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The Upcoming Civil War in America

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Warning: This article is not for the politically correct. It is not meant to bash any particular race, but rather to predict what is going to happen based on current events.

America, as we know it, is about to come to an end. This could be a very bad thing as we can turn from a superpower country into a dud. But as the previous Civil War showed us, something good can come out of something that will be incredibly violent and bloody. The main issue of the upcoming Civil War will be our failure to deal with the illegal immigration issue, which is the biggest mistake our country has made since slavery.

Rather than develop an immigration system where we can legally let in all kinds of needed workers that have no criminal background and can eventually support themselves, the United States government has created a free-for-all immigration system where people can illegally enter this country, commit crime after crime without being punished, burden our social services, and have the guts to march and tell us they don’t like our laws. You think it’s getting pretty bad now? It’s only going to get worse. But there will be a breaking point that will change this nation forever.

Hillary Clinton will be elected in 2008. At first, there will be pride and relief as our war mongering President Bush leaves the White House in humiliation. He will leave with a reputation worse than Richard Nixon. But the mistakes that our leaders, both Democrat and Republican, have made will start affecting our nation. We will first enter a major recession, possibly a depression. Suddenly, many of the spoiled rich will find their cars and homes taken away. Labor workers won’t be hit as hard as others. Wall Street will crash and it will send a rippling effect through the country. While crime increases to unheard of levels, it’s a safe bet that our borders still won’t be protected. Even if they become protected, it will be a little too late.

When the going gets rough, the rough turn a nasty eye to the immigrants, especially the illegal ones. Many people out of jobs will be blaming illegal immigrants. A race baiter falsely claiming to represent all Latinos, much like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, will rise up to power. Anybody who says anything remotely negative about illegal immigrants will have their shows canceled, jobs taken away (if they still have one) and will be humiliated much like the so called “communists” were in the 1950s. Illegal immigrants and their supporters will be so powerful and organized that they can easily call a boycott against a particular product and put a company, which is already suffering, out of business. All this will cause major resentment.

The war will start in Los Angeles. Illegal immigrant groups will be marching, but not just for citizenship. They will make more outrageous demands, such as wanting our social security money. They have been so smart playing the game all along, but didn’t realize that they have awakened the sleeping giant. There will be people, in huge numbers, counter-protesting. Both groups, pro-illegal immigrant and anti-illegal immigrant, will clash. Riots, worse than the ones in 1992, will break out in LA as Hillary Clinton appears on television to demand “tolerance.” She will send the National Guard to Los Angeles. By the time they get there, the riots will have a ripple effect throughout the nation. But what happens next creates a couple different scenarios.

Scenario 1: In the first scenario, the Civil War becomes a "race war." The illegal immigrants and their supporters become so successful convincing everybody that the riots are all about "race" that they get every single minority on their side. Latinos, African Americans, Asians, Indians, etc. all get revenge on the White race for the injustices, perceived or real, they have faced. Upper class White neighborhoods all over the nation become war zones as house and mansions are destroyed. White people are raped, beheaded, hung by nooses, etc. The only white people that survive are the ones that can flee up North on time or somehow make it across the Ocean.

Scenario 2: By the time the Civil War begins, conflict between African Americans and Latinos becomes much worse than it is right now. Illegal immigrants try to convince African Americans, as well as other minorities, that the White man is using the immigration issue to further induce a racist doctrine, but fail. By this time, there are far more upper and middle class African Americans who can’t stand to see their jobs go and their investments in trouble. The lower class African Americans become more resentful to illegal immigrants whom they believe shouldn’t receive the same attention from our government. The African Americans, especially gang members, become the fiercest warriors of the new Civil War. But they fight against the illegal immigrants, not for them. This creates a disaster for Latinos, both illegal and legal, since anger will take over the common sense that many Latinos are neither illegal immigrants nor supporters of illegal immigrants. Several Latino owned business are bombed and many neighborhoods go up in flames. Because Mexico is the biggest source of illegal immigration, the United States bombs a huge city in Mexico, such as Mexico City.

Scenario 3: In Scenario 1, the White race loses. In Scenario 2, the Latino race loses. In this scenario, everybody loses and our country destroys itself while the rest of the world laughs at our downfall. The first shot may be fired over the illegal immigration issue, but the rest of the war is fought over the grievances of different races and economic classes. Unlike the other two scenarios, there are more than two sides to the conflict. In fact, there are many. Each race tries to wipe out all the other races and in turn, almost everybody is wiped out.

Each scenario will create bloodshed unlike any war that has ever been seen. No matter what happens, the United States will never be the same nation it once was. But the change that results doesn’t mean that the new nation will ultimately be a failure. Here are the possible outcomes of each scenario:

Scenario 1: There is no longer a White majority and therefore, nobody can feel they are part of a "repressed" minority. This forces the people of the new nation to strengthen themselves rather than always feel they won’t be successful as long as they are being repressed. It’s quite possible that people won’t even look at each other as belonging to a particular race, but judge each other on their individual characteristics. A new nation, possibly stronger than the United States ever was, evolves.

Scenario 2: The Latinos that are still in America will face a similar backlash as the Japanese did after World War II. Just like the Japanese, they will prove themselves to be great, hard working citizens. After bombing portions of Mexico, the United States will help rebuild Mexico, but not in the same way George Bush tried to "rebuild" Iraq. Mexico will now have an economy similar to the United States and the government corruption that is so widespread now will not be tolerated. Because of this, illegal immigration will only be a very minor issue.

Scenario 3
: While Americans destroy each other, a major power that senses our weakness will take over. It could be al Qaeda, Iran, or North Korea. Most likely, it will be China. The remaining American citizens either flee or are killed.

