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The Waiting Is Almost Over: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band to Release Magic on October 2

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Bruce Springsteen will release his newest album, Magic, on October 2, according to a statement released today. This is Springsteen's first album with the E Street Band since 2002's The Rising, and has been long awaited by fans, many of whom have been somewhat dissatisfied with Springsteen's more recent work.

Described as "a high energy rock record" by Springsteen's long-time manager Jon Landau, the album will contain eleven tracks and was recorded at Southern Tracks Recording Studio in Atlanta, Georgia and was produced and mixed by Brendan O'Brien, who previously worked with Springsteen on The Rising and Devils & Dust. Landau also said that the album is "E Street Band heavy" and is a "little more sonically guitar-driven than any past Bruce album." All told, this sounds exactly like what Springsteen's long-time fans have been waiting for.

The hugely successful world tour that accompanied The Rising was followed by a period which saw Springsteen release a solo effort in 2005 (Devils & Dust) and an adventurous re-imagining of traditional folk music in 2006 (The Seeger Sessions), the latter of which was critically considered by many hard-core fans to be a vanity project and an unnecessary detour away from E Street. Although the European leg of the Seeger Sessions tour was a success, shows in the U.S. failed to sell out. In spite of lackluster ticket sales, the album was critically well-reviewed and was well-received by fans open-minded enough to embrace it and view it as a natural progression within the larger contextual framework of Springsteen's body of work.

Springsteen's first album, Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., was released 34 years ago, but it was the 1975 release of Born to Run that has guaranteed him his place in rock and roll history. Fans are undoubtedly hoping that Magic will see Springsteen returning to the kind of music that earned him his reputation as one of the best songwriters of his generation. While Springsteen continues to be the most energetic of stage performers, the advancing age of the band has had fans wondering how many more E Street tours the future holds.

Regardless of which side of the Seeger Sessions fence one is on, a new E Street outing is something that most fans will undoubtedly embrace. Rumor has it that a U.S. tour will commence in October, although Landau will not confirm or deny. Since October is only a couple of months away, it's likely that dates and venues will be announced in the very near future.

Track Listing

1. Radio Nowhere
2. You'll Be Comin' Down
3. Livin' in the Future
4. Your Own Worst Enemy
5. Gypsy Biker
6. Girls in Their Summer Clothes
7. I'll Work for Your Love
8. Magic
9. Last to Die
10. Long Walk Home
11. Devil's Arcade

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  • Daniel

    Yes, I got it and it sounds great…not like the version on youtube, this is the real copy from the cd.What can i say? The rockin´ boss is back!!
    The song is pretty simple but cool at the same time.
    Does anyone else think that radio nowhere sounds like an outtake from the river as “where the bands are” or “living on the edge of the world” but with a modern production arrangement?

  • “Radio Nowhere” is available, for free, on iTunes now.

    I’m diggin’ the sound of it…


  • Eric Olsen

    it ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive

  • Daniel

    I wrote Glenn not Glen.. sorry.

  • Daniel

    Love that christmas analogy,Glenn.I can´t wait to have the album,but as a fan,I just know that the waiting is gonna paid off. Radio nowhere is a rocker,so it just can´t let me down.I hope that I can hear it soon on the sites you mentioned,thanks for the information.

  • I’ve been hearing that radio will get Radio Nowhere soon, but couldn’t say when.

    I also expect that it will show up as a stream online sometime soon. Most likely at AOL Music, iTunes, or one of those places. When The Rising was released, I remember AOL had the song “The Rising” about a month ahead of time. I think they had “Lonesome Day” too if my memory serves me correctly. I’d also expect that BruceSpringsteen.net will stream something.

    This is the fun part for me — the waiting. Hearing the little bits track by track as Oct. 2 draws closer. Its like waiting for Christmas as a kid.


  • Daniel

    Sure that I don´t want the album to be as human touch or lucky town; I expect some much more from him, but he´s not alone this time he´s with the e-street band and that make me more confident.
    I heard that the single Radio nowhere is about to come out on the radio station Q1043 isn´t? I´m not in the United States so i wonder if i can heard it on-line.

