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The Tuesday Morning Purchase: September 11, 2007: Lou Reed, Pink Floyd, Ani DiFranco

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This week has some true nuggets if you can find them hidden among the giant piles of reissues. Hmmm, haven't I said that before?

Anyway, there's truly some ear-opening stuff coming our way so let's bring the noise…

Lou Reed/The zeitkratzer ensemble – Metal Machine Music (Asphodel)/Avant

Long a source of all sorts of Lou stories ("He did it to piss off his record label!") and vitriolic reviews, Metal Machine Music is one big, sprawling, pulsing, ugly mess. On some days, that's exactly what I'm looking for. The idea of a large ensemble taking the time to transcribe this thing is just too delicious to pass up. Oh, and let me quote the late Lester Bangs: "It is the greatest record ever made in the history of the human eardrum. Number Two: Kiss Alive!"

Pink Floyd – The Piper at the Gates Of Dawn [Triple Disc Version] (Capitol)/Freak-a-licious Rock

Already reviewed here at Blogcritics, Piper just might be the, quintessential psychedelic rock record. Nothing else sounds like it, mostly because I'm pretty sure nobody at the time was as creative or as batshit wacky as good 'ole Syd. This expanded edition contains the stereo and mono mixes, plus another disc of singles, B-sides, and rarities.

Pinback – Autumn of the Seraphs (Longtime Listener)/Rock

A co-worker of my has a relative who's in this band. He loaned me Summer in Abaddon and I thought it was great. It's pop music for adults, sort of.

Ani DiFranco – Canon (Righteous Babe)/Rock that makes you think

I'm not generally known for buying best-of packages (the last exception was Tom Waits' Used Songs, because I arrived on vacation to discover that I'd not packed any Waits. Two weeks with no Tom Waits? No way!), but Ani's career has been so prolific that this is a great survey. That, and I love to support her because of the way she's remained truly independent. OK, and I love the play on words, what with 'canon' and the picture and the doves.

Vic Chesnutt – North Star Deserter (Constellation)/Rock

A music nerd cohort of mine turned me on to Chesnutt. What a voice and what a fabulous songwriter. He's on my "must buy" list for the duration.

Emma Pollock – Watch the Fireworks (4AD)/Rock

A quirky voice that somehow reminds me of The Sundays. What the heck ever happened to them anyway?

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  • I adore Piper at the Gates of Dawn, but I’m not sure I could take three discs’ worth now that I no longer take recreational drugs.

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  • “now that I no longer take recreational drugs.”

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