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About Daryl D

  • Daryl D seems to be in sync with Charlie Manson. You may remember that the whole point of the Tate/LaBianca murders was supposed to be to blame it on black guys in order to start a race war, which would eventually culminate in the victorious but incompetent black race coming to Charlie and his family to run the world for them.

    DD seems to have a malicious and hateful imagination nearly the equal of Charlie – but Manson had the balls to do something to bring his grim fantasy to life.

  • There certainly does seem to be a creepy strain of nativist paranoia running through this piece. It’s positively Tancredoesque.


  • STM

    Ooh aah. Very weird trains of thought here. Americans frighten me sometimes.

    But from an interested observer, here’s my two cents’ worth:

    Scenario 4: The average American will finally get really sick and tired of people coming up with strange notions regarding the future of America, conspiracy theories, government mind control, CIA plots, anti-immigration answers that involve mass shootings, death rays, mind-altering microwave/TV/radio transmissions, alien abductions, evangelical christianity, promotion of America as an intellectual hot-house/think tank with sensible answers to the world’s problems, and 9/11 “truth”, and will pressure the government to offer free tin-foil hats to those who need them. Congress will legislate that the wearing of such items is mandatory, and non-wearers will be punished by being forced to join a major political party.

    Outcome. Once all that’s happened, everything will settle down, and nothing much will happen that’s not already happening. Good luck. You need it.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    “Americans frighten me sometimes.”

    Stan, they should.

    Two Israelis (Jews), both carrying pieces, can scream at each other at length for more than a half hour, with the decibel range getting high enough to get deaf donkeys in nearby Arab villages covering their ears. But neither will go for his piece to blow the other away, even if they do break into fisticuffs after a while.

    But with Americans, they may scream for a bit; then one of the two will go for his piece and re-enact High Noon with real bullets and real lives being taken.

    That’s where you get “road rage”, “drive by shootings”, etc., etc. Yanks are a wonderful bunch of folks – just don’t get ’em mad at you….

  • Jess Turisch

    Hey, Ruvy – how about this scenario: Two Israelis, one an Arab, the other a Jew, get into an argument. The Jewish Israeli shoots the Arab and seizes his home, putting the deceased man’s family out on the street.

    When the family throws rocks at the squatter in their house in protest, they’re shot, too.

    Israel: where you get religious apartheid, concentration camps, and Israeli “settlements” in countries that don’t belong to them. Still, Israelis are a wonderful bunch of folks – just don’t be an Arab around them…

  • Clavos

    So, daryl,

    Where do you get your scenarios from?

    Tea leaves? Tarot cards? A crystal ball? A Ouija board?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Nice touch with your little scenario – but it just doesn’t work that way. Whether you want to admit that or not is irrelevant.

    Israeli Arabs do argue with Israeli Jews, but Israeli Arabs are citizens of Israel, and while they may suffer discrimination here, they are not evicted from their homes without (whatever passes for) due process. The Arabs you refer to (who are almost never expelled from their homes anyway, unless a war is going on) are not Israeli citizens.

    Finally, smart ass, in your “analogy” there are two separate cultures involved, with two separate views of violence – another fact that foreigners like you would be unlikely to be aware of.

    So save your bullshit for the “I love Palestine” sites where you can spread you calumny at will without facing serious challenge from people HERE who know what is going on.

    BTW, is “Turisch”, German, Austrian or Swiss in origin? All lovely lands filled with Jew-hatred…

  • Tea leaves? Tarot cards? A crystal ball? A Ouija board?

    Richard Brodie?

  • JK

    This is hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh.

  • Doug Hunter

    There are enough latinos to break the roughly 50-50 democrat republican vote split and prevent any action against the illegals. There aren’t near enough to wage any type of civil war and won’t be for quite a long time. By the time they are the majority the country will be quite a different place and therefore any predictions are complete and utter rubbish.

  • Maurice

    …enter a major recession, possibly a depression. Suddenly, many of the spoiled rich will find their cars and homes taken..

    This seems like the fevered wish of an anti-Capitalist. What is the cause of the future depression? Who are the spoiled rich? George Clooney? He will be fine. Most of the well off like myself have paid off their home(s) and own their cars outright so how will these be taken?

    Labor workers won’t be hit as hard as others.

    The premise of your article (immigrants coming here to work) is 180 degrees out of phase with this sentence. I would think if there is a depression it would be similar to the last one. Workers lined up for blocks hoping for work. Any work. It will be exacerbated by competition with immigrant workers.

    Here is my Scenario: There will be a civil war. It will be led by people like myself that want to restore the consitution.

  • troll

    my preferred scenario:

    Well’s comet finally arrives ushering in the fifth world

  • Cindy D

    Let me guess, you live in Los Angeles and you hate Mexicans.

  • Cindy D

    Oh, and I forgot this part. You think the entire world revolves around you.

  • daryl d

    nativism? not quite. I hate Mexicans? not quite. It’s just the direction the US is going through right now. Everybody is separating. But I believe it’s the illegal immigrant issue that will finally blow the top off.

  • jcity

    Creepy, but excellent article. Illegal immigrants marched in Boston last year. They were swaying MEXICAN flags, not American. It scares the hell out of me.

  • mechagirl

    the southwest was stolen by the united states it belongs to mexico. We are taking it back and there’s nothing whitie can do.

  • moonraven

    Nobody on this site is up to date with the current hemispheric capers.

    The US is bribing Mexico’s government with 7 billion dollars to make a Mexican version of Plan Colombia here–it is unclear as yet if they wish to call it PLan Mexico or Plan Merida.

    This is all about invading Mexico–AGAIN.

    So if the lapdogs here bite for the 7 billion dollar bone, the scenario where the US bombs Mexico will not be happening, as theat would mean the US Army bombing…the US Army.

