launch. Hard to get a game ready when you have only a few months.

  • DethSabo

    Ummm GAMESPOT sold me a pre-order for an XBOX360 in June for $50 downpayment. I thought a pre-order is so MICROSOFT knows to make “X” amount of a product. It seems game manufactures do this and deliver all the product timely. So…i head to GAMESPOT and check on my order and their telling me…you might not be on list for 2005 this year. I said what the are you talking about…I pre-ordered the system 6 months ago. Then a manager comes out…and says i am on list for XBOX…it has a “YES” next to name. I mean they seemed like “CASTOR OIL” sales men in a traveling side show. That was a few days ago…and tonight a XBOX CALL CAME IN…with AUTOMATED VOICE…to say my XBOX360 will not be in the first shipment…we are sorry. WTF..X#@@#@ Nothing about when it could possiably arrive. What maybe next June on my anniversary date of the pre-order. I swear…if this happens…I’ll hack it, copy games, and always buy used on EBAY..and BOYCOTT GAMESTOP FOREVER. AMEN and ALLILUIA (chevy chase). Then go PRO-SONY forever. Heck…i already have 2 SONY VAIOs and PS2. Why not! hehe…I mean that is TOTALLY MESSED UP..screwing people that pre-ordered…5 months back and selling stuff at WAL-MART and BEST BUY to losers that did not support XBOX 1&2 or pre-order. BASTARDS!!!

  • First guy, it’s Gamestop, not Gamespot. The latter is a website. Second, it’s not their fault. They get allotments from MS. If MS can’t meet those alottments, it’s not the stores fault.

    Of course, there’s no question they over pre-ordered. All companies do. However, when your order is down to 20% of what was expected, it’s tough to put the blame on them. The pre-order process is there for your benefit, to make sure you can get one. The second shipment should only be a week, maybe two, after the first.

    Pirating games doesn’t solve a thing other than make prices go up for the rest of us.

  • joe

    I got a “the call” from gamestop too. Autimated of course. So I call gamestop. They tell me they are going to sell them to the first preorders there. First come, first serve.

  • Yeah… don’t blame Gamestop, almost every employee I’ve ever talked to were confident in their stuff, maybe not as knowledgeable, but hell they sure did convince they did… BLAME MICROSOFT. X-BOX 360 IS GOING DOWN…. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION!!!!

  • This is fine, but consider this – there are about 1 million+ XBoxes in the first shipment, compared to 300,000 in the first PS/2 shipment – logistics planning is difficult, and stock-outs will be addressed within a day or two, it’s not like the next shipment is coming next year.

  • True, but having shortages drive up enthusiasm/demand. You can assume that the current Xbox North American user base (I think it’s around 10 million) will be wanting an Xbox 360. And it’s not like most of the parts were just invented. Inventory could easily have been accumulated to saturate the market and satisfy the true loyal users. Just ask Apple.

  • I’m sorry Steve Jobs, I love you!

  • Sustained demand is more profitable than demand being fulfileed in a single event.

    Also, the buyers who do not get a console in the first shipment are likely to buy some additional stuff.

  • mcdohl

    yea to be honest guys i feel that microsoft tries to get to many markets at the same time. I don’t have a xbox and will never do for the simple reason that i have allready enough with having to deal seing microsoft sofware on my pc. to be fair they should rather stick to what there are partially good at: software and game software (imagine playing hallow 1&2 on psp or gamecube, would it make a difference to you??). but i’m please that they had decided to launch the 360 so that sony will have to fight back with an agressive marketing plan,this means, cheep games,more games and accessories etc(the launch of the psp is not a coincidence).It will be total Marketing & Economical war between both firms(we can argue that it has allready began with the xbox). However, having followed there progression, i beleive that microsoft is starting this war really badly.
    you have to admit guys it would be fun to see microsft loosing a market for once no???

  • shaun parker

    Well, it’s 13 degrees out. I went out at 4am and everything here is pretty much spoken for. I’m am so pissed, this is what happened to me with the ps2 and the taste in my mouth from that has never left. I’m going to bed.

  • so tired

    20 degrees out here. Went to Best Buy, Circuit City, and Target at 5am and found out that if you didnt spend the night in front of one of the stores, you weren’t getting a 360. What’s worse is that half the consoles that they did have (or more in Target’s case) were the crappy Core systems. Why anyone would even bother buying one of them is beyond me. Microshaft is really playing with fire by controlling quantities as much as they are – we’ll see if it pays off once the PS3 nears launch.

