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The US has its own Robert Kilroy-Silk

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Thanks to The Drudge Report for drawing my attention, however briefly, to an article by Pat Buchanan on WWII (the article was actually published online yesterday). Ahahahahah! Excuse me, I’m finding it hard not to break out into one large fit of laughter. Please, people of the USA, please tell me no one takes this guy seriously.

At best, his racism is as well disguised (i.e. not very) as that of Robert Kilroy-Silk. At worst, it’s even less disguised. He’s one of the “intelligent” racists (a misnomer, but I don’t mean it literally), who can make their views sound all well and reasonable. But then you notice a certain…tone the writing takes. This guy seems to think that WWII was actually all about white Christians vs. any other race of people, who by the way are all dirty commies. More to the point, he seems to be trying to present a skewed view of what happened during that horrible period of recent history in such a way that it’s tempting to draw comparisons with the current “war on terror.” He also makes it sound kinda like he thinks we’re still smack bang in the middle of the Cold War.

But funniest of all are the rather baffling views implied by the whole article:

1) Only white people can be Christians.

2) Any non-Western person is a commie
3) The communists still rule the USSR with an iron fist. Actually, this may be true. Seeing as the USSR no longer exists, who can tell who rules it?
4) Hitler was really an alright guy. We should have let him rule Europe, ‘cos at least he was on the side of white people

On reading this steaming heap of doodoo masquerading as a piece of “journalism” (I’ve changed my mind, I could easily be a journalist, all I have to do is develop some rabidly left-or-right-leaning views and I’d be sorted), I am actually somewhat relieved that Bush Jr. is your president. Why? if there’s one guy like this Buchanan dude, that means there’s likely to be more. Which means, theoretically, the US could have ended up with someone like this as president. Then things’d really be scary.

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  • Yes, no one takes Pat Buchanan seriously.


  • You didn’t see him at the Republican National Convention did You?

    Now compare that with the DNC who placed Michael Moore and Jimmy Carter front and center.

  • Michael Moore was at the Republican convention too

  • RJ

    “You didn’t see him at the Republican National Convention did You?”

    When? In 1992?

  • RJ

    “Yes, no one takes Pat Buchanan seriously.”

    Oh, he sells lots of books. And he got hundreds of thousands of votes as recently as 2000.

  • RJ

    “Michael Moore was at the Republican convention too”

    Yeah, as a “journalist” not as a guest-of-honor, chillin’ and laughin’ with a former President…

  • you’re kidding about the votes, right?
    mind you, i suppose even hundreds of thousands is a very tiny fraction of all of the votes in the USA. And the world does have to have some stupid people.

  • Many votes for Buchanan in 2000 were in Florida, where a number of people later realized they had punched the wrong hole in the confusingly labeled ballots whilst attempting to vote for Gore.

  • RJ

    Seriously, Pitchfork Pat got hundreds of thousands of votes nationally in 2000. And only a small percentage of that was from Florida.

  • RealCon

    Yes — The US could have ended up with someone like Pat Buchanan as president. Then things would really be scary:

    1. We would not have NAFTA and we would still have the American jobs that went to Mexico. Scary, very scary.

    2. Our borders would be guarded and the millions of illegals in this country would be where they should be — in their own countries. Our immigration laws would be enforced. Scary, very scary.

    3. The hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs lost to countries such as China because of dollar-an hour slave labor would still be here in this country. We would not have the long term implications of what our future will be like when ALL our manufacturing jobs are gone. Scary, very scary.

    4. Our economy would be improved because there would be less unemployment and out tax base would higher. Scary, very scary.

    5. We would not be bogged down in a senseless war in Iraq. Thousands of Americans in our military would be alive or at least have their limbs intact. Scary, very scary.

    6. We would not be spending hundreds of billions of BORROWED dollars to fight an “enemy” that never attacked us and did not even come close to having the ability to attack us. The worst thing that Saddam ever did to us was WHAT? (I know he committed the mistake of throwing Halliburton out of Iraq before the war). Scary, very scary.

    7. We would not have a White House intent on rewarding its rich friends and benefactors to the detriment of the average taxpayer. Of course, we would have some unhappy multi-national corporations who would not be able to take a product that cost $1 to make overseas and sell it here for $35. Scary, very scary.

    8. We would not have a White House intent on deceiving the people with puppet spokesmen who are nevertheless capable of bamboozling the news media. Scary, very scary.

    9. We would not have to contend with a Pentagon which has been hijacked by a cabal of irrational neo-cons, or should I say neo-fascists. Scary, very scary.

    10. Our image around the world would be one of respect as opposed to one of ridicule and disdain. Scary, very scary.

    Anyone reading this should be scared senseless by now.