    But, the bottom line is: THE US IS FINIFHED. This invasion of Mexico, the possible bombing of IRan and the invasion of Cuba that Bush called for yesterday are just the last kicks of a yellow dog dying in the dusty street.

    Good riddance.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    You’re right, Marthe. I haven’t been keeping up on the capers on your side of the Pond – got enough to keep my attention here.

    Any links to the story on the $7 bln? And is the Mexican government really willing to sell out for that little?

    Any links on the call to invade Cuba – and why, for heaven’s sake, now?

  • We need imaginative, ambitious, daring articles on this site. But do we need this kind of hateful and silly fantasy? I don’t see any purpose to it. The author draws extreme and highly questionable conclusions from limited and highly debatable premises and ‘evidence.’ Head-spinningly awful.

  • protectourborders

    Scary article but it really makes you think. I think the author goes to extremes here but I don’t think it is racist at all, just a little extreme. Extremely creative.

  • moonraven


    I returned to Mexico City very late last night, but the first half of today’s La Jornada and much of the El Mundo section plus the editorial are about the two issues.

    I think you can get the GIST without knowing much of any Spanish. I assume that there is stuff floating around in English, too–but I have way too much to do to track down that stuff today. Let me know if you come up empty-handed. Will see what I can do.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    I didn’t quite come up empty-handed. I got a pretty clear picture of what Mr. Bush was talking about from the CNS article. I also looked at the La Jornada link you provided and since it has been a while, I want to make sure that I’m seeing correctly.

    What I think I saw was some kind of program (costing $7 bln) that was to control the flow of immigration from Mexico to the United States. Evidently this program would involve use of American equipment and possibly personnel in Mexico.

    Do I understand that correctly? If I do, then I assume that you derive from this that Americans will, in essence be invading the country to insure its own “immigration security”.

    Am I on the right track here in deciphering what you were talking about?

  • moonraven

    Well, not exactly on target.

    Like Plan Colombia the proposed program is basically a MILITARY program of lots of weaponry, plus equipment to tap phones and monitor e-mails similar to the illegal activities in that vein the US directs against US citizens at home, plus newer fighter planes and helicopters and so forth–all SUPPOSEDLY aimed at impeding the DRUG TRADE.

    But what it really is is to extend the US border down to the border of Guatemala and SEAL THAT BORDER–forcing Mexico to be the Lower Slobbovia on the US and complicit in US foreign policy.

    If you have ever played chess and know the move of capturing en passant, you will understand what this is.

    Exceot they are banking on two things:

    1. Stupidity and lack of awareness (the hand is faster than the eye premise of the shell game)

    2. The unmitigated corruption of all government members from the presidxent, the cabinet, the Congress and the huge bureaucracy (confederacy of dunces model except with big pockets)

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Thanks, Marthe.

    Yeah, I do understand the en passant move in chess, and see what you are talking about here. The part that has me puzzled is the price. The Americans are willing to piss away hundreds of millions a day in Iraq and only $7 bln to pull off this coup. That doesn’t smell right somehow.

  • Proud to be American Mexican-not other way around

    Wonderful article but also very depressing. I am an American of Mexican descent and I assure you that many people like myself are upset about the illegal immigration issue but can’t speak out in public about it for obvious reasons. If there is a civil war many Latinos will fight AGAINST illegal immigrants as well.

  • troll

    (as Zedd might point out) – why pay the whore when you can take it at gunpoint

    and you know how we gringos love to burn off munitions – it’s just so sexually…and economically…stimulating

  • moonraven


    Because they believe they do not have to pay more–and they probably do not.

    And because Mexico has less than 10 years of petroleum reserves left.


  • I like that hes thinking outside of the box. If you can predict disaster you know what to avoid. He left a lot of options left unsaid but its a fun read.

  • RJ

    “Because Mexico is the biggest source of illegal immigration, the United States bombs a huge city in Mexico, such as Mexico City.”

    Hillary Clinton does that? No no no…not gonna happen.

  • schuhbox

    The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!

  • schuhbox

    “Each scenario will create bloodshed unlike any war that has ever been seen.”

    Over-stated!(clap, clap, clappy, clap) Over-stated!

    Please, get some perspective.

  • The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!

    It’s always falling when there’s a political advantage in it for someone.


  • moonraven


    That’s why everything Nalle posts is in that Sky IS Falling vein.

    Whether it’s regarding the US or another country that he cannot even find on a map!

    The Omnivorous Ovoid.

  • bliffle

    “Sky Is Falling” is everyones favorite way of stampeding people. Like, the way we got into the Iraq Morass. The way we’re going to get into a Iran Morass. The Cheney 1% solution.

    Anyone can site successful historical precedents.

  • moonraven

    And anyone can also identify the Chicken Littles.

    Here on blogcritics, there and everywhere….

  • Marcia L. Neil

    Oh please! A lobby action to have all cities and towns identified with a ‘.civ’ when using ISP addresses should assure debate not civil war!

  • Dan

    I don’t think we’ll need to worry much about race wars.

    As everyone surely has heard by now, diversity and multi-culturalism is a profound “strength”. Surely, as we become more and more multi-cultural and diverse, that strength will kick in and save us.

  • daryl d


    YOu are being sarcastic, right? Diversity was SUPPOSED to equal strength, but it doesn’t anymore. Instead of bringing everybody together, extreme liberals like everyone to be apart so each group can complain about how bad they have it, and then the Democrats can then offer welfare and a “You’re a victim” trophy.

    About this article – I am not ashamed of it whatsoever, but will admit that I did write it within hours after watching “Apocalypto.”

  • Dan

    So then, if you think diversity isn’t really a strength, then, do you think it was a bad idea for whites to change immigration policy in 1964, so that more non-whites could come?

    I don’t think the article is a bad one.

