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The Week That Was…..A Viewer’s Diary: 5/1-5/7

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Come one, come all, come see, what I saw. Or something like that….

Anyway, here is what I watched last week:

Sunday 5/1.

  • King of the Hill. Why do I still watch it? I don’t know. Well this one focuses on Peggy helping Dale’s wife, Nancy with regaining her job as weathergirl. Meanwhile, Bobby is scaredof a kid barks. Ho hum. *.5
  • Malcolm in the Middle. Reese gets hopped up on experimental drugs and Malcolm is forced to become Uncle Sam on stilts. All that will Hal and Lois argue about money. Hal is probably the only interesting character left. **
  • The Simpsons. Is Homer seeing an imaginary friend in the guise of Ray Romano? Maybe. It was OK, but like I’ve said before, this series is losing steam. **.5
  • The Simpsons. Case in point, Bart pigs out on junk food and becomes a fat kid. This episode is clearly a case of running out of ideas. Why did they cut short Arrested Development episodes? *
  • Family Guy. YES! This had me in tears before the opening credits rolled. Peter and Lois take another Honeymoon and end up stealing footage for Mel Gibsons “The Passion 2.” Meanwhile Brian and Stewie hold down the fort at home. I am so glad that this hasn’t lost it’s edge. ***.5
  • American Dad. Seems like a variation on Family Guy, but still pretty funny. Stan is upset that his wife is making more than him as a real estate agent. I am reserving final judgement for more episodes. ***
  • Crossing Jordan. Starts off pretty good, with Jordan investigating the murder of a 19 year old cloistered nun who was pregnant. Unfortunately my tape cut out halfway through the episode.
  • Desperate Housewives. Lynette has some competition from her husnand’s past. Susan faces off with the kid from across the street. And Gabby discovers she is pregnant, but who is the father? ***
  • Grey’s Anatomy. The more I see of this, the more I am growing to like it. The characters are coming into better focus and they make great use of squishy noises. ***

Monday 5/2.

  • WWE: Raw. New Tag champs in Hurricane and Rosey are revealed, as is a new tournament for the number one contendor. The match of the night had to be the fantastic bout between HBK and Shelton Benjamin. ***
  • 24. Wow! This was great. Palmer is back taking charge, Jack is breaking the law again, we may be headed for World War III. Still creeping towards the best season title. ****
  • Las Vegas. Let the fun begin. A secret admirer steps out of the shadows, and holds a big money secret. Meanwhile, Dave Foley guest stars as a guy who wants to visit a brothel prior to his wife’s arrival and loses his wedding band. A continually fun series. ***
  • Medium. Continuing a cross between dull and interesting. This time she helps the DA reopen a murder case where the convicted may have been innocent. **.5

Tuesday 5/3.

  • Veronica Mars. The final drive towards uncovering Veronica’s rapist continues. The trail of drugs goes all over the school, until the tryst is revealed to have been with Duncan, her brother. Great episode, not what I expected. This is still one of the best shows you’re not watching. ****
  • House. The formula is emerging, but I don’t care. House diagnoses a young girl with strange symptoms, avoids talking to his boss, is generally unpleasant to be around, but gets the job done. Very good. ***
  • Blind Justice. Nice building of conflict between partners, plus some development with the rest of the station, all while figuring out a crime featuring a guy with a missing face. **.5
  • Law & Order: SVU & Law & Order: Trial by Jury. More like one long two hour episode, and a good one at that. The cast is enhanced by the guest spots by Angela Lansbury and Alfred Molina. The story deals with a serial rapist (Molina) who has an over protective mother (Lansbury). It is well acted, well directed, and just plain entertaining. We follow them from discovering who he is, to getting the victims to come forward. Very good. ****

Wednesday 5/4.

  • That 70’s Show. I hear this is coming back for another season, oh well. Eric goes to his former guidance counselor for help, but Chris Eliot may not be the best guy to do it. Kelso breaks up with Angie, and Hyde inherits the store. **
  • Lost. New episodes at last! Boone is buried, Jack attacks Locke, Sayid is asked to kill Locke, Shannon gets to the gun case. Plus we learn who knocked Sayid out and wrecked the transciever earlier in the season, knowledge of the hatch leaks. All that plus we see how Sayid ended up on a flight out of Australia. ****
  • Alias. Interesting episode, it continues the story thread of finding that chemical, I can’t recall the name, but then sidetracks to Jack and his radiation induced hallucinations, which prompts them to recreate his past life with Sydney filling in for Irina. This is in order to locate the man who can save him, Michael McKean. ***
  • Smallville. Not a terribly good episode, Lana and Clark find a baby in a field. The problem is that the child is aging at an extraordinary rate, so they turn to Lex for help. **
  • Law & Order. I had it on, but didn’t pay attention, I know, I’m slacking. I know it had something to do with a retirement plan, a race horse, and a mixture involving bi-carbonate, and a hose.

Thursday 5/5.

  • WWE: Smackdown. Eddie’s heel turn continues, and helps set up the main event, and best match of the night, Chavo vs. Rey. Booker continues his feud with Kurt, and Carlito makes his return to the ring. ***
  • Joey. Joey is trying to be a one woman man, and finds himself having to fend off Carmen Elektra. Not terribly good, but still fun. **.5
  • CSI. Catherine has a run in with a drunk at a bar, who soon becomes a suspect in the murder of a girl from the same bar. Decent, but not terribly memorable. **.5
  • ER. Luka and Sam are fighting, Carter gets tenure causing tension, Pratt has to go to a party, Morris becomes the new chief, and a repeat customer’s story takes a turn. This is a good show, but I think it is starting to over stay it’s welcome. ***

Friday 5/6.

  • Law & Order: Trial By Jury. The murder of a transsexual sparks this episode. Father and son are both implicated in the crime. **.5

Saturday 5/7.

  • Star Trek: Enterprise. The last new episode before the series finale. A human/vulcan child is discovered, and discovered that it is descended from Trip and T’Pol. This sparks an investigation and the infiltration of an anti-alien group headed by RoboCop himself, Peter Weller. Meanwhile the seeds are planted for the creation of the federation. ***

That’s all for this week. Many season finale’s are looming nearer, which will signal the shortening of this column, as everything goes into reruns.

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  • Is The Simpsons still in new episodes, Chris? I saw one a few weeks ago, dealing with a view into the future where we see the gang circa Lisa and Bart graduating from high school. I thought it was absolutely brilliant, though others on BC were much less impressed, as I recall.

    Whatever happens, you’d have to think this show will be in syndication for many, many years with its level of quality, popularity, and number of shows in the can.

    How long has Smallville been on the air? It’s one of those shows I’ve always heard good things about but never had the chance to check out.

  • Yep, last week was 2 new Simpsons, and so was this week, althought they have been less and less funny. You are prettyy much guranteed at least one laugh out loud moment per ep, but the quality has been dropping as they head towards season 17!

    Smallville, I believe this is the end of Season 4. A good show that falls into a routine from time to time, but is having fun with those years that no one ever really told a tale about. I still think that it is a shame they aren’t using this cast for the new film(s).

  • Beth Cornell

    I saw the Law & Order: SVU & Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Episode and thought it was brilliant! Good work to all.

  • DeeDee

    What is the name of the last song played in the season (4) finale of Crossing Jordan? When Woody is in the hospital and he tells Jordan to leave? If you can help, that would be great.