  • Daniel

    Is that I don´t think bruce made really bad records;I mean it´s true that lucky town and human touch are by far his worst, but overall they´re not that bad.
    It´s true, I can´t say nothing until this album come out but i don´t think he dissapoint my expectations.But if it´s really bad I will try to be objective and say that is bad.It´s just that I don´t think so, he hasn´t really screwed up a record before.
    You´re right about that we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • And that really is the point isn’t it? None of us have heard the record yet so we really don’t know what to think at this point.

    Based on what I have heard about it, I’m relatively confident that I’m gonna like it. But until I actually hear it, I’m witholding judgment. Bruce has made records that have disapointed me before — I wasn’t wild about Human Touch or Lucky Town when they first came out, although both have grown on me in the years since.

    We’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?


  • Daniel

    Defending Springsteen´s music is lame because it´s something that it has not to be done.
    You can´t criticize a rock legend like him unless you have a real good point and the few(because they are really few)who criticizes him on this blog don´ have one.
    It´s not worth it, i´m just gonna wait until the album come out and enjoy with bruce´s music as always.

  • alessandro nicolo

    I’m no rockologist or study rockiology but I know one thing: Springsteen has a first name and that he has talent. To suggest otherwise is plain stupid – and boring.

    Matt, I think Seeger Nickels have been out of circulation since the fall of the Spanish empire.

  • Ouch! You sure know how to hurt a guy.

    They could never be that witty…

  • that sounds like something that could have come out of one of the gallagher brothers.

  • But then it doesn’t matter who invented things, what matters is what you do with them! Har Har.

  • Heh heh, Chris. But as I replied at the time, “We Yanks invented it. You Brits are just borrowing it. 🙂

  • But that was one of the things he got right! 😉

  • Sadly, Strummer made a lot of stupid comments like that. He also said “You Yanks don’t know about rock.” I still have the tape.

  • Givem how the once mighty Clash petered out, rather like Springsteen himself to my ears, I’m not going to lose any sleep over that.

  • Daniel

    To comment #54:
    Like the great Joe Strummer once said(quote): “If you don´t like Bruce Springsteen you don´t understand Rock n´Roll”.


  • daryl d

    Well, if the ticket prices are true, I do have to give him some credit for not scalping tickets to his fans. There are artists out there that charge $300 and up for a ticket and even though I like those acts, I just think that price is pathetic. That should be another future column though.


    couldnt sing if his life depended on it.

  • Regarding the above, Ticketmaster has since removed the St. Paul Springsteen date from it’s site. Landau probably sent the goons out after the leak.


  • Ticetmaster currently has a Nov. 2 date in St. Paul posted, with an onsale date of Aug. 25 F.Y.I.

    Price Range: $55/$85



  • Comment #38:

    Where did you see this itenary posted? Some of what you have there matches up with what I’ve seen (Boston, DC, Hartford, L.A., Oakland), while some does not (Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, Portland).

    I hope you right about Seattle and Portland by the way.

    What I’ve read is that there are holds on buildings for dates in some of the cities you mentioned as well as some others (NYC at Madison Square Garden and E. Rutherford NJ at Continental Airlines Arena for multiple nights). After that, Bruce is off to Europe and then is back here in 2008.

    I wouldn’t start making plans until you see a tour itenary posted at Backstreets.com. Then you’ll know for sure it’s real. And I suspect we wont be waiting too much longer for that info.

    But I sure hope you are right about Seattle/Portland.


  • “I do have knowledge of popular trends in music,”

    Except alternative and grunge. Neither began with Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” no matter how many times you write it.

  • I was hoping you’d catch that, Daryl. That’s my point. You can’t dismiss everyone who’s given Springsteen (or anyone else) a positive review as elitists or part of some fanboy clique. You can argue a point, but you can’t make grandiose statements that twist the original point.

  • JC Mosquito

    See, Daryl? You can speak the language when you need to. I understand your O’Brien comment, although I don’t agree with it – I don’t think he’s got a commercialised sound yet – he’s done a lot of different artists and so far they still seem to be identifiable as themselves.