  • daryl d

    No, I don’t think it was a bad idea in, lets say, 1964. It seemed that the melting pot would still exist no matter what color people were. In fact, I would say up until the eighties, the melting pot still existed. Now, it’s a salad bowl and that is going to create huge problems, trust me.

  • Zedd

    Koo Koo

    How do we begin to discuss.

    I do agree with Cindy. Your worldview is ultra tiny and distorted.

  • Dan

    Daryl, how is it that something can be a good idea in 1964, but turn bad in the 80’s? Why didn’t the melting pot work out after non-whites were added to the mix?

  • Instead of bringing everybody together, extreme liberals like everyone to be apart so each group can complain about how bad they have it, and then the Democrats can then offer welfare and a “You’re a victim” trophy.

    But Daryl, don’t you see that the problem isn’t that the separate groups exist, it’s the ‘extreme liberals’ who seek to divide them up and make them into groups of victim/clients. Why not keep the diversity and get rid of the exploitative leftists?


  • Zedd


    OR people really do have it badly and you just don’t know it because you are a White male.

    How about ASKING around instead of making the world up in your White male(socio/culturally speaking) head. You are a thinking man. Should it not occur to you that your perspective could be colored by who you are in our society? A society that is built on racism and sexism. That there just may be an entire world of experience that you have absolutely no concept of.

    Has that ever dawned on you or you just assume that our history as it is has nothing to do with our present, Mr. History Professor?

  • Zedd


    The article was science fiction. How old are you?

    However dealing with your comments about how liberals separate people…..

    Your assumption is that minorities don’t know when they are mistreated. You suggest that they are being tricked into thinking that there are social maladjustments. That they are that pliable. What you suggest is that minorities need Whites to perceive the world for them and tell them how to react to it. That is a White supremacist notion. You didn’t know that did you?

    Can you force yourself to think that there are inequities and people in these united states live their entire lives being under estimated, disrespected and not afforded the rewards that come with the talents that they possess, that most others who are much less talented simply because they have a certain amount of melanin. That their rewards in society are based on the evaluation of the behavior of others that they don’t know (who may have appeared on a TV show or may have been a dumb employee at someones other job) who’s level of melanin may be similar or not but bare the same racial designation?

    The idea of a melting pot suggests that everyone has to loose who they are in order for this nation to work. It means that members of minority groups have to devalue themselves (who they are, leave it behind) in order to be good and well behaved Americans. It is a childish notion. A notion devised by those who don’t get out much, physically and intellectually.

  • This has to be the most xenophobic, white supremacist-inspired, paranoiac, delusional, illogical diatribe ever published here. We talk about the killers in our midst, and how we should have seen the signs. I’d sat stay tuned to this one. . .

  • There are two factors that are at the root of racism and bigotry– fear and ignorance. Both of these are amply demonstrated here. With fear and ignorance comes hatred–it’s so much easier to awaken boogeymen than it is to consider rationality. Logic gets in the way of fear, whereas neanderthal emotion feeds the fear, and lets it fester into hatred.

    The premise presented in this ~ahem~ article has no basis in logic. Nor does it have any semblance to reality as we know it. Instead, it postulates several as yet to happen events into a mishmash of unlikely situations that conspire to find a common enemy that ultimately brings about the bloodsoaked downfall of America.

    As for myself, I’ll be looking over my shoulder more for the white guys who think all the “minorities” are going to rise up, all primitive tribe-like, to destroy our conspicuous consumption way of life.

    Truth of the matter is, it’s guys like the author who present the biggest threat to America.

  • daryl d

    Ray, once again, you prove yourself to be a total idiot. Instead of responding logically to an article, you resort to personal attacks (which I thought weren’t allowed here). I feel more sorry for you than anything.

    Presuming that I am a bigotted white guy afraid of all minorities is absolutely wrong. Whatever I am, I’ll never be a guy who ab….ok wait, I’ll refrain for now.

  • daryl d

    “The idea of a melting pot suggests that everyone has to loose who they are in order for this nation to work.”

    That has to be one of the most idiotic statements I’ve ever read. The idea of a melting pot is that everybody mixes in to our mainstream society, but still holds parts of their heritage. That’s how it is supposed to work.

  • D. Moore

    It’s such typical liberal nonsense to attack the author as “racist.” You see, liberals like Zedd, who don’t have reading comprehension skills, attack people and scream the word “racist” when they can’t come up with anything else. I don’t see anything racist in this article. But liberals always look for the negative. The glass could be half full and they’ll just see it as half empty.

  • Ahh, Daryl– you rise. And as is your wont, you respond with emotion. Pay careful attention. I did not attack you–I never mentioned you by name. What I did respond to was your unfounded attacks on the fundamental principles upon which this country was founded, and your assertions that we’re headed to hell in a handbasket if we don’t listen to you.

    It’s easy to come up with scenarios. Basing them on fact, rather than some fevered dream, is another premise altogether. Yet, you treat your scenario as “fact” without ever–not once–citing how one event leads to another. Hilary Clinton is elected, the peasants rise up, we bomb Mexico, blah blah blah–how does one occurence lead to another? They don’t. In all your scenrios, based on your–how shall I put this delicately?–retarded thesis, the white race is beset by the hordes of immigrants–legal and otherwise–whose sole objective is to take America away from the white European settlers, particularly those in power.

    “Melting pot” does not mean, as you put it, “everybody mixes in to our mainstream society, but still holds parts of their heritage.”
    What it means is that we recognize and embrace our various ethnicities, and that we realize our society is ever evolving. All your spouting is a flawed belief that everything will be fine if we all think like uptight white middle class guys.

