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The Wonder and the Woe

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So this is another one of those things that I think is absolutely great. I do have a question however… Cows tend to be very docile creatures…. Would it be possible to install wind farms on land used for grazing animals or some crops? This way you would get dual purpose land. Farm for food and farm for energy. I do know that in the UK, the water authority uses sheep on a lot of places to keep he grass cut and also make a profit from wool and mutton sale. It seems that if you could get this to work, you would also save on the space needed. Mind you, putting the wind farms on farmland will lower the output of the farm, however with more modern methods of farming (and I am not talking about industrial farming which is a scourge on the land and also very cruel to animals raised on them), I would think that you would have the ability to still turn a tidy profit. Imagine if you could lease part of your farmland to the energy companies so that they could install wind trubines… So now you are getting rent money and money from your animals and crops. I’m not sure this is possible but it is something to think about.

That and the fact that living on Mars might be really possible and the uranium eating microbes gives me a
little hope. I’m not sure anymore if America is going to be at the forefront when these exciting things happen. At the rate things are going now… it looks like either Asia or Europe is going to be the places to beat. (if people would get their heads out of their asses and stop resting on the “We’re Number 1” crap, we still have a chance of kicking ass in this world… ) Still it’s very exciting stuff indeed!

Then I read stuff like this or this… and I have to think about whatI posted a few days ago on tekwh0re- about if women really have gained so much… Sure, women do have it better than 200 years ago… but that doesn’t mean that women have it “good” now. There is still no true equality when it comes down to it. Basically, if you are a female who can breed, you aren’t truly free… you can be criminalized just for being pregnate.

Mind you- I don’t think that doing crack cocaine or drinking or smoking while pregnate is a good thing nor should be encouraged… but we need to look at who these laws really target- minority and poor women. Let’s be honest here… if she is a crack whore, she is a crack whore and you can’t expect her to just stop being a crack whore because she suddenly finds herself pregnate. Sure, it is very unfortunate but now we want to criminazie abortion but we don’t want to have goverment sponsored pre-natal or post-natal care. We don’t want goverment funded drug rehabilitation centers. If you want to see a decent doctor, you need to pay… but if you are a crack whore, where are you supposed to get the money from?

Basically, if the conservatives got their way, this is what would happen to Catherine Crack Whore (ccc for short):

CCC finds herself knocked up and addicted to drugs. She cannot:

  • get an abortion
  • get into a free drug rehabilitation program
  • go to a doctor- or
  • if she choses to go to a doctor, runs the risk of getting arrested or procecuted because she does drugs

Yeah, with all those factors against her, CCC really has options to help herself, doesn’t she?

It’s funny because when I was younger, I agreed with the idea that women if they are doing drugs or drinking should be arrested if they are pregnate. Now that I have gotten older, I can see that it really isn’t that simple. There is a much bigger problem here.

Then again maybe its not bigger problem but just a woman’s problem. Especially since insurance can pay to get a man’s dick hard but not to prevent a woman from getting knocked up.

**Side note here… Why am I not surprised that Bush wanted to drop support of contraception insurance in federal employees? Truly, a man who knows how to support women. He is the anti-Christ of sane life if ever there was one.**

Stuff like this really does make me salty. It’s easy to make laws and dictate shit to people when you aren’t living in their shoes. There are times when I wish all the women of the world had taken their rolling pins and beat the hell out of the men of the world for a bit and scare them into laying off. In the end however, that solves nothing but perpetuates more violence, less communication and more mis-understanding (though the thought I must admit, really does make me chuckle…) Perhaps if women raised this threat over men’s head, letting them know that they really aren’t needed anymore, they might butt out of these issues and let us womenfolk decide.

*sigh* Don’t worry men… I love men far too much to ever get rid of them. It’s only a few asses in the bunch that is spoiling the party for everyone else (isn’t that always the case?).

See how easy everything gets polarized? See the damage it can do?

*sigh* After all this thought, I feel like I need a glass of champange, some Deep Dish on the radio, (or UNKLE) and a couple of cute guys to pay drunk games and talk shop with… That is far more fun than thinking about how people are screwing the world up…

But if someone doesn’t care or worry, whose gonna try to save us all?

Hmmm…. Who indeed?

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