    So, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and track down some Billy Joe Shaver (see bc review earlieri this week – Mr. Barger, I believe) – you’ll feel better for it!


  • daryl d

    Ray, this is what I wrote:

    “1992 was the year that marked the debut of the TLC, possibly the greatest R&B/hip-hop group to ever emerge on the scene.”

    Nice way to twist my statements, Ray. There is a difference between traditional R&B and the R&B/Hip Hop movement of the 1990s. Of the last ten years, I would say that TLC is the best R&B/Hip-Hop group. In terms of R&B, I would, in no-way, place them near the Supremes, Jackson 5, Commodores, or other R&B acts.

  • And this is coming from the same guy who proclaimed TLC as the best R&B group ever?

    Again, wait until after you’ve heard the album.

  • daryl d

    Brendan O’Brien is a talented producer but he’s just become too “commercialized.” He’s like the “Babyface” of rock. Remember when Babyface started to produce great R&B records, then suddenly, a Babyface tune became a cliche of itself. That’s sort of what is happening to O’Brien, but in the “Rock” arena rather than “R&B.”

  • “I’m trying to cash in my Bruce bucks before anybody notices”

    What’s the conversion rate from Brucebucks to Seeger Nickels?

  • JC Mosquito

    “Shoved in our faces by rock critic elites?” Pretty strong statement there, dd.

    Names…. I need names.

    And daryl, look, I’ve said repeatedly I’ve no argumnts with a person’s personal taste, but your Springsteen position is starting to not ring true – are you just doing this to bait people? I mean, there’s lots of other successful musicians that I think are less talented and more marketed than Springsteen. In some ways, this whole thing is becoming more about the nature of your approach to music appreciation and criticism and less about a particular artist. And that’s not entirely just of your doing, either – I’ll take my share of the blame for that, too. But it’s starting to feel a little weird – can we just stick to the music, or at least wait til this album comes out and spare the rhetoric all around?

    And what’s the problem with Brendan O’Brien? He’s one of the best producers in the modern era.

  • daryl d

    Ray, Ray, Ray, oh Ray:

    I’m a fan that writes about music and I do have knowledge of popular trends in music, etc. I may not have as much knowledge as some of you here (and I’ll admit that) but I certainly have enough knowledge to write an opinion piece or review. I honestly hate the word “critic.”

    I am only speculating on the Springsteen album for now. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m not calling it an awful album yet because I haven’t heard it. But my opinion really doesn’t matter because even if this album is a pile of s**t, it will garner incredible reviews and win a ton of grammys: that is guaranteed.

  • It’s like this, Daryl. You can’t pick and choose, claiming you’re a critic here, and a fan there. You’re somewhat okay when you’re writing about GPS systems or iPhones. But when you come into arenas that are utterly alien to you, you make an utter ass of yourself.
    I have no idea whether the new Springsteen album will be worthwhile or not–I haven’t heard it. But then again, I find it advisable to wait ’til I’ve actually experienced something before passing judgement on it.

    What do I know, though? I’m merely an “Elitist critic.”

  • daryl d


    Well, I’m critical of Bruce Springsteen, as well as how he has been shoved in our faces by the music industry “elites” and told that he must be loved or else, but I don’t claim to be an “expert” rock critic, and THANK GOD for that! Then again, if I was a “professional rock critic” I certainly would be making money for providing good reviews to artists and bands who release awful music.

  • I must have glossed over this before, but why is it when you get called on a point in your 90’s best of series, you say you’re not a critic, but a fan– yet, when it comes to all things Springsteen, you claim to be a critic? Quite the dichotomy you have going there, daryl.

  • ed

    Posted elsehwere; can anyone confirm?