  • mdz

    I preorderd late(around aug from eb and gamestop) got the autocall saying will not receive until ’06, no1 knows wat the hell is going on. so for xmas i’ll just stick wit my regular xbox and u best believe i will continue to hack the box and just download every single game out there. They both are to blame the retailer and ms wen u are dealing with $$ its best not the be the bs’er in any event im looking to preorder the ps3and ps4 and atually the xbox 3 NOW in hopes that i can get it on launch date. Ohh I cant wait to be able to get a mod for the 360, I would love just to modd for free just to show these retards what a bunch of dixs they are

  • mdz

    forgot to mention got a call last week fri telling me that the games i had preorderd where ready go in pick them up and had the clerk tell me to enjoy my games WTF thats like saying hey heres this new movie its suppose to be the newest shit out but u can wait 3 months to watch it enjoy, so i’lll be home flipping the pgs to the manual pretending its the actual game. “jerkoffs is all i have to say”

  • Alex

    I put money on one in june and woke up today without my 360. microsoft shafted us….when will the next shipment be????? i’m 28th in line to get one, you think that was soon enough.
    Think about it , in august they stopped taking orders for the 360 at 150 or so units( if you think about it thats really sad ) there were not enough orders, microsoft was screwed so they sold 400,000 units to pepsi and a bunch more to other advertizing agencys, that was still not enough so the decided to cut the remaining left between the USA, Asia, and Europe with 6,000,000,000 on the planet Bill Gates thought he could finally dump them if they were sold over a larger populas
    and in doing so created a false shortage in the USA, his only true fan base .
    Bill should of been true to his base fans, just like sony and nintendo are when launching in there countries first.
    The only thing that will save the unit is if it is as good as the say, then eventually all will be forgiven.
    If the PS3 comes out in the spring I’ll probably buy that first, it looks to me to be a better system anyway

  • arbiter

    this is crap this consol should have had about 2 million per state

  • Mark

    400,000 to pepsi? um…wrong…get numbers straight people. And while MS did have trouble producing the consoles, it is in many ways the fault of the stores selling them for jumping the gun so quickly and not being more careful about how many preorders to take.

  • alex

    400,000 or not there are 21,777 units on ebay right now lets do some math in pre-order # 48 and 28th in line for the next one at gamestop

    back to math 120 units times lets say 500 stors (just guessing ) thats 60,000 units , if there were 3,000,000 at launch why were we shafted seems to me we pre-order people could have been treated better and not been used by microsoft for there statistics
    you would think loyal gamers pre-ordering would get first dibbs.
    it just doesnt look as good if we just walk in calmly and pick them up we need a epidemic style shortage . this looks better when he dumps them on europe and japan

    Im still hoping for more by christmas but with people paying 1000 or more on ebay i feel billy boy will hold them for spring he doesnt want to piss off more people than he has (or does he)

    watch ebay when the prices fall and units stop there, we will probably get more from microsoft
    its all politics

  • annoyed

    i didn’t wait in line for the xbox 360 or preorder one… but i hadn’t expected every freaking store to recieve just a few consoles… bestbuy here only had 85… the frys had non which is retarded… toys r us had 12!! 12 in the whole store… theres a couple hundred people who want to buy the system just around that store probably and they send out 12….

    also anyone go on ebay and look for xbox 360’s?? its beyond me how people would buy 2 systems so that they can try to sell it for $2000 who in their right mind would buy that?????? i hope they all end up having to keep their extra systems and lose all that money spent on the extra systems!

    i hope sony would do a suprise jump on ms and do a spring lunch for the ps3… how funny would that be? everyone would be so pissed from this charade by ms that they would rather buy the ps3 right?

  • alex

    there are now 21758 on ebay selling between $810 -$990 each things are starting to calm already proving the demand was hype watch and see people

  • annoyed

    lol its so late here its 4 am in the morning here and i still cant go to sleep.. i just found this site by accident cause i wanted to find out when the next xbox 360 is getting shipped… personally i hope ms would straighten out or get hit hard by the ps3 sales because of this… but i would really love to play the new elder scrolls oblivion ….

    also for the 21758 @$$holes who’re selling the xbox 360… was it really neccessary???? that can mean at least 21758 other people would have been satisfied..

