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The Tuesday Morning Purchase – November 6, 2007: David Byrne, Carla Bley, Dewey Redman, Conor Oberst, Buckethead

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No matter how long or how short my list is, when I enter a record store (I know, I know…it's a musical archaeological term..whatever) there's always one entry that means more than all the others. A good example is the Miles Davis album We Want Miles. Many, many years ago, I heard the song "Jean Pierre" on the radio and just had to have that song. Well, that particular record had gone out of print for a while and it took me several years to unearth a decent copy. I finally found one at a used record store in Brookline, Massachusetts.

So each week's Tuesday Morning Purchase, I will feature the Pick Of The Week.

This week: David Byrne's The Knee Plays.

The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock – Buckethead (TDRS)/Avant Fricken Garde

Eighty-gazillion notes per hour isn't usually the style I lean toward with the guitar. That doesn't mean I never get that particular urge. Buckethead is one of those polarizing figures who seems to draw the "love/hate" response. For all of the cartoonish (a word he would surely dig) guitar freakishness, there's some genuine artistry behind the bluster. I've got an acoustic record that he did with Jonas Hellborg and Michael Shrieve that's just beyond belief. Anyhoo, this is a crap shoot. Roll 'em!

The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu – Carla Bley (ECM)/Jazz

Carla Bley adds Italian trumpeter Paollo Fresu to her Lost Chords Ensemble. I'll admit that I've only heard bits and pieces of this very late last night. I was very, very tired. Still, Bley has never lead me astray.

The Struggle Continues – Dewey Redman (ECM)/Jazz

You get Dewey Redman in the same room with Ed Blackwell and I begin to have visions of Old and New Dreams.

Motion Sickness: Live Recordings – Bright Eyes (Team Love)/Rock

Speaking of artists who draw love/hate responses, Conor Oberst is definitely in that club. I have friends who love him, and friends who detest him. All of this is fine, because said friends alternately hate Donald Fagen while loving New Order. Wait, does that make any sense? Ah, who cares? I just wanna hear "At The Bottom Of Everything" again.

*** Pick Of The Week ***

The Knee Plays – David Byrne (Nonesuch)/Rock

Finally, finally, Byrne's Knee Plays is out on CD. Originally released in 1985, theses short musical vignettes were to function as the connective tissue, or 'joints', between the regular scenes of Robert Wilson's play The CIVIL WarS. I have a cassette of this record I made from a co-worker/music geek's LP back in the day. This is really excellent stuff that's hard to describe, much like the rest of the Byrne catalog.

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  • More on the Bley later today!

  • Sir Saleski, is this a re-release of the Motion Sickness that was always available, or some spruced up edition? The album is gorgeous, and some of the versions on there are better than the original album versions. One of the few live records I listen to as much as the artist’s “Proper” albums.

  • Duke I think it was originally a UK release, but has been absent in the states. I’ve had a copy myself for ages and couldn’t figure out why it was on Saleskis list here either.

    But after a little research it appears my copy is an import and they are just now properly releasing it in the US.

    I think.

  • yeah, i wasn’t sure about that either, but since i didn’t own the thing anyway…

  • Ah, i see. that makes sense. Brilliant record, it makes sense to say again. GREAT liner notes.

  • So will the Pick of the Week necessarily be the Friday Morning Listen?

  • only if i’m extremely lazy.

    …or if the record is that good.

  • I saw Paolo Fresu once, at our local jazz festival. He and the band were excellent.

  • i’m just listening to The Knee Plays for the first time…a fine piece of art!

  • cool, isn’t it?

  • Right after I typed that, Byrne said “in the future, water will be expensive.” How right he was!