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The Works Of Michel Gondry On DVD

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If you dig the work of Michel Gondry, there’s a piece of good news.

Palm Pictures will be releasing an on-going series that highlights the work of filmakers who have helped re-define music videos and filmmaking over the last decade.

From their official website, “each volume features music videos, shorts and commercials hand-picked by the directors, exclusive audio and video commentaries from featured artists and collaborators, unreleased shorts and documentaries and much more. A 52-page companion book including photographs, storyboards, treatments, drawings and interviews comes with each specially packaged DVD.”

Included in the series so far are Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham. To read more about this release, check out the official website here.

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  • Jesska

    Although I LOVE my Michele Gondry DVD, he certainly makes a case for accessible art. The title of his 52-p booklet is “I’ve Been 12 Forever.” This is funny b/c when I was 13 (which is almost like 12) I made a collection of my receipts, organized by store, b/c I was sure most ppl would be interested in my life to the degree that they would analyze my shopping patterns. That is essentially what Michele has done w/ his booklet and collection of “stories” and videos. It’s interviews w/ nameless ppl and pictures of his son’s handwriting and stories of his mom going shopping at the mall in France. Sigh. And the Rolling Stones’ “Like a Rolling Stone” video is so terrible SONICALLY and VISUALLY that I puked. Becca did, too. I sound like an idj, but it’s a song about a kid w/ nothing left to lose, and Mick is all trying to sex it up when he’s 297832 years old and the stupid storyline is gross, too. Also, everyone in the video is blonde. Hmmm.
    I like the short films Gondry did with Oui Oui. They’re not really shorts, and not really music videos. Oui Oui is a French version of NPR bands that play wonderful background / soundtrack music.

  • hmm

    Interesting you didn’t like the Rolling Stones video visually… maybe it’s a bit different after you’ve experienced hallucinogens…