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The White Stripes on Conan

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Hey, a teevee post! Those don’t happen often!

I just managed to catch The White Stripes in their first of four-in-a-row Conan gigs. I like how Comedy Central plays the night before last’s show at eleven AM and then last night’s at five PM. Since I’m unemployed, I should be able to catch the original airing, but something else always seems to be going on.

Anyway, they played what I thought they would (and should) play, which was “Seven Nation Army”. What a cool song. But has anyone ever watched Meg play the drums? She sits up so close to them that her arms are bent in an awkward position when she has to hit the tom on her right or left. Looks really uncomfortable, but, whatever works, right?

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  • If the Soledad Brothers are covering the old Townes VanZandt song, here ya go:

    Goin’ Down to Memphis

    Goin’ down to Memphis
    maybe get my ashes hauled
    I can drive me a car
    but I don’t need no car at all
    I beleive I’ll ride that Memphis cannon ball

    She runs so fast
    you can’t catch her from behind
    ah, she runs so fast
    you can’t catch her from behind
    but I’ll be there waitin’
    for that little Memphis girl of mine

    Why I left
    guess I’ll never know
    Why I left
    man, I guess I’ll never know
    sittin’ here thinkin’
    I’m one dumb-ass so and so

    I’m headed back
    that Memphis train
    she leaves real soon
    the Memphis train
    sound like she leaves real soon
    got nothin’ to guide me
    ‘cept the color of the moon
    hangin’ over Memphis

    Headed down
    where the Mississippi runs
    boys I’m headed home
    back where the Mississippi runs
    I hear there’s some lovin’ there
    try to get me some

    Headed down to Memphis
    maybe get my ashes hauled
    just don’t know
    why I ever left at all
    I’m gettin’ on that train, man,
    I ain’t even gonna call
    be there ‘fore the break of day

  • Hannah

    Does anyone have the lyrics to Goin’ Down to Memphis, or know where to get them?

  • Bill

    Yeah i saw the medley on Conan and it was awesome. Jack White really gets into his music. The best part was when he took off his guitar and played it on Conan’s desk. He is probably the best guitarist today. I didn’t get to see the other performances but the one i saw was awesome!!!

  • I haven’t found the medley yet, but I do have an MP3 of a live performance of John the Revelator. I’ll send it to you if you email me.

  • Deb

    I’ve been looking all over for the song they did on Conan… thank you guys for knowing the answer. NOW, have they recorded this medley? Where can I land a copy of it? Thanks!

  • nomedigas

    ooh, sorry… it was actually a three part medley… they also did the song “John the Revelator”, orginally Son House.

  • nomedigas

    IT was a medley of “Let’s Build a Home” and “Goin’ Down to Memphis” (a cover from fellow Detroit rockers, the Soledad Brothers). The White Stripes are easily one of the best rock bands around.

  • NoThx

    The song TWS played on Conan’s Friday show was “Let’s Build a Home” from the album “De Stijl”

  • Ya know, I don’t know what it was. Jim Treacher said it was something old, so I’m gonna listen to all their albums till I find it.

  • Ruben

    Does anybody know what song they played at the end of the Conan show on Friday?? I have been stuck in school oblivion all semester, and to be honest that was the first time I heard them.