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The Tuesday Morning Purchase: October 9, 2007: G.G. Allin, Dale Watson, Rollins, Josie Cotton, Tuatara

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What with the holidays just around the corner… uhmmm, okay, forget I just said that. You see, I got a Josh Groban Christmas CD in the mail this week and it freaked me out a little. Not because it's Groban, but because it's just the beginning of October! It turns out that all manner of such things will be hitting the shelves soon.

Not my shelves! It's too early for that people!

Instead, how about some hot blues, raw country, jazz by way of Elvis, B-movie themes, and almost-instrumental rock? It's all out there.

Buddy Guy – Live at the Checkerboard Lounge (JSP)/Smokin' Blues

A live record from way back in 1979. Just lookit' that handsome devil on the cover! Better still, be ready to be blistered by the guitar.

Dale Watson – Live at Newland.NL (Rounder/Europe)/Real Country

I saw a documentary about country music several years ago. There was a segment with Dale Watson. As he lamented the state of modern country music, he lugged his amps and other equipment out of the back of a van and onto the stage of a small club. Watson is as real as it gets.

Cyrus Chestnut – Cyrus Plays Elvis (Koch)/Jazz

I know, the very idea of this is kind of revolting. Sold!

Jack DeJohnette – Peace Time (Kindred Rhythm)/Jazz or maybe New Age

This is a followup recording to DeJohnette's last relaxation album Music in the Key of Om. Now, normally this isn't something I'd pick up, since I already have a boatload of chant/Tibetan Monk-type stuff. However, somebody swiped my copy of Ambient: Music For Airports a while back and this record looks like a decent replacement. What? Why am I not replacing the Eno disc? It's complicated and I'd rather not go into it.

G.G. Allin – Carnival of Excess [Bonus Track] (Innovative Distribution Network)/Freakish Rock

I have read enough G.G. Allin references (from BC's own Duke De Mondo) to wonder why the hell I don't know who Allin is. Better still, why haven't I done anything about it?! Bring on the reissue!!

Robert Wyatt – Comicopera (Domino)/Rock

I don't know anything at all about either Robert Wyatt or Soft Machine, except that one is related to the other. This probably isn't the right place to start for the beginner, but since when has that ever stopped me before?

Rollins Band – Do It (2.13.61)/Rock

Late 1980's era Rollins Band live material. Pulverizing. Why, I bet it's enough to knock Glenn Danzig right on his ass!

Josie Cotton – Invasion of the B-Girls (Scruffy)/Rock

Holy smokes, has it been that many years since Cotton's "Johnny Are You Queer?" Hmmm, I guess so. Anyhow, this here record is a bunch of covers of B-Movie theme songs. Just in time for Halloween. Or something. Check out the video for "Maneaters (Get Off The Road)". Fabulous.

Karla Bonoff – Karla Bonoff Live (Karla Bonoff)/Rock

OK, I'll admit it. None of my friends had any Karla Bonoff records back in the day. We were far too cool for that. Ah, but we sure did like Karla Bonff album covers! Yes, that's more than a little pathetic, and I plan to make up for it. Apparently, Bonoff has been around for years since, making all sorts of music. Let's find out.

The Nields – Sister Holler (Nields)/Rock

These two sisters can sing like nobody's business. I think of them as the Roche's slightly-less-weird cousins. This album puts a new twist on the old folk tradition of passing songs down orally: every song is based on an old song.

Chuck E. Weiss – The Other Side of Town (Select)/Rock

Supposedly the subject of the great Rickie Lee Jones tune, Chuck E.'s one of those L.A. weirdos that have always made the scene out there so interesting.

Tuatara – West of the Moon (Fast Horse)/Rock

Man oh man, I just hate it when an instrumental band brings on vocalists. Still, I have it on good authority that this record is a keeper. He had just better not be wrong.

Extra Golden – Hera Ma Nono (Thrill Jockey)/World

This record is a collaboration between two Americans (Ian Eagleson from Golden, Alex Minoff from Weird War) and two Kenyans (Opiyo Bilongo & Onyango Wuod Omari). I've never heard of any of them, but once again, the Thrill Jockey label points me in the direction of something interesting. This is a mixture of a Kenyan dance music style called Benga and something the promo copy refers to as "American boogie rock," whatever the heck that means.

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  • All I can say about Robert Wyatt is Shleep. Gotta get that one, Mark. I think you’ll fall in love.

  • i really knew nothing about him…and have to admit that that voice came outa that man!

  • Whoa! A vintage Buddy Guy live album? I’m having that. He’s got a few live albums out there, but I have no problem adding one more.

  • yessir, i’m looking forward to hearing “The Things I Used To Do”.

  • There’s some good indie blues out today. I’m working on my Nick Moss review. Very, very good stuff. Be on the lookout.

    I’ve also got to get my Tuatara review done. I’m way behind. I hope the Sox are still off tonight. I’ve got writing to do before and after House. Come to think of it, I might need to just tape House and write.