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According to USA TODAY, X-Files star David Duchovny has confirmed the longtime suspicion that the second X-Files film would not continue the long-running mythology that anchored the television series and was continued in the first film, and will instead “be a stand-alone horror movie.”

This is disheartening, to say the least.

X-Files the series always had two significant cheats: 1) That Mulder and Scully, while being detrimental to those who wished to bring an alien invasion to Earth, couldn’t simply be killed, lest they become ‘martyrs’ and suffer a publicized death; and 2) That after seeing all they saw, the pair could go back to routine ‘monster-of-the-week’ cases, even with the full knowledge that the end of the world was just a turn around the bend.

The first cheat was tested multiple times, particularly when there were attempts on the lives of the FBI agents. If you could attempt to kill Mulder one time, why couldn’t you a second or third or fourth, etc? The second cheat, however, was explained in at least a somewhat understandable fashion: There was no confirmation of the invasion, officially, and there was not a date.

The series finale, however, resolved both those issues. The end of the world, for those interested, will be December 12, 2012. The only way for any sequel not to strain credulity would be for the film to take place before the series finale (and, really, long before that, since Mulder wasn’t a regular the last two seasons), not only because it wouldn’t make sense for there not to be an urgency about, you know, armageddon, but also because Mulder and Scully have lost their jobs with the FBI and are now being pursued, no doubt with the promise of death.

For serious X-philes, though, it’s a disappointing decision either way. We didn’t wait nine years and suffer through several sub-par seasons to find out the answers we all had waited for only to face the prospects of a better-than-average Dimension film. Think about a series about FBI agents tracking Islamic fundamentalists that ended the day before September 11, only to be continued with a film that flashbacked to a standdown with militia members.

Come on, Chris Carter. Our loyalty to sit through the tenth re-hash of the killer-from-beyond-the-grave-plot and willingness to pay three figures for DVD episodes that we already had on perfectly fine VHS tapes is seriously being tested! Show us the killer aliens, gooddammit!

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  • Eric Olsen

    seconded, and none of this shape-shifting shit either sucka!!

  • John

    What the hell is this shit? What is he thinking about? First, he leaves us with an unfinished show after the series finale. Then he gets everyone’s hopes up announcing that there will be another movie, now he decides that he wants to just make another stupid monster movie. Are you kidding me? It’s going to be no different than all of the unclever, cheesy ghost/ monster cheap thrillers that have been spewed out the last few years. Big mistake Carter.

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  • Mr.poncho

    (sigh).All I got to say is that I like x-files and i’m waiting on the next movie. But right now its the year 2006- if they want to make a seqel they better hurry.

  • Michelle

    More xfiles movies!!