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The Tuesday Morning Purchase: January 15, 2008: Tracy Grammer, Roomful of Blues, Terry Anderson & the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team

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After the big January thaw we just got done enjoying up here in the northeast, my silly brain started having thoughts of spring. So, while the music labels are holding back on us, I got this idea that I'd make some sort of joke about these three little releases sprouting like those first few blades of spring grass.

Yeah, well, I just came back in the house after spending an hour or so shoveling and snowblowing the most recent result of winter's bounty. So much for silly metaphors.

What's not silly is the music. Sure, there's just a little bit of it, but rest assured, it goes a long way.

Book of Sparrows – Tracy Grammer (Tracy Grammer)/Folk

Tracy Grammer's pure voice is a thing of wonder. I fell in love with it after diving into Drum Hat Buddha, the last album put out by Grammer and her late partner, Dave Carter. Check Grammer out. You won't be disappointed.

When the Oakteam Comes to Town – Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team (Doublenaught)/Rock

There was a time when the purchase of a new album resulted in yours truly spending an insane amount of time locked into his bedroom, pouring over liner notes while rattling the walls with that most recent vinyl object of my affection. It's records like this one that remind me of those days. Anderson plays straight ahead rock and roll that deserves to be played loud and proud. Anderson has a long list of instrumental and vocal credits on his resume, my favorite being the work he did on Dan Baird's Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired — anybody remember "I Love You Period"? That was Anderson.

Besides, I just can't resist a band called the Olympic Ass-Kickin Team.

*** Pick Of The Week Week ***

Raisin' a Ruckus – Roomful of Blues (Alligator)/Blues

"What? You've never head any Roomful of Blues?" I tell you, I've asked that question far too many times. They've gone through many lineup changes through the years, and their list of alumni includes Duke Robillard, Ron Levy, Sugar Ray Norcia, and Ronnie Earl. Why they're not more well known is beyond me. If you're looking for some horn-based blues that'll induce random motions of a particular body part (as Hawkeye Pierce used to say, "The back of my front"), then this band is for you. I've seen 'em live and they do indeed raise a ruckus.

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  • I was just (obnoxiously) singing “I Love You Period” the other night. Great goofy song. Guess I’ll have to check out the ass kicking team.

  • it’s definitely on of those ear-worm things.