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The Week That Was…..A Viewer’s Diary: 5/15-5/21

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One day I will learn, I cannot wait until the evening of posting day to write up this column. So far my track record is pretty evenly split between writing as I go along and waiting until the last possible moment. So I apologize for the lack of quality on many of these posts. Some day I hope to have a system down, but until then I will make do with what I have. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that I am still watching stuff on tape while I am writing. Enjoy!

Sunday 5/15.

  • King of the Hill. Season finale. Bill joins a mens choir and loves it to the point of threatening his army barbering. Meh. **
  • Malcolm in the Middle. Lois is entered in a beauty pageant in the season finale. I am surprised this is coming back next year. **
  • The Simpsons. Flanders moves after finally becoming fed up with Homer. The new neighbor isn’t much better. A little funnier than it has been lately, but still… **.5
  • The Simpsons. Bart becomes a Catholic, this episode was one of the funnier of the year. Features Liam Neeson as a priest. ***
  • Family Guy. Quagmire must be cured of his perversions, and in the process saves a womans life. Peter then makes a mockery of himself trying to be remembered. Love it. ***.5
  • American Dad. Memory erasing is the order of the day as Stan’s wife is sent back to her wild days. Funny, better than the Simpsons, but no Family Guy. ***
  • Desperate Housewives. Susan gets ready to have Mike move in with her. Bree’s husband has a heart attack. Looking forward to next week’s finale. ***
  • Grey’s Anatomy. Shepherd and Meredith have a growing tension about their lives, and a psychic is afraid of losing his abilities. ***
  • Crossing Jordan. Henry Winkler guest stars as another ME accusing Macy of past misconduct. Jordan is caught in the middle of wanting to help her friend and get to the bottom of the problem. Good episode. ***

Monday 5/16.

  • WWE: Raw. Nothing memorable as I can’t remember anything….
  • 24. Why is Palmer at the White House? Why hasn’t the public been told? What does Heller’s son know? Jack is on the case. The only thing missing from here is the Chinese Consulate. Looking forward to the finale next week. ****

Tuesday 5/17.

  • House. Fantastic episode, with House having to fill in for a roleplay with med students. Featuring flash backs and a variety of characters as we learn about House’s leg problem. Possibly the best episode yet. ****
  • Blind Justice. Good episode. Features a suspicious fire in a building owned by a fireman. Even better is the reappearance of the guy who found Dunbar’s dog the week before, asking him to talk to his nephew who is also blind. Steps out of the formula of the earlier episodes. ***.5
  • Law & Order: SVU. You know, this is one I forgot, wish I didn’t this is my favorite of the L&O series.

Wednesday 5/18.

  • Smallville. The 90 minute season finale centers on an impending meteor shower and an evacuation of the town, the stones are back as well as Lana gets in a fight with Jason’s mom resulting in murder. Lex steps in but only wants the stones. Clark, meanwhile, steps through the wall in the cave and ends up at the North Pole, presumably for the creation of the Fortress of Solitude. ***
  • That 70’s Show. The one hour season finale. It seems like this kid Charlie is going to be a new member of the cast. Great Star Wars references. Some drama between Jackie, Hyde, and Kelso. I still think this hsould have been the last season. ***
  • Stacked. Skyler is trying to get her life back on track with unexpected results from the others. Enjoyable in a silly kind of way. ***
  • Law & Order. Season finale features a headline inspired by a real event. A would be suicide succeeds in derailing a train killing many others instead. Then the guy insists on defending himself. One of the better episodes lately, as I am not much of a fan of Farina and that guy from Soprano’s. ***
  • Lost. Rampingup for the season finale next week. The French woman leads a group towards a pillar of black smoke. The raft finally launches. Big things are afoot. ***
  • Alias. 2 hour episode featuring the return of Irina, and a mad dash for Rambaldi artifacts. Vaughn steps up for the big question. Sloan rejoins his side of choice and Dixon gets shot. Better than the past few weeks. ***

Thursday 5/19.

  • WWE: Smackdown. The last buildup towards judgement day provided a mediocre show. Eddie appeared to step on Rey’s mask. JBL and Cena are squabbling. ANgle acting like the pervert. **.5
  • CSI. Directed by Quentin Tarantino. This was one hell of an episode. On a job, Nick gets snatched, soon a letter and a USB drive key arrives asking for ransom and a link to a webcam of Nick in a box, buried. We’ve all seen the buried alive schtick, but this does a great job of creating a sense of desperation as the search goes on. Great season finale. ****
  • ER. The season finale which bids farewell to John Carter. It was nice to see the passing of the torch, as the last remaining lead to have been there from the start leaves in an understated manner while the focus is on the next generation of docs to take the lead roles. ***.5

Friday 5/20.

  • Muppet’ Wizard of Oz. Couldn’t quite make it through this one. I like most of the old Muppet movies, but this just seemed hollow. *

Saturday 5/21.

  • Justice League: Unlimited. Finally some new episodes. Features an group of felons brought together by a Colonel Flagg to break into JL headquarters to steal a robot. Fun episode. ***

That’s it for this week. Be prepared for the summer shrink as all the reruns start to kick in.

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  • Too bad Scrubs’ season ended… I miss JD. It also sucks that it only has a midseason pick-up for the 2005-2006 season. Scrubs is very underrated.

  • Yeah, I go back and forth on the writing along with the shows and waiting ’till the last second. It’s tough when you commit to doing a certain amount every single week.

  • A shame about Scrubs, the most underappreciated sitcom….

    Eric: It’s all the stuff I normally watch too, it’s not like I added stuff just for the column. Of course, taking a day off for STar Wars didn’t help. I’ll try to use the lean summer months to tweak it a bit.