    After the thinly veiled racism (I’ll eschew the relatively neutral “nativist” term here), you’re hardly in a position to tell anybody how anything is “supposed to work.” And you certainly are in no position to call me idiotic or illogical. All you’ve written is a puerile wet dream based on fears of the future. You’ve commented in the past of your fears of Mexicans in LA–it even prompted you to move to New Jersey. I live in Dallas. We had our protests, too. Some of the grievances were justified. Some were debateable. We used those protests to build a more unified city. AND that is what a melting pot does.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    There is an Eastern European Jewish dish made for Sabbath and holidays called a tzimmes – it’s got lots of meat and carrots, but my mother put lots of sweet potatoes and yams in it. I still remember how good it tasted. Yummy!!

    The term “melting pot” is a translation for tzimmes. The term the melting pot as it is used here comes from a play of the same name written in 1900 by Israel Zangwill about a Jewish immigrant just off the boat who falls in love with his Christian social worker and marries her. In the play, the immigrant portrays this as the ultimate goal of Jews in America.

    Zangwill foreshadowed eerily in his play the plague of intermarriage that is killing the American Jewish community; the kinder and gentler holocaust that is leading to the destruction of Jewish life in America. That is what the melting pot is really all about. Zedd’s statement and yours both carry elements of Zangwill’s idea, but the intermarriage is the key.

    Reading Zangwill’s play in St. Paul in 1999-2000 only drove home the conclusion I had reached that we would have to move to Israel to make sure that we had Jewish grandchildren.

    None of this has much to do with your own article, which does have the feel of science fiction to it.

    But then again any article postulating a civil war or economic breakdown in your country will have the feel of science fiction to many of its readers. It just seems too fantastic to occur. But it isn’t. someone warning of civil war in your country in 1850 over the issue of slavery would have been looked upon as writing fantasy or science fiction – I guess they didn’t call it “science fiction” in 1850; but the battlefields at Manassas, Shiloh, Gettysburg and elsewhere all testify to the accuracy of such a forecast.

    I happen to think that your country will suffer its down fall through economic breakdown, but immigration and the issues attendant to it can all contribute to such an occurrence.

    I hope that both of us are wrong in our views of the future. Fear, funerals, riots, death and poverty are never fun. But I fear that one of us will be right.

    Have a good week,

  • Actually, Ruvy, the term “melting pot” has been around since at least the late 18th centurty, and is a uniquely American term describing the strength of this country, as evidenced by its diverse elements.

    I’m familiar with Zangwill’s play, and I disagree with its premise. Goyim that I am (at least on paper), I’ve never seen a dichotomy between my relationships with Jews, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Iraqis Buddhists or Martians, and my day to dealings with the world at large, and the destruction of the Universe.

  • Daryl d

    Ruvy is one of the more intelligent people who comment on this site. Ruvy, do you realize that some of the same people who call me “racist” are the same people who hope Israel gets bombed because Jews live there? I think you’ll like my next article about the liberal left hypocrisy when condemning racism.

    I agree this piece reads like Science Fiction and that’s because I wrote it right after watching Apocalypto.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    You are not more than one person – you are just one person.

    Goy is the term for one individual. Goyim is the masculine plural (used also for a mixed group of men and women).

    Of course, if you are a mutant with two or thee heads, I guess the term “goyim” might apply. ;o))

  • Thanks, Ruvy. I’m constantly learning. I would wish you a happy shavas–in fact, I will. And I pray I spelled it correctly.

  • AM Guelespie


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Whatever disagreements we might have, you sound a like a good fellow with a kind heart. We’ll try for some of the basics here.

    The Sabbath, Shabbát (the Hassidim say shabbes) starts from Friday when the sun hits the tree line until Saturday night when you can see three medium sized stars in the sky in one glance (a twenty five hour period on average). In the States, from where you are writing, I suppose it may still be Shabbat, and Jews who observe the Sabbath abstain from writing, igniting a flame, or doing the kind of work that one would do to build the Temple or work the ground. All this in Hebrew is called “malakhá” which roughly translates into “creative work”.

    The standard greeting for before the Sabbath (in Israel, this extends from Thursday night all through the Sabbath) is “Shabbát Shalóm” (Sabbath Peace).

    I was not on this computer during the Sabbath, I did not write or ignite a flame, etc., etc. Immediately after Shabbat ends, the new week (shavúa) begins, and I get on the ‘puter and write and turn on lights (closing an electric circuit by pushing a switch is interpreted as igniting a flame), and do all the other things that one does during the workweek.

    The standard greeting for the new week is “Shavúa Tov” (Have a good week), which is what you saw in my comment to Daryl above.

    Shavua Tov,

    And now I return you to contemplating the uncontemplatable….

  • Zedd

    D Moore,

    Zedd is not a liberal. You must not know what White supremacy is else you would have not responded in that tiresome “talk radioesque” dull minded fashion.

    You won’t get anything else that I say so just bypass my posts and save yourself some unnecessary frustration. I don’t do liberal/conservative. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] I suggest that you ignore my posts. They will only confuse or frustrate you.

    Not directed to you necessarily… Just a public service announcement…..

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Zedd


    What are your thoughts on the protests in Irving regarding Mexicans being raided and hauled off for not having documentation by the police? Also do you see it as racial profiling?

    What would you do if the majority of your crime was being committed by undocumented Mexican immigrants?

    What about what Carrolton?

  • s I’ve said before, brown is the new black. In the suburbs of Dallas and elsewhere, we’re dealing with emotion, not logic. You and I both know every ethnic group has its good and bad. Sure, there are bad guys out there who are undocumented, and I have no sympathy for them. But I also personally know a lot of undocumented workers who are working 16 hours a day to support their family, and who want nothing more than to be legal here. One does what one must.

    To answer your other question, I really don’t care who’s committing the crime.I’m kinda equal opportunity that way.

  • Sorry. My prolonged answer got snipped in cyberspace.