    > Oct 2= Hartford
    > Oct 4= NY
    > Oct 6= NY
    > Oct 9= Charlotte
    > Oct10= Atlanta
    > Oct13= Houston
    > Oct14= Dallas
    > Oct17= Denver
    > Oct19= Phoenix
    > Oct22= L.A
    > Oct23= L.A.
    > Oct25= Oak
    > Oct27= Portland
    > Oct28= Seattle
    > Oct31= St. Paul
    > Nov1= Milwaukee
    > Nov3= Chicago
    > Nov5= Auburn Hills
    > Nov6= Cleveland
    > Nov8= Pittsburg
    > Nov11= D.C.
    > Nov12= D.C.
    > Nov14= Phili
    > Nov16= Phili
    > Nov18= Boston
    > Nov19= Boston

  • daryl d

    I must have glossed over this before, but BRENDAN O’BRIEN!!!!! LOL! What’s next, Bruce, a collaboration with Timbaland and Ney-Yo?

  • JC Mosquito

    daryl – nope – no free passes – I’m talking about honest reviews, so if it’s a stinker, it’s a stinker. If it’s truly bad, I’ll be right there trying to pinpoint the problems. But I’m hoping people don’t crap on it just because they don’t like his politics or his haircut or his bank account. If it’s good, then let’s have the boo-birds say it is for a change instead of intentionally misinterpreting all those surrounding factors which ought to be obvious.

    And misinterpretation isn’t defined as simply a difference in opinion – I’m talking about speaking a common language here – no taking the easy way out by saying it’s a matter of personal taste. It’s something that I’m guilty of on occasion – maybe more often than I’d care to admit, but this Springsteen thiing seems to be the flash point here on bc for the past few months, so I expect it’ll be no different when his new album comes out. Let’s bring the best to the table and enjoy trading each of our informed perspectives.


  • STM

    Fair dinkum Rosey? … never hear of that story old boy? I would have thought it was a fairly routine fairy story (no pun intended).

  • That’s not a story I know, but I don’t think I’m letting anything like that affect my judgement.

  • STM

    The story of The Princess and the Pea … annoyed by something small, and turning it into something big. And no, I’m not talking about your missus and a magic wand 🙂

  • Is this one of those we are divided by our common language things?

  • STM

    Was there a pea under your mattress last night?

  • What a fine line we walk, eh?

  • STM

    You appear to be on a “question of degree” kick this evening.

  • It’s a question of degree Daniel and I felt you went too far.

  • Daniel

    Sorry about my personal comment but,hey,i did read some other offensive response to that darryl guy and you(the comment´s editor) didn´t edit that.

  • Daniel

    [Personal attack deleted]
    Bruce Springsteen is so obviously talented no matter if you like the guy´s politics or not try to be a little more objective in your critics.
    [Personal attack deleted]

  • zingzing

    daryl… i dunno if springsteen is the “biggest, most relevant, or most talented” artist, but he certainly was the most rabidly followed to set a release date that day. so that’s why.

    and your idea of relevance and talent is seriously questionable.

    and your politics are sooooo see-through.

    and no, jc didn’t say nada about giving Him an automatic pass. and yes, that was on purpose. and no, it was not serious. and yes, i think your “i’m a critic, i’m free to dislike something” shtick is seriously wasted on u2 and bruce springsteen. you’re not going to change anyone’s mind about either of those two.

    but seriously, wait until you hear the album, and then yell all you want. or don’t listen to it. and shut up.

  • daryl d


    So, what you are saying, is that we should all give good reviews no matter what? If I misunderstood you, sorry.

    I do wonder why is this release at the top of the Blogcritics news section when there are releases by far bigger, more relevant, and far more talented artists out there today.

  • JC Mosquito

    “Glossy sheen?” Listen to O’Brien’s production of Billy Joe Shaver Live at Smith’s Olde Bar sometimes for the antithesis of glossy.

    Well, the antes are in and there’s been a few raises already – it’s amazing what happens when you coome back from holidays. But I hope the first week of October brings some real honest to goodness reviews with some intelligent comments. Personally, I’m hoping it will be a set of milestone reviews & comments, so we can put all these accusations of shilling & bashing to rest and focus on the music once again.

    As a pre-October weigh in, I’ll go on record as saying I was a huge fan for a short time – The River & Nebraska (through which I discovered the rest of his back catalog) and though I understood Born in the USA I didn’t like it overall. Since then, every album has a few gems, a few duds, and lots of ho hums. But I’m still waiting for the Boss to make one more big’un – maybe this is it?