  • alex

    This should annoy you even more

    Winning bid: US $9,100.00 (Reserve met)
    Ended: Nov-22-05 19:50:11 PST
    Start time: Nov-21-05 19:50:11 PST
    History: 47 bids (US $500.00 starting bid)

    I was wathching this last night on ebay I copied this direct from site this is real
    Do you believe this or is it hype to further feed the fire

  • annoyed

    so someone bought the damn thing for 9100??…….. thats gotta be that damn person who recently won the 315 million dollar jackpot because thats too much money to just toss away…… anyways i’mma try to sleep now .

  • alex

    go to this site to see all the problems. be glad we were shafted
    one of my early thoughts was the they would hold back on the # shipped so they could replace the ones that die right out of the box
    remember this is microsodft they are known for software problems, ever use a windows program !!! problem here you cant fix these problems with a software patch
    why do you think they test each unit for 2 hours and what is the % that fail at the factory
    buy a mac
    buy the ps3
    i would rather wait and get a machine that works then wait and get one that melts my CD’S

  • buy the ps3

    Yeah, because Sony’s gaming products work so well come launch… /sarcasm off

    Overheating PS Ones?
    DRE on the PS2?
    Blue disc issues?
    PSP dead pixels?

  • CrashRhino

    A lot of the problems I’m hearing is due to Condesation Issues (which MS will not admit to nor admit it is happening). The experts (I’m not a science major, just business) are telling people to open your Xbox cardboard box, unwrap it and let it sit in room tempurature for an hour (unplugged) before playing. I have 2 friend who are a “high up” in the Walmart Corporation and they are saying if the next shipment comes in before X-Mas (which is now turning into a very real possibility due to hate mail being sent to MS), employees are authorized and can get “first dibs” because they were not allowed to purchase them at launch. This is also being done by almost every other major retailer. So there probably will not be any for the consumer to buy until Januray (hence, they are still telling people the next shipment is in January). Also, some retailers have been informed (or somehow know) of this problem with the 360 and have set aside 4-8 units as return units RIGHT BEFORE LAUNCH (THIS IS A FACT AND HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY A District Manager friend of mine AT A MAJOR RETAILER).

  • kevinkrem

    Ye i live in toronto and i was disapointed on the launch of the 360. I wne to local Future Shops, Best Buys, toys R us, and zellers. I think i spend from 7 am to 10 am roaming around toronto for one. I had no luck everything was sold out. Zellers and toys R Us’ were only given 6 systems! Future shop and Best Buys were given 12! iunno maybe bill doesnt like canada lol but im sure not going to waste my time anymore. Just gonna wait till they are actully launched properly. But if MS launches closer to the ps3 date im forsure going for the ps3 instead. Hopefully MS will realize what a stupid marketing decision they made. I also heard that the 360 had some very negative things against it. On my local news channel they said that the graphics of some systems had bugs. They displayed the wheels of a car as squares on some systems. I think that the first shipment of 360s werent perfected yet. Probly the same situation the ps2 had when it was released. I just dont see why MS would want to upset their gaming customers. Especiallly near Christmas holidays.

  • Nick

    i love how some of you add how your “anti MS” that’s a great sign that i should listen to you when considering buying a “next-gen system. The PS3 has no game lists therefore i will not it. Rev…its Nintendo…lets face it NIN hasnt relased anything good since its 64, Gamecube has been a failure in the u.s if you ask me and where do we live…the u.s…ps2 is great and all but think about the game quality, all it is cheap thrown together 3rd party crap that doesnt sell unless your grandmother buys you something for your birthday and picks up a 5 dollar veriosn of RTX, headhunter or any of the other 1000 under 10$ games they publish. xbox holds many titles that will most likely win the next gen war…Halo3, Gears of War, Oblivion..all those are worth more than what MS is asking for..i rest my case when i say buy the 360 its not going to dreamcast like all these rev and ps3 fanboys want it to..it will succeed

  • Stickman

    the fact that Retailers sold out ACROSS AMERICA IN ONE DAY(more like 6 hours, from the sounds of things) is disgusting… the sheer limit on the supply to stores is apalling…

  • Alexa

    how many were sold in america ?
    how many will be sold in europe and asia??????
    I like both my x-box and ps2, competition makes for better games its not politics. you need two parties(rep.dem) to keep balance such as you need competition in every market to get better products
    if you don’t buy this then move to russia and buy a lada .
    the point being pre-orders should have been honored and to hell with the rest of the would
    thats what the japs do
    rememger they made gaming fun and affordable dont count them out because your head is up Bill Gates ASS

  • This is in response to an earlier comment by a guy named Mark:

    “400,000 to pepsi? um…wrong…get numbers straight people. And while MS did have trouble producing the consoles, it is in many ways the fault of the stores selling them for jumping the gun so quickly and not being more careful about how many preorders to take.”

