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The U.S.A. National Sales Tax (NST) Hoax: “The Tax is 23 Percent”

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This is the U.S.A. National Sales Tax (NST) hoax: “The tax is 23 percent”.

The 23% is used to hoodwink people who do not bother to read Congressman Linder’s Bill. This figure is a mathematical relationship. It is not money paid.

The truth is the tax is 30% on purchases of all services and new products. The Bill requires that the NST be printed on the cash register receipt.

You buy a soft drink. The receipt states: “$1 soft drink”, “$0.30 NST”, “$1.30 Total”.

Citizens will be outraged. $0.30 divided by $1.30 equals 23 percent. This is not the cents the consumer pays.

(The same simple-mindedness is manifested in percent pay raises). You pay 30 cents because the rate is 30 percent. )

Read the Bill and do the math.

The mathematically-challenged say: “Item costs 77 cents, tax is 23 cents, the total is 1 dollar. That’s a 23 percent tax.”

Compute a 30 percent tax of a price. Divide the tax by the sum of the price plus the tax. The tax will be 23 percent of the total of the-price-and-the-tax.

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  • http://selfaudit.blogspot.com Aaman

    Some context? Some background? Some understanding of mathematics and economics?

  • http://www.templestark.com Temple Stark

    Someone labeled it news? oh, the humanity.

  • http://www.markiscranky.org Mark Saleski

    is this, like….performance art?

  • http://www.diablog.us Dave Nalle

    The 30% applies only to selected non-essential goods, and doens’t this bill also include the elimination of all other federal taxes on individuals?


  • http://selfaudit.blogspot.com Aaman

    When my son is older, and he messes up his math problems, I will bring him to this URL and show him what bad math means

  • gonzo marx

    Aaman sez…
    *I will bring him to this URL and show him what bad math means*

    Quoted for Truth


  • http://www.diablog.us Dave Nalle

    When my daughter is older and messes up her government term paper I will bring her to this URL and show her what inadequate documentation means.