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The X Factor Has Debuted… So Now What?!

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When I first heard talent Midas Simon Cowell was bringing another rebooted (dare I say remastered)  singing  show, The X Factor to the states, I wanted to leave New York to bunk with Snooki.  Seriously.   I wanted to say cheers to the friggin’ weekend and get bombed Jersey Shore style to make it go away. Okay, so falling into a vat of John Barleycorn is not my idea of a good time, but have you seen that do Snook’s got goin’ on? I mean, I’m from Long Island, so I can endure a few rabid squirrels nesting in my curls for the sake of humanity, not to mention my sanity. 

Well, no one has the guts to toss their eight balls to the wall and declare to most of the world, “Are you kidding me? You suck! “ Well, I do. Geez, people, didn’t it occur to any of you as you were crooning in the mirror and it cracked that you don’t have an ounce of talent? We all want to be musical superstars, but we all weren’t given the gift to belt it out… not even with vocal life support compliments of auto tunes.  So we live vicariously through the singing competitions that have saturated our television screens of late.  We still scream, shriek and shout into our makeshift mics and pretend we are at Madison Square Garden performing to a sold-out venue.  However, reality sets in – or someone was prepared with smelling salts, and you realize it is just you, the screen and Simon Scowl… oops, I mean Cowell.

Finally, the wait is over and the U.S. version of The X Factor debuted, so what did you think?

As for the performers, Marcus Canty had me laughing so hard tears were falling.  When he dramatically fell to the floor, I had to rewind the DVR several times to get all of the laughs out of my system (and because it was just crazy).

Stacey Francis belted out Natural Woman and there is no doubt that she can sing, but she over did it.  Less is more would have been a better decision and made her appear more humble.

Thirteen-year-old Rachel Crow’s rendition of Mercy was kicky, soulful and dripping with talent. Kid’s got chops!

Now for the judges and host.  Let me ask, is Antonio “L.A.”  Reid’s presence suppose to mean something? He’s a former performer, a music mogul and Perri “Pebbles”  Reid’s ex husband.  Yeah, whatever.  He just reminds me of an outlet version of Randy Jackson – you get some good deals… just on the cheap… with some irregularities.

I think Steve Jones is so much more entertaining than tapioca Seacrest.  Seacrest = Sea snore.  Team Jones all the way.

As for Paula, Paula is Paula… lots of fun, full of heart.  Big whoop if only some of her cookies are baked and the others still frozen.  She is terrific and it’s fun to see her and Simon back at it again. 

I love Nicole Scherzinger and have since she was part of Eden’s Crush, but what on earth did Cheryl Cole do to get FIRED? Cole was delightful, relaxed and refreshing.  Did she cut in front of Simon when refilling her Pepsi? Did she yank Paula’s extensions out at the local Denny’s? Hmmm… Did she ask L.A. Reid if Peri ever gave him the benefit before they split? Inquiring minds want to know. 

As for Simon, he definitely embodies the phrase, “that’s entertainment”.

The X Factor  proves to all those naysayers that Cowell definitely has the “it” factor when it comes to showmanship and Idol wasn’t a fluke. Is X Factor American Idol  part deux? Do you prefer Cheryl or Nicole? Should Cheryl have remained and Reid gotten the pink slip? 

Let’s dish.

Oh, wait, here comes my Jersey roommate Snooki.  Ah, Snook, what is that you’re holding? A what? Wha-? What the heck is a “bumpits” ? Nah, I’ll pass,  I’d rather have frothing rodents in my hair than a friggin’ hair IUD.

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