    It’s the hope that springs eternal in the heart of rock and roll.

  • Resentful right-wing trash.

  • daryl d

    Sorry, Christopher: I’ll just post link the next time. It’s an interesting read though.

  • interesting tom. yea, i don’t remember even The Rising having a sheen to it. it was actually more “open”-sounding than most modern pop and rock recordings.

  • daryl d

    Excellent article here.

    Bruce, you ain’t da boss of dis Garden Stater By Jack Cashill © WorldNetDaily.com

    [Daryl, please don’t post entire articles from other sources; that’s not what the comments space is for… Your Comments Editor]

  • “Glossy sheen” is just about the last thing I think of when the name “Brendan O’Brien” is mentioned. I take it you haven’t heard his remixes of the Ten tracks Pearl Jam put on their best-of? He typically just seems to sit back and let the band sound like the band rather than try to bend them to sound a certain way, which many other producers do. He’s brought out the best in the examples I can think of – Pearl Jam (VS. through Yield), King’s X (Dogman), Matthew Sweet (100% Fun), Aimee Mann (Bachelor No. 2), among many others. I just can’t think of a reason to dislike O’Brien.

  • Funny…first thing I did was to see if O’Brien was producing it, and he is. Get ready for a glossy sheen applied throughout. ugh.

  • mike m

    Bruce Springsteen is the rock version of Britney Spears-no talent at all. I wonder how many contrived songs about “the poor” will be on this album.

  • i know what you mean glen, i don’t love it either.

    on the other hand, it doesn’t really mean anything yet. we haven’t heard the title song, we haven’t heard the overall sound & vibe. we haven’t lived with it yet. so we’ll see.

    it could be that the magic has to do with how Bruce views what happens with the E St. Band, it could be that he’s amazed at the magic that occurs in society despite the existence of so much abject ignorance. we’ll find out.

  • daryl d

    I can’t wait to review this album!

  • Shhhh…keep quiet, Bicho. I’m trying to cash in my Bruce bucks before anybody notices and Landau sends out his goons to get me back into line. I just hate those unscheduled late-night knocks on my door.


  • “Have to admit though that I hate that freaking title.”

    Sounds like someone didn’t get their shill money?

  • New album, new tour, new book. Gonna be a busy and fruitful October. Foryoubruce.com

  • Hey, does this one have that “Cop Killer” song on it?

  • Have to admit though that I hate that freaking title. Sounds like a Chuck Mangione album or something…


  • i just plain anxious!!

  • It’ll be interesting to hear this “E Street Band heavy” sound. Other than The Rising, I don’t believe that Bruce has shaped an album around the band since Born In the USA. (The E Street Band were used more as session musicians on Tunnel of Love if I recall).

    I’m quite anxious to hear what a “Band” sound will be like.

  • zingzing

    but brendan obrien is also responsible for a lot of shit. see: post-grunge.

  • I used to play cards on Wednesday nights with O’Brien when he was producing Dan Baird’s solo disc for American.

    My lone, brief brush with the guy who would produce Bruce. If only I knew…


  • JC Mosquito

    A side note that might be interesting to some – I believe Brendan O’Brien served a stint as bass player for the Georgia Satellites in their infancy. I’m just wondering how Springsteen might’ve been produced by Dan Baird……

  • The tour is going to be a reality and it will begin in October, after rehearsals in Asbury Park in late September. According to reliable sources, there are already holds on several buildings including the obvious east coast cities (Madison Square Garden and of course Esat Rutherford NJ) as well as in Oakland and L.A.

    From there he goes to Europe. If this tour follows recent Springsteen routing, he should be back in America for a second leg in early 2008, and of course the big stadium run next summer.

    The record sounds like a rocker too.

    Thanx for the update Lisa.


  • zingzing

    heh. jc, meet dd. dd, jc. oh, you two know each other?

    seeger sessions, a detour? nah, just his best work in, oh, 20 years, give or take.

  • JC Mosquito

    And EVERYBODY on BC gave it an HONEST review and they lived happily ever after…..

    …..we’ll see.