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It’s another zombie b-movie. But don’t run away screaming yet! believe it or not, Undead actually has an original take on the standard zombie story. The problem is, I don’t want to tell you the whole story, because it’ll spoil the twist(s). What I can say is, the zombification originates with some asteroids. These asteroids appear one day out of the blue, smashing down to Earth in a smalltown community somewhere in Australia (yeah, for once it’s not the US).

These asteroids cause some…strange things to happen. Namely, people die and then become re-animated as creatures intent on killing any living humans nearby. Cue the tough guy, and more importantly, his triple-barrelled shotgun. Technically, it’s three shotguns rigged up expertly so that they can all fire and be reloaded simultaneously. it’s a rather nice piece of hardware, and certainly contributes to this film earning a place in calssic horror b-movie history. This rig succeeds in separating the entire top half of a zombie from its bottom half with one shot (well, technically three but hey), with a nice and satisfyingly loud blast and actually pretty good gore effects.

This hero-type character turns out to be something of a gun nut, and a survivalist, which bodes well for the spunky heroine, two crappy police (an experienced but stupid policeman and rookie policewoman), and pregnant couple (by that i mean the woman is pregnant with her bloke’s baby) who all manage to find their way to his somewhat isolated house. Before you groan “Night Of The Living Dead”, after about 10/15 minutes’ action in the house, it becomes apparent that this hasn’t turned into a straight NOTLD clone. Because they realise they need food and other supplies if they want to hideout (being primarily a gun nut, the hero has a bunker in his basement but no food supplies stored there). So they get to his van, and head out.

The first real surprise happens here; they come across some giant spiked wall. It’s seemingly impassable. Yet again, if you’re too rash you may at this point decide the film is rapidly going downhill but trust me, stick it out and your fears will (probably) be placated in the end.

I’m not going to tell you the rest of what happens, as I believe that’ll spoil it for you. All I will say is that at the end, you see the triple-shotgun’s older brother. Yep, a quad-shotgun!

Even if you don’t usually go for this kind of lower budget, less mainstream film, as long as you can stomach a little gore (nowhere near the levels found in any of Romero’s series by the way) you really should see this. 5/5.

Also, I couldn’t help thinking that I recognized the leading lady, unfortunately I have no idea what from. Actually, that’s going to bug me now, think I’ll go google it…

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  • Eric Olsen

    Jon, nice job, thanks – is this from UK Amazon?

  • This is an exciting time for the zombie cinema. And, whilst i don’t for a second buy into the “a film is british therefore i deserve credit also” thing, it feels quite nice that two british films have been at the forefront. I say nice simply because British Cinema has been so terrible for so long. Shaun Of The Dead and 28 Days Later… have gone on and convinced folks that the zombie genre is one worth giving a bit of consideration towards. Good for you, Sayeth The Duke. As something of a conniseur, don’t you know, i have to say that these recent flicks have been as good as anything since the heyday of Italian splatter. They may not be as ridiculously visceral, but i’d happily have Shaun Of The Dead on the shelf next to Zombie Flesh Eaters. Although 28 Days Later… semed a lot less impressive on second viewing, for some damn reason.

  • i think the problem with 28 days later is, that in trying to keep up an mtv-generation-style pace to maintain the average moviegoers’ attention, it never quite manages the depth such films as Romero’s trilogy manage. Ypu don’t feel all that much empathy towards the courier guy, for example (i forget his charcter’s name)
    Also, more (seemingly) good zombie film news; work on Romero’s fourth and final film in his Living Dead series is apparently progressing.
    See, Homepage Of The Dead (http://www.homepageofthedead.com/) has had tidbits of info on it for ages, but just a couple of days ago Channel 4 teletext’s film pages (Big Screen, page 311-316 or 317) carried a brief newsflash about it, confirming some of the details (it will be set in one fo the last remaining human strongholds, a city, and the xombie plague has taken over most of the world, and now the zombies are “evolving” – becoming smarter)

  • oh and Eric, yeah the ASIn is from amazon.co.uk
    i always forget that for some items (but not all), amazon UK uses different ASINs to amazon US.