    First of all, you can’t just say “get the numbers straight people” and be done with the argument – it’s been widely reported that the amount of systems given away in this stupid Every10Minutes promition is in the hundreds of thousands. Those numbers are actually fairly accurate – so, yes, those numbers are really not wrong, as you so worded it. And this Every10minutes promotion has greatly tapped into the supply of available X-Box 360 systems available for launch.

    Secondly, I happen to work at a Gamestop. And I can assure you that over-preordering is not our fault. It’s difficult to gauge a brand new system’s popularity, AND given the fact that our company had very good assurances from Microsoft that there would be more than enough systems to cover all pre-orders within a short amount of time, it’s hard to shoot the blame at us for taking that comment as fact.

    As a personal opinion, why would anyone want an Xbox 360 right now anyways? The launch lineup isn’t anything to brag about (I know most launch lineups arent that good, but come on people – they just copied a bunch of last-gen games onto 360 software… where’s the originality???), and none of the games out right now really showcase anything the system can do – which, I will admit, it CAN do alot.

    But I say just wait it out a little while, people – most people that come into the store are unimpressed with their system thus far, so why not wait until a larger amount of titles come out?

  • alex a

    Amen Joe

    The ps2 is has now just maxxed out it’s potential and the xbox has not. so why the the hype and rush to launch the 360
    Why not wait to launch with the numbers needed.
    the people on ebay will make a profit but bill won’t for years??
    they could have waited to launch with the ps3
    I think bill is either greedy or scared to run toe-to-toe with sony’s ps3
    nintendo will have its fan-base but with all the classic games sucking ( zelda for example ) they will suffer on the revelution launch
    there were as i saw it 27,777 360’s on ebay the first day selling for 2000-9000
    now there are 14,000 selling for around $ 750-840
    demand is less but the prices are sharply down this is backwareds for a high demand product. the prices should get higher as #’s decrease proving that this is done on purpose to make the 360 look in high demand. I still want to know how many were released in america.
    keep checking ebay. Ebay is the true meter for the value and demand for a product
    If there are none in sight for christmas the prices should sky rocket not fall( bill you better get some friend to start bidding crazy #’s if you want to keep up the hype)
    Read my earlier posts, microsoft has done nothing but hurt his fan base and made a few lucky-ones a little extra scrach trying to make this thing look like the best thing since buttered toast



  • Read the whole thread, my post is the last one.

    Fucking nothing but “my shitbox 360 is busted/freezing” calls all day long again today.. will it ever end???? pathetic…

  • Alex A

    Wow Mr. Shitbox 360
    If your not a lying shit head yourself,I feel for you.
    Mabey sony will hire you.
    How many were released?? I say it was well under a million maybe 500,000 not including pepsi
    What say You???
    What is the deal with walmart and not running the system at the store, some other post said it messed up the photo machine, thats weird
    is it radio-active????
    or does it give of EMW (electro magnetic waves) will it give you cancer????
    I’m going to wait awhile till i buy one, at first I a was mad but now i’m glad i didnt get one
    you know microsoft their software has problems and if they didn’t dominate the market they would go under for a sloppy product
    They are even worse at hardware I guess
    Did you notice that even G-4 isnt even running post release shows only the pre-launch show.
    makes you think

  • Ian Birlem

    Microsoft Sucks! I have to wait?

  • Microsoft’s not a very creative company (like Apple for instance). Their product roll outs come out forced and dry.

  • Pissed

    What pisses me off more than anything? I traded in my original xbox so that I could afford the 360!!! now I don’t even have a fuckin system!!! UNREAL!!! It’s strictly business, I will not by Microsoft as much as humanly possible. So long Halo…we had some good times

  • N!GHTSH4D3