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The White Noise of EVPs

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White Noise is one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. I went to see it when it was new in the theaters with my 13 year old daughter. We held each other’s hands so tightly that we emerged from the theater with bruises on our hands. Now I may be a bit of a weak spirit but the Duke isn’t and his review of White Noise makes clear that I am not alone in my fear.

The DVD comes out on May 17, 2005. When (note I don’t say if) you get a chance to buy and view it, the first half will be scariest only with the proper lights off atmosphere. At the beginning, it is the slow waiting and the sudden noises that add the fear to this movie. In the bright light of day, that cell phone ringing comes off more like a cell phone ringing.

In the second half though, you can watch this, lights on, with a stereo playing and the baby crying, and it will still be scary. Those EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomena, are the dead talking to us in the static of white noise. In the movie, not all the dead are good. In fact, they are downright dangerous.

Here’s the thing though: Apparently, EVPs are real. Fortunately, Tom and Lisa Butler of the AAEVP have been recording EVPs for 15 years and have never been threatened.

To launch the DVD release, the Butlers, who are featured on the DVD bonus features, will be doing a live recording session at a local historic Hollywood hotel tomorrow night. Yours truly will be there and you’ll have all the scoop on Tuesday. For someone who barely got through the movie, a live recording session may be risky business but curiousity got the best of me.

You too can explore the world of EVPs. According to the Butlers, all you need to do is record some white noise and listen to the noises later. You only have to record 5 minutes. Any voices that occur will do so in those first few minutes. Complete instructions and a demonstration are included in the DVD.

To send an EVP right now, press this button.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you though.

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  • The biggest problem I had with White Noise‘, other than not finding it scary or the least bit creepy, is that it lacks a central conflict. And the whole process of looking at, or listening to, “noise” is so uncinematic that the film just tapers out by the middle. Then again, I think The Mothman Prophecies is one of the scariest films to come out in the last twenty five years. So it’s possible I’m the abnormal one.

  • Mothman Prophecies is number 2 for me. Godsend and Sixth Sense are in there but Sixth Sense doesn’t survive much rewatching.
    The 1981 Ghost Story holds up very well over time.
    I don’t need the central conflict as much as I need the internal consistency so the paranormal phenomena is believable, some characters that I like, and the straight out scare without too much gruesomeness.

  • May

    I just watched the movie, White Noise, and I, found it scary. Even my cat looked nervous. I thought about EVPs, and yes, as far as I am concerned, there is another spiritual dimension, and I am also sure that not all spirits summoned are good.
    While watching the movie, I was wondering if Keaton’s ‘movie wife’ was herself killed?
    A little confusing, the director probably wanted his audience to figure it out? All said- I enjoyed it.