  • Now I have to make a long story short– the perotests in Irvin, et cetera, are definitely racial profiling, and I’ve grown yp with it all my life, The real threat that confronts this country is lower middle class whites who see everyone else as a threat.That, and the people who accept FOX as the gospel truth.

  • #55. Your true colors are showing, Daryl. How the hell do you connect people who disagree with you and “the same people who hope Israel gets bombed because Jews live there?”

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • AM Guelespie


    Take a chill pill, please! Are you Jewish? Can you honestly tell me that liberals DON’T hate Jews. Please, get a life.

  • daryl d

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    These extreme liberals speak out against anything they consider remotely racist, but are bigots themselves when it comes to Jews. Read my article about this

    Extreme liberals (note, I didn’t say all liberals) live in a world of self-hate. They pretend they have bleeding hearts, but all they do is hate hate hate. They go around the world looking for things they can exploit. The rich extremist liberals are the best ones. They live in all these mansions, send their kids to private schools, and then tell middle class people how they should just accept everything that happens to them because “diversity=strength.” As I said before, the extreme left is JUST as bad as the extreme right.

  • [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    Define “extremist liberal.” Second, pray tell us all how you are so privy to my life to declare I have personal problems. Or is that merely another diversionary tactic to draw attention away from your baseless claims?

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    Here is what I do hate: snot-nosed racists who claim they speak for all Americans. Those are the people who really need the bejeezus kicked out of them before being shipped back to whatever cesspool that spawned them.

  • Zedd

    Ray sez: The real threat that confronts this country is lower middle class whites who see everyone else as a threat.That, and the people who accept FOX as the gospel truth.


    The Blacks on the site will understand what that means.

    Actually it means the same thing as “quoted for truth”.

  • D. Moore

    Mr. Ellis, this is a blog and you shouldn’t take things so seriously – OH, big deal, you were called an extremist liberal. I didn’t see where you were called a jew hater but I’m reading really fast here.
    Mr. Ellis, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called a nigger. Yes it makes me angry but instead of letting my emotions get the best of me I have decided to make my life the best I can. I never threatened to sue anybody for defimation of character nor do I hate people of other races. I try and teach my kids the same thing but it’s so hard when their liberal teachers keep telling them that they are “victims” and need their spelling test scores raised to be race-normed. To me, that’s racism!
    I get that you are an extra sensitive person, Mr. Ellis and if so I’m sorry if my comments make you even more angry. I’m sorry for whatever happened that made you so sensitive. Get some thick skin and don’t waste so much of your energy trying to sue people for defimation of character.

  • D. Moore

    And Daryl D – even though I liked your article, you shouldn’t waste so much of your time trying to defend yourself. If you are going to write a provocative article about this, you should EXPECT negative comments. I’m sure a lot of people liked this article but people usually don’t complain and write when they are happy about something. Now everybody get some sleep and it will be a new day tomorrow. Can’t we all just get along?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Daryl, Ray,

    Please. Guys, this is beyond ridiculous. Look, both of you are plying on Eric Olsen’s playing field, and ultimately, he makes the rules here. Chris Rose, the Comments Editor, volunteers to attempt to enforce them. I think he could do a more objective job, but neither of you have had your comments edited for personal attacks, so far, at least, so that should tell you something.

    In the final analysis, given that this is Eric Olsen’s playing field, you can take you bats and ball and go home, or try to realize that this is only a magazine. Put the duelling pistols away and act like the intelligent gentlemen you both obviously are.

  • Jess Turisch


    “So save your bullshit for the “I love Palestine” sites where you can spread you calumny at will without facing serious challenge from people HERE who know what is going on.

    BTW, is “Turisch”, German, Austrian or Swiss in origin? All lovely lands filled with Jew-hatred…”

    Bigoted much, Ruvy?

    With replies like that coming from you, I don’t even need to respond; they speak for themselves.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Well, Jess, you finally got back to the article. You didn’t answer my question – that is no surprise. And it seems to piss you off that some folks will not take your shit lying down.

    Sorry, Jess. My characterization of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is one I will stand by. They are all lovely countries – and they are all filled with Jew-hatred. Those are facts, not opinions. If that bothers you, that’s too damned bad. Now you know what it is to walk in our shoes. If it hurts, don’t bitch.

  • Zedd

    This said as Palestinians sit in camps while Israelis go to cafés on this very day.

    Ruvy THAT was the past. How about looking at the present. You are Germany of the past. They didn’t see it then and you don’t see it now.

    Germany has taken strides that no other country has taken regarding the sins of their past. America could learn a great deal from what they are doing to deal with those issues.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    “This said as Palestinians sit in camps while Israelis go to cafés on this very day. “


    I realize that comments of more than three sentences tend to leave you befuddled, but I’m asking you to read to the end anyway.

    The Arab terrorist leaders have decided to use what little energy they have to try to destroy us. Daily, they bombard us with rockets from Gaza; daily they attempt some means or another to kill scores of Jews with suicide bombs. Weekly now, they conduct drive by shootings at our towns and villages in Judea and Samaria.

    Whenever they can, they destroy our plants and our water systems, and then they have the eternal gall to accuse us of genocide? And people like you, with custard instead of brains, believe them.

    Finally, our government is taking a the minimal steps of cutting electric power and water to the Gaza Strip. People who have to drink salt water and who have no electricity generally do not have the power to launch rockets.

    Let’s be clear here. If we were the genocidal racists fools like you would make us out to be, there would be no problem in Gaza. The Arabs there would have long been slaughtered at out hands. That, Zedd, is what genocide is all about – slaughter – the more, the better. That is what Nazism was all about – slaughter – the more, the better.

