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The X-Philes: Right-Wing Hysteria over CNN Coverage of Cheney Speech

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If you thought the right-wing frenzy over the “Islamic crescent design” of the Flight 93 memorial was weird, check out the latest lemming stampede over the way CNN allegedly flashed a big X over Dick Cheney’s face during live coverage of Ol’ Snarly’s speech yesterday at the American Enterprise Institute.

The Drudge Report has given the story five-alarm play since last night, claiming that the X created “an odd subliminal effect.” To what end is not explained — maybe Drudge is flashing on The Omen, that enjoyably idiotic 1976 flick in which Gregory Peck discovers his adopted son is really the Antichrist. You will recall that whenever a potential troublemaker was targeted for termination, a black streak appeared across the victim’s face in photographs.

Leave it to enterprising Canadian blogger Dan McKenzie to spoil the fun by revealing the X to be a technical glitch during the broadcast. Check out the comments, though — at least one troll won’t be appeased by any such technical talk. Personally, I think if some techie at CNN really had wanted to send a subliminal message about the speech, flashing LYING SHITWEASEL over Cheney’s face would have been far more appropriate.


Originally published in The Opinion Mill.

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  • Nancy

    If it was an accident, it couldn’t have happened to a more appropriate maggot, lol. Hey – ! Maybe this is an omen from GOD?!

  • Touche. And “ouch” for Lord Vader…I mean Cheney

  • Perhaps Cheney is a punk.

  • Perhaps Cheney was being “punk’d”

  • steve

    oh…CNN??? The Communist News Network? pff..

  • That’s actually what happens when you hook up the feed to the XBox.

  • RedTard

    It seems it would be pretty easy to trace the X back to it’s source. There is some writing below the X which partially obscures the Cheney quote and can’t quite be made out on the black background.

    It could be an actual technical error but my guess would be a politically minded intern or low level emnployee. If they do get fired for the stunt, they can probably use that on their resume at MSNBC.

  • “Ol’ Snarly”… Wow, could there be a more appropriate nickname?