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The Tuesday Morning Purchase: The Mudflapps, Charles Mingus, Minnie Driver

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Again, a fairly wide-ranging week. Nothing super loud or crazy in the mix, just some rootsy country, passionate jazz and…ahem…Minnie Driver.

Hey, what's that funny look on your face??

The Mudflapps – Pocket Full of Whiskey (Slackjaw)/Country

They bill themselves as a "drinking band with a music problem." This is some seriously catchy stuff, with or without the booze.

Freddy Fender – The Freddy Fender Collection (Rhino)/Country

It's a bizarre feeling to be listening to music that my folks liked back when I still had my Evil Knievel fetish (it's a minor miracle that I never broke anything jumping those cheap-ass bikes over ditches & all). Still, "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights," and "Before The Next Teardrop Falls" are great tunes. Thank you Rhino.

Hugh Masekela – Live at the Market Theatre (Four Quarters)/Jazz

Somehow, I only have one Masekela record: Hope. It's live, and it absolutely smokes.

Charles Mingus – Cornell 1964 (Blue Note)/Jazz

Mingus + Dolphy? Don't pass this up.

Minnie Driver – Seastories (Zoe)/Rock

No, I am not kidding. TheWife™ is giving me sideways looks, assured that I've picked this because…well, I've always had a thing for Minnie Driver. But…she can really sing. Would Ryan Adams make an appearance for a celebrity vanity project? Ah, I don't care.

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