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Ever since I got Adelphia’s DVR Tivo thing, I have watched a lot more TV shows. I can watch them a whole lot more efficiently because I can watch them whenever I want. I figured I would run down the shows that I am watching regularly now and why.

Smallville – I have stated here before that I am a sucker for stories about time travel and for characters with super powers. Superman has always been a favorite even if I don’t carry it to Seinfeld proportions of obsessive-ness. I used to watch Lois and Clark with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher even though it was mighty cheesy. This incarnation with an Abercrombie model playing Clark is about the same, but I can’t stop watching it. Super powers rule.

Lost – I couldn’t figure out if this show was going to be like Jurassic Park or a serious Gilligan’s Island or what. Frankly, I am still not sure at this point, but I am totally addicted to the combination of living on a deserted (or is it?) isle and the constant character reveals that we get to show us who these people were before they got on that plane on that fateful day. It adds a level of character development that will cause a wave of emotions depending on the character’s back-story. This will be great on DVD for those who missed it thus far.

NYPD Blue – I have been watching NYPD Blue (off and on) since it started in 1993. That’s right. Almost 12 years of my life with Dennis Franz as Andy Sipowicz. Sure there has been a rotation of people who have been his partner over the years, but the storylines have been pretty consistent. I will admit that this final season is going to be a breath of fresh air. The show really does need to end. They didn’t kill off Andy’s wife even though Charlotte Ross isn’t with the show anymore. Also, I think Zach Morris (Mark Paul Gosselar) is an improvement over Rick (don’t call me Ricky) Schroeder, but this year’s story line about him losing his way pretty well sucks. So, while I still love the show, I am happy it is going to end. How will they do it though? Will Andy die? Will he retire? Will he take up being a mime in Central Park in a weird plot twist? Only time will tell.

Joan of Arcadia – That’s right. I said it. I watch this show. It is like Beverly Hills 90210 meets Quantum Leap or something. I can’t figure out why I like this show so much. I can tell you that Mary Steenburgen and Joe Montegna play the parents. (Do you know how often I get made fun of for knowing stuff like, umm, well, MARY STEENBURGEN’S NAME?) Amber Tamblyn who was also in the terrifying horror movie, The Ring, plays Joan (of Arcadia, dummy) and all things considered she isn’t all that good. Again, maybe it has something to do with the storyline of Joan talking to God, but I can’t stop watching this show.

So, those are the shows that I record and watch. Whether I would ever watch them without a DVR remains to be seen, but I kind of think I would live my Friday nights more often than not without Joan of Arcadia. Also, Lost and Smallville are on at the same time, so I know I wouldn’t catch those two.

Next up is my decision on whether I should get a real TIVO and DVD Recorder combo.

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