    And the Arabs have picked up the desire of the Nazis for genocide. The leader of the south Syrian Arabs, Amin Husseini, fled the Mandate here to be the running dog of Hitler. In addition to convincing Hitler to kill Jews in Europe instead of Madagascar or here, he bestowed upon Hitler the name Abu Amar. After Hitler killed himself, Husseini trained a little bearded pedophile, Arafat, to be his successor. Arafat took the name Abu Amar to signify to other Arabs that he intended to finish what Hitler had started. The fact that Arafat took Hitler’s Arab nom de guerre should indicate clearly to you who are the spiritual descendants of the Nazis. The fact that the Arabs use the Nazi salute in parade should be another indication of whom THEY admire.

    Finally, I stand by my assertions that modern Germany, Austria and Switzerland are infested with Jew-hatred. These are facts, not opinions. the same holds true for Norway, Sweden, and France, and increasingly Britain.

  • Zedd


    If only you could say what you have to say without the tired wise cracks Ruvy. It would save a couple of lines of your ramblings.

    I can’t believe that your retort is basically that you are not EXACTLY like Nazis. That, I mean they are still alive aren’t they. We’ve cut off their electricity after STEALING there land when we were no longer welcome in Europe. They dare get angry at us? Are you alright Ruvy?

    You dare share how people who’s world has already been destroyed by Israel, are angry enough to want you to be annihilated. You think? People have gone to war for decades far less significant reason. What has happened to the Palestinians is everything that would make every human being born to a woman infuriated with hate and a desire to destroy those who have put this nightmare upon them. How hard is that for you to understand?

    Being Jewish does not buy you evil immunity. This era in your history will rival any that has been recorded in scripture.

    You can’t be hateful then cry out about being hated.

    Thank you however for keeping things short (relatively speaking).

  • Zedd is right – this is science fiction.

    Aside from anything else, it assumes various groups all acting as unified blocs based on their racial/ethnic identity. Not gonna happen…

    I’m a few days late to this thread, though, so out of curiosity, does anyone know how many foaming-mouthed comments by white/black/brown/paisley supremacist whackjobs Chris has had to delete?


  • Jess Turisch


    “Well, Jess, you finally got back to the article. You didn’t answer my question – that is no surprise. And it seems to piss you off that some folks will not take your shit lying down”

    Tantrum much, Ruvy?


    “Finally, I stand by my assertions that modern Germany, Austria and Switzerland are infested with Jew-hatred. These are facts, not opinions. the same holds true for Norway, Sweden, and France, and increasingly Britain.”

    If they’re facts, then they must have credible data backing them up. Definition of “infested” please, along with sources backing it up for all anti-Semitic countries identified.

    Personally, Ruvy, I would imagine that most countries are just “infested” with people who wouldn’t like you. You know the type – people who make broad, unsubstantiated generalities about other people, engage in outrageous behavior, then point the finger at anyone who disagrees with them and cries about being victimized.

  • keep a cool head, be condsiderate

  • greg

    I’d just like to know how illegal immigrants gain power.. They’re illegal and they need to be deported, our national debt is growing!!! This is no joke, all the illegal abuse to our system is going to put us in a depression. Not one single American will make any money to support his or her family of any race!!! Citizens will starve because morons did’nt uphold the laws of our soverenty!!! and I really do not get how the illegals are going to take over 80-90% of the country by force! That is just rediculous and militarily moronic. This article has no basis in reality at all! The 2nd ammendment is in place to protect us from this very thing, the founding fathers were not stupid.. If you look at the illegal lawless percentage in the country armed to the teeth compared to 85-90% of the country armed to the teeth, the percentage of sheer numbers and ammo in force trumps the other hands down.. And btw, I’m sure we are more organized and educated in wartime then the anti Americans are. I think you need to study war games and theory before posting such an out of touch with reality scenario.. my 2 cents..

  • Nancy

    Interesting read…not sure how much I think is on target, but definitely thought-provoking.

    One correction I would suggest is that come the fiscal crash, it isn’t the filthy rich who will suffer, but – as usual – the laborers & working classes. The rich will get special deals & considerations from the politicians, who are, after all, of their own class & in their pay.

    That said, I think the major tensions would come between blacks & latinos, since the latter are the ones displacing the former for increasingly scarce basic skills (i.e. non-collegiate/computer-oriented).

    A lot of this could be halted in its tracks by governments putting heavy emphasis on birth control & doing their utmost to limit breeding, as China used to – because at the bottom line, it’s all a struggle over excess populations & disappearing resources. If we humans would stop thinking we’re the ne plus ultra of the galaxy, and conduct our own reproduction & genetic quality the way we quality control just about everything else, we might actually get somewhere & get out of this mess – but I don’t see that happening. About the last things people exercise are thinking, logic, and common sense.

  • James

    Well if this shit does happen, I am armed and ready. Bring the motherfuckers on

  • STM

    Yee-hah! Lock ‘n’ load.

    Ah’m gonna plug me sum a them ee-legal immigramts.

    Hey ma! Pass me sum more a them baked possum chittlins.

  • Bert

    But, but, what if you’re a Murkin, and you want all the people that came to our country from other places to pack up their agitprop, their financial rackets, and take it down the road, and not wreck the country?

    Here’s scenario 4) Finally earning their government doughnut for the first time in decades, city councilors and mayors across the country
    virtually join hands for a national town hall meeting on the news du jour, and universally speak out against violence. Voting is revived
    as a citizen participation duty, and something concrete yet equitable is finally decided about the US/Mexico border. Foreign agitators, as
    well as domestic ones, sensing that no, the public at-large is NOT stupid and won’t let the country degenerate to where it looks like
    what we see a lot of on CNN, decide to stop peddling their wares and instead find day jobs at Penny’s or something. Congress has a fiscal
    epiphany and decides that nothing less than a balanced budget is part of their duty to the nation, and a lot of problems get spontaneously
    cleared up when the tax system gets straightened out. An anonymous inventor figures out how to make synthetic eco-groovy non-polluting gasoline out of cat waste and old newspapers, and the birds and animals frolic freely upon the grasslands. The end.

    Woo! This is fun. We can all write, and stuff. Once upon a time, there was this guy….see? It pays to stay awake in creative writing class…

  • Tom Jennings

    After reading them and several of the comments, I do believe all who have commented have their sights set on the wrong people, each other. This is exactly what our government officials want to take the blame off them. The career politician is tainted from day one. They do not get into big government without a pocket full of IOUs. From there, their pockets just get bigger and fuller. These are the people we should be aiming at. They are the ones who have allowed this country to go down the tube with their personal greed.They can not stand alone so they hide within their respective party. “My colleagues on the other side of the isle.” makes the parting of the Red Sea look like a Cub Scout maneuver. Ask yourself id you are truly represented by them. My answer to this is I don’t even exist on the pecking order. Career politicians must go. The common reply to this is we need their experience and expertise. Look what these has done for us and our country. If there is to be a civil war, let us choose the right targets. A good dose of ex lax in DC would produce a lot of clothing for good will. Ex lax will take care of the rest.

  • John

    I think the writer is right on.

  • larry

    I believe we are approaching civil war as a result of the very issues being debated here.

    Though the civil war this time around will be a socioeconomic result.

    Those with less financial means will pit themselves against those perceived to have vastly more.

    The sharp increase in home invasions, robberies and theft all point to the fact that it has already started.

    The overwhelming firearm sales tell me I am not the only person to believe this.

  • I was just looking this column over and noting how prescient Daryl was in his writing. The scenarios haven’t begun, and it does not appear that it will be immigration or race that sets off a something in the United States. In fact, a civil war might be better that what appears to be developing there – a dreary acceptance of a police state ushered in by economic collapse.

    It should be noted here that the dictatorship of Mussolini did not begin immediately; it developed slowly with the press gradually being muzzled by killings, beatings and the like and the opposition only slowly ejected from positions of possible power or legitimacy. It took a few years for the Fascist state to emerge out of the semi-democratic state that had been the Kingdom of Italy. If economic dislocation does not unduly disturb American life (is 10% unemployment on jived numbers undue disturbance?), a dictatorship in the State under the “Blessed of Hussein” should emerge within two years.

    Then we’ll see about civil wars….

  • Good point, Ruvy. Daryl’s article is indeed prescient. So you do agree that we’re slowly moving towards a dictatorial phase. And I’m afraid you’re right. We might see considerable social unrest if America doesn’t get out from under, and quickly. Not class-based, just the armies of the unemployed – vandalism, looting, things of that nature. Which will only precipitate the coming about of a police state.

  • Clavos


  • Skippy

    The writer of this piece of science fiction is a Nostradumbass. NO ONE can predict the future. I thought we already figured that one out. This article was a waste of my time. Hey, Daryl D, I’ve read better writing from 5th graders. I want my five minutes back.

  • joey

    so full of shit, didnt even guess right who would win the presidency

  • cooper

    I think it will be a black and white war first.

  • zingzing

    period, you’ll get over it when you’re done with your cycle.*

    *to all the ladies out there: i love you, i need you, but that was too easy.

  • Lucas

    The wars will probably start in Washington D.C.

  • a.nony.mous

    I feel like there are strong anti capitalist undertones, and the the author has a view that capitalism and free trade have weakened over the years.

  • bill

    Here is my Scenario: There will be a civil war. It will be led by people like myself that want to restore the consitution.

    This is the true scenario, the working class people get sick of being trampled on by their government and all of their freedoms taken away and stand up and fight the tirants of there own country to regain the fundamentals this country was founded on.

  • Anonymous

    It’s been a few years since anyone commented. So I’ll break the silence, first off I support legal immigration and I don’t judge based on race. I live in Michigan, small town.

    In a city I ate at a taco bell and I saw an Indian family, they were smiling and enjoying their family, it made me happy. Theres a place for everybody in society, you know why? Because we’re all human beings. You should have pride in your native country, be it India, Iran, the UK or Africa. But if whites started marching, protesting and waving the american flag in their home countries how would they feel? Exactly how we feel. I don’t believe it could turn into a race war, there are biased groups who would jump at the chance to control the american government though.

    Groups like the KKK or evangelists who feel religon and state shoulden’t be seperated. The reason why it is in my opinion is in religous acceptance it self, we can’t force religon on muslims or jewish or even catholics. That’s what makes our country great, if a civil war is fought it’s against the government and pro constitution groups and people like me who believe we need a new government and constution. Think what you want, I don’t think it makes me unamerican or unpatriotic. Perhaps i’m wrong.

    A civil war is..unlikely but as times get harder and we find our selves feeling more and more helpless it won’t be to far fetched to think people will start fighting back, i’m not talking illegals, i’m talking americans for the sake of our country and future.

  • Anonymous

    Correction on the few years part, didn’t notice the newer posts, my apologies.

  • riD

    Among the dumbest things I’ve ever read. You’re civil war will come because of the absurd glorification of money in your country combined with its uneven distribution.

  • marie

    the same here that mock the article are the same people who mocked the ones “smelling” who Hitler was.
    the same blind who mocked Winston Churchill when he said war was the only way to free England
    I dreamed the same. dozens of time I saw America’s future. Civil war, bombardments and the Gulf of Mexico with a white circle. with some other places in the world.
    You will be there when you see bombs falling in the USA. I warned all people YEARS AGO; they stared at me as if I was mad. I was not. Civil war is there. Or War. last dream was august 17. I saw a green tank and fire. and the “ok” given to start war. 4 days later a US judge warns.
    I am sure you will notice I am not your usual illiterate texan dumb. I am in Europe where